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my next opportunity to be accepted as a contributor to iStockPhoto comes around in a few days from now. I'm hoping to get some advice and feedback on which photos I should (and should not!) submit. I've been rejected a few times now, so fingers crossed for this try!

Here are a few shots that I was thinking of including (I need to pick three).

#1 - A christmas decoration
#2 - Chess pieces
#3 - Big Ben
#4 - Money
#5 - Pray Mantis

Thanks in advance!


Newbie Discussion / Repeated rejection from iStockphoto
« on: September 14, 2009, 17:45 »

I just my 3rd application to submit to iStockphoto rejected. Such is life.

All the pictures I've used to try and get accepted have been accepted and have sold at one or more of SS, DT and Fotolia. The usual story.

The rejection I get is that the shots are "too similar". This is annoying because so far I've submitted 3 wildlife shots, 3 isolations, and 3 travel shots. I can't see what is so simlar about a parrot, tower bridge in london, and a christmas decoration. This rejection is pretty idiotic therefore, IMO. I would rather they just said "not good enough, try again". At least that would give me something to go on.

The trouble is, I don't see how I can improve next time, given that the reason for rejection they give is so clearly BS.

Any advice?

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