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I am completely new to stock photography, although I have been shooting photos for quite some time now.  About a month ago I decided to get in the stock photography game and applied to be a contributor on iStock.  Recently I got a reply that my application was rejected and all three photos were found unsuitable due to 'composition or subject matter.'   Okay, so today I submit another three photos, and within about an hour I get a reply that these three photos have been rejected as well, also for 'composition or subject matter' reasons. 

At this point I am getting a bit frustrated because I tend to think that my composition skills are quite good.  Perhaps I am submitting the wrong type of photos.

I have resized all of the images below.  The post-processing on the photos I submitted might vary slightly from these versions, but keep in mind that they were all rejected to due composition or subject matter:

The next three rejected photos were these:

Could you please please give me some suggestions or advice as to what changes I need to make?  Thanks in advice for your comments and remarks.


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