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Hey guys,  :)

I am in microstock for a couple of years now. About 12 months ago I decided to stop producing and uploading new images, since I have a new job which requires all my attention.  At the time I stopped uploading I was sure, that my earnings will start to decline over time. But I am happy to see, that this is not the case. My earnings are about the same level then 12 months ago.

I have some questions for those of you which stopped uploading a while ago: do you have similar experience? Have your earnings gone up, down or are your earnings on the same level since you stopped uploading? For how many months you have stopped uploading?
How does your microstock earnings have developed over time after stopping new uploads?

I am curious about your experiences ;D

Greetings :)

New Sites - General / Yay or Veer? What would you choose?
« on: December 18, 2009, 08:48 »
Hi all, :)

I have decided to submit my portfolio to one of the low earning sites during the Christmas holidays in order to diversify my microstock income and gain a new source of income.
I already contribute to SS, IS, StockXpert, FT, 123, CS, BS, Zym, FP, and DT.

But I am not sure which of the low earning sites I should choose.

I tend to choose Yay or Veer.

Which of those agencies has the easiest uploadsystem? ( I have about 8.500 images in my portfolio) ???
Which agency has more sales? ???
Which agency is your favorite? Why?  ???

I like to get a large number of images online in a short amount of time since I am not willing to spend a lot of time uploading to this agency.  I just want to upload and forget about it for a couple of months in order to see what happens.  ;D

I simply have no experience with Yay and Veer, so I need some decision guidance from you. :)
So, whats your opinion?

Thanks a lot :-)
 :) :) :)

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