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Image Sleuth / ooopic.com / tuke135 / Partner site?
« on: September 05, 2011, 19:54 »

Found many of my images on some chinese site, ooopic.com. The copyright is credited to tuke135 and there are over 6 million images in his portfolio. Checked a few and they're from different people on well known agencies.

Is this a partner site? Can't find any info on them...

Image Sleuth / Photo thief reselling on major agencies
« on: August 17, 2011, 23:58 »
Hi all,

Thanks to Google image search, I found, a couple of days ago, someone called Jean-luc Cochonneau selling one of my photos on pixelia.fr, a french stock site. It was a photo I donated to Fotolia free section and it was only available there. I emailed the agency and they took it down immediately.

Now I found it again on Shutterstock search results and I'm getting a bit pissed off, although it is already down. I'm about to contact Shutterstock to know if the photo had any sales.

I've been checking his portfolio for further violations, but I couldn't find any. However, it smells funny... Some of the photos are quite bad, others are almost National Geographic level, lots of montages... I'm listing his portfolio at all the agencies I could find, in case anyone wants to check it out:

Feature Pics
Most Photos
Deposit Photos
Visco Images
Free Web Photo

Edit: found in on Dreamstime, too  >:(. Edit2: And on many others... ::)

Or at least so it seems.

Last week, it occurred to me to check the stats of the two images I have in the free section. To my surprise, one of them was missing from my portfolio and, worse, I found there an image which was sent to the keymasters.

Both images got a warning about being online for more than 4 years without sales. I donated to the free section the one that is missing, but the other one was sent to re-keywording, something that indeed happened, since the title, keywords and description were revised. I don't remember ever donating it, why would I do that after having it re-keyworded?

Maybe I'm going crazy or my memory is playing tricks on me... Too bad I deleted the emails with the warnings. But hell, I feel 99% sure about this.

Support is looking into it, but I would like to check if anyone else is having the same issue. Do you have images in the free section that shouldn't be there?

Off Topic / Photographers at work :-)
« on: October 04, 2009, 01:10 »
I hope this is not a repost.

If it is not, I am sure you're going to love this big collection of photographers photographed at work. Warning: some of the photos are not safe for work ;).

Alamy.com / Digitally altered editorial?
« on: September 25, 2009, 20:09 »

From what I've seen, when uploading editorial for Alamy they ask if the photo was digitally altered. I'm well aware of the restrictions against digitally altering a newsworthy photo, in such a way that would modify it's truth value. However, not all editorial is newsworthy...

What I'd like to know is if they do accept digitally altered editorial (strong color / saturation manipulation) or if that question is there to filter such images and refuse them on the fly. If they actually accept them, is there a notice for the buyers stating the image was digitally altered (I would like it to be so...)? If there is, I can't find them on their samples.


I've been updating my Flickr profile with links to the sites where I sell my photos, but it seems Flickr is filtering most of the URL. I can only link to the following sites: iStockPhoto, Feature Pics, Stockphotomedia and Gimmestock. Dreamstime, Fotolia, BigStockPhoto, CanStockPhoto, ScanStockPhoto and 123 Royalty Free seem to be removed after I save my profile...

I tried to see what would happen if I insert the URL in the description of a photo, so I put a link to Dreamstime. This is what I got:

"Hey! That URL you tried to post has been used for abuse on Flickr before. If that's you, stop it! If that's not you, sorry, but you can't post links to it."

How silly is this?! I can just put the non-html URL, without the "http://www". I wonder if this is because of Flickr being in bed with Getty Images.

I sent a question to Flickr support and it was escalated to a senior representative. Let's see what they come up with.

New Sites - General / Geckostock.co.uk closes shop
« on: June 03, 2008, 05:42 »
Got this email a few minutes ago. More than expected, imho.


It is with great regret that i shall have to close Geckostock.
All images will be deleted from disk this week.
Any payments due will be paid over the next few weeks.

The site went down yesterday and i decided not to try and get things running due to low sales.
I can't see any future in the site.

I would like to thank you all for your past support and for allowing Geckostock the right to show your images.
Those of you that worry about your images please don't the disk will have a full reformat and your images will never be used or saved in any way.

I would like to ask newcomers to Geckostock and the world of stock in general please don't be put off by your experience at Geckostock and to upload to other stock sites as you maybe more succesfull. Please try new sites as they maybe more successful than Geckostock.

I think a whole new way of selling stock is needed for the success of a new site. This may come soon!

I have enjoyed the time spent with all the contributors and learnt so much.

Thank you and good luck with sales.


I was going to upload this photo [warning: half-naked woman] to Dreamstime and to other sites, but then I got warned that I needed a model release and ID photo for nudes, even if the model's face is not visible.

I understand this is only to avoid photos of minors, but now I'm not sure if I should upload it to other sites that don't have such restrictions... The girl in the photo is a professional acrobatic dancer and she has quite some fame (so I'm told)...

Maybe it is better to let this one go, right?

Microstock News / Getty buys Scoopt
« on: March 15, 2007, 18:56 »
I just received this news in the last iStockphoto newsletter:

"Citizen journalism innovators Scoopt are now part of Getty Images.The emerging source for user-generated editorial content has carved out a reputation for having the latest images in citizen amateur journalism. Scoopt members who have an accidental front row seat to headline-making moments contribute their images and video of breaking news from around the world to Scoopt, which are then sold to the international press. And yes, Exclusive photographers will be able to submit images to Scoopt."

I knew about Scoopt before, but it never interested me much. They seem to be looking for unique photos that weren't captured by the press, so I guess one has to be really lucky to make it there...

What's your thoughts on it?

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