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Nothing changed but my password didn't work, so I clicked lost password and reset my password and still it says name and password don't match. What a shower!

Newbie Discussion / Search results - which sites best?
« on: April 12, 2011, 13:15 »
Well, I've been here a while but I'm still a noob :)
Which sites come out best in specific searches (from a buyer point of view). I don't recall seing a thread here.

From my own perspective, I'm not too keen on the sites that don't do exact matches. I'm only with Canstock at the moment (and Zazzle, and...). Particularly relevant to me, a search for 'plow', shows results with a 'plowed' field, but no plows, and my 'plow' coming way down the 'field'. This is an enormous handicap to being found, and probably frustrating for a buyer looking for a plow and just finding plowed fields, excluding the handicap of the US spelling when it should be plough anyway! Just out of interest, are there any sites that show exact match first?

Image Sleuth / Food photos - Zazzle again
« on: November 16, 2010, 07:49 »
There seem to be an awful lot of istock and other images here if any food photographers want to check it out.

In answer to Carl on my last thread, yes, you can make money but you need a lot more than 49 products! I'm up to 1200+

Image Sleuth / Images on Zazzle
« on: September 21, 2010, 04:08 »
Updated to say they've all been taken down now.

Someone is selling photos that I've found on stock sites. As I'm not allowed to name names, you'll need to search the site, particularly if you have wine and drink photos. If you search for: red wine drinks  (as a phrase) - the majority of photos on the first page will be from the person involved.
I've been trying to track people down since Friday, but there are just too many! I've sent a list to IS and am just sending one to SS, contacted a few individuals, and reported dozens to Zazzle, but I really can't spend too much more time on this.
Other search terms (as a phrase) are:
violin music flowers

You may want to check there if you have photos of wine bottles and glasses, vineyards, cocktails, musical instruments, clocks, coffee, roses, alice in wonderland illustrations. There are photos from Flickr and Deviantart as well.

General Stock Discussion / A cheapskate buyer's perspective
« on: November 17, 2009, 14:48 »
I enrolled on this forum thinking I might get into micro/macro stock, but decided it's not for me, I'm going to go the hard route of trying to do it all myself. But that's beside the point. I noticed there has been some discussion over some sites offering free photos.
I'm also setting up a business in another field and need some photos. Yes, I've gleaned all I can from the free photos (money is tight - if people offer them for free, I'll have them), and I will buy the few that I can't find there. I'm not going to say what business as I intend selling photos in the same area (those of you with private eye capabilities could probably find out  ;D ), but a few points I've noticed.

a) free photos won't boost your sales to cheapskates like me. If I'm looking for something I'll do a general search for what I want regardless of the author. This probably applies to others in many areas, therefore:

b) keywords. Some that I've come across have been appalling in their lack of, or incorrect, keywords. Know your subject, find all the keywords relating to it, and you'll appeal to a much broader market. I've waded through 54 pages of "blue" to find one image that could have been found on the first page with correct keywording, sad person that I am. As an example, a yellow insect has a latin name, and someone who really wants to buy it will be searching for the latin name, not "a yellow insect".

Apologies to everyone to whom this is obvious, but having just searched umpteen pages of stock sites, with some absolutely ridiculous keyword references, or in some cases, none at all, I sometimes despair of ever finding the right photos, and I'm sure others must too.

I also blame the stock sites themselves - they're narrowly focussed on what they think sells best, but perhaps there's a niche for a stock site which will supply accurately named stock, not aimed at the same market.

I expect I'm in for some flack now so I'll take cover ;) but I hope this insight may be of use to someone.

Edit: I just thought I'd add, any photos of mine you come across may be cr*p, but they're keyworded to the best of my ability.

Photo Critique / Paranoid about noise and things
« on: November 07, 2009, 14:36 »
Since having some of my first uploads rejected for quality, and changing cameras, could I please have an opinion? There are one or two sites that demand uploads in 300ppi. Having looked at my new camera's images (still learning it), I can see noise at 300ppi, but it's not really visible at 72ppi. Do you think something might pass at this level for noise and sharpness (ignoring composition, saleability, levels, balance etc)? Am I being overly critical? The eye is sharp - just so you know where the focus point is.

Straight conversion from raw to 16 bit tif from ViewNX (4288 x 2848 pixels), then to 8 bit tif in Photoshop, otherwise untouched.
Nikon D5000, kit lens 18-55 VR at 34mm f8 1/320 natural light, 200 ISO
Sharpness set to zero in camera, I think it was on the macro setting but I can't remember now. It's a horse, by the way.

100% crop corner at 300ppi

reduced size whole image at 72ppi (for location)

I'd be grateful for any opinions so I know what to aim for, thanks!

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