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I'll take as much help on this as anyone is willing to give me. Here's the deal: The other day I walked into the Bed Bath and Beyond (BBB) in Madison, WI (no eye rolls please...we really needed a shower curtain). And there hanging on the wall as a canvas wrap for sale were several copies of my HDR stock image of the state capital building here in Madison. I looked back through the sites I sell images on and saw that the particular capital image had been sold on SS, Deposit Photos, and Graphic Leftovers. I have read through the license agreements at these sites and as best as I can tell, direct reproduction for resale is a no-no. Not to take myself too seriously but that particular image has been a money maker for me as a fine art piece here in town- the university purchases several signed prints every semester for graduating medicine fellows. I only mention that because it seems like the draw of a piece from a local artist could be effected by the same image for sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Anyway, first of all I'm happy to report that my wife and I did in fact find the perfect shower curtain but now I'm wondering how to proceed. I think I need to first find out who is selling the images to BBB but then what? Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Andy

Veer / Question about property releases
« on: April 21, 2010, 20:08 »
This has likely been covered a zillion times so my apologies up front. But my question about property releases is this: If I have a property release for a residential home and the owners sell the house, do I lose rights to sell the image? Seems like I would...

thanks in advance

Veer / Any word on Veer?
« on: March 06, 2010, 15:33 »
I'd initially heard a lot of information about Veer being a promising up and coming. I've experienced REALLY long review times (I've had a batch pending for over two weeks). Views are flat as well. I was just curious if anyone had heard anything more about the company. Thanks in advance


I've been talking with another microstock contributor about the review process...on the whole, we feel the process is very fair. But the more we talked about it, we just got curious...how exactly does the process work? Does a single reviewer get assigned a group of images? Do they simply sit down in front of a big screen and make decisions based on a check list? Is there any software used to determine noise amount, etc? Does any of the reviewing get farmed out? Reviewing so many images just seems like such a massive process and at times seems a bit subjective (not very often in my case anyway...but we've probably all had an image rejected then after they've been re submitted, had it accepted). Again, I think the sites I contribute to do a great and fair job but I'd love to know how the process works. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks everyone. 

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