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Cameras / Lenses / At last a good point and shoot???
« on: January 13, 2011, 07:09 »

Forgive me if this has been previously posted but looks good to me in my search for a good Carry everywhere camera... I'm gagging for a small camera and so far nothing has met the mark. Thoughts???


iStockPhoto.com / istockphoto 'Agency' positioning
« on: October 27, 2010, 10:50 »
Im sure there is a post lurking here about the Agency collection but as some posts keep getting hijacked, I thought Id start another! I buy a lot from micro and macro, and I just went to look on istock for a generic image of 'colour'... OMG! 2nd page is full of 'Agency' stuff of an asian woman and a guy running with some fake clouds and skyline (both series stood out as obviously not correctly positioned and the price too, unbelieveable!), whole series of them, so frustrating I just quit out and went to Veer... Im sure there is more but I havent the time. If it wasnt for this site and being a contributor too I would never be aware of that stuff and would just think how awful they were, can this be turned off?

So.... 2 things.... as a user, they are going to really p**s people off, I havent the time to wade thorugh the s**t and 2 as a contributor this stuff is at the front of the best match search and is irrelevant, I really think this will hurt istocks reputation.

General Photography Discussion / Freezing motion help!
« on: October 09, 2010, 12:34 »
Hi All

A while ago I posted about whether to buy some lights or a 5dmk2, thanks for the advice and I went for the lights. I bought a pair of elinchrom dlite 4, (400watt) with softboxes, these have proved to be great and opened up a world of photography that previously just wasn't hitting the mark. However I've since got more ambitious and want to freeze motion but it seems that my lights wont cut the mustard. For instance anything over 1/200 power at f8 and i can see the shutter.

I've tried playing with my settings on camera and lights and cant get close to freezing motion, I have been trying to capture pouring chocolate which isnt the fastest of things either! I often see shots of people jumping in the air, how is that done???! Someone here directed me to strobist which has been a great source but is all based on speedlights, do I need to get myself a speedlight set up for anything fast? Any help hugely appreciated, (by the way I shoot on a canon 450d)


Dreamstime.com / Dreamstime are driving me crazy!!!
« on: June 15, 2010, 04:13 »
Dreamstimes new policy of 'no similars' is driving me crazy.

I shot a series of garden herbs, chives, coriander, basil, etc, etc, different bunches, and they will only accept one shot, so what if someone wants basil, chives, coriander, etc, etc and not mint. They have only let mint in. INSANNNNE! Sorry had to get it off my chest and there appears to be no appeals procedure for dreamstime, is there?

Cameras / Lenses / 5dmk2 OR Studio lights!
« on: June 04, 2010, 03:14 »
This question is directed at the photographers here... I promised myself when I reached a certain earnings level I would purchase a full frame body. However now Im thinking perhaps the money would be better spent on studio lights, flash meter and any other bits and bobs (I currently use continuous lights and have long ago realised there limitations) Any advice much appreciated!

Also I have quite a small space would 400 watt be sufficient or do I need 1000 watt?

Shutterstock.com / The shutterstock trap!
« on: May 25, 2010, 06:38 »
Ive been doing this for 15 months now and only last month did it dawn on me... I was in the shutterstock trap!

By that I mean I was feeling pressurised to keep producing a large amount of images weekly (large for me is about 30 i know its all relative!). I then knew i could expect to earn what was for me a significant amount. The problem is though that quality would sometimes suffer, I would find myself shooting anything on white or creating simple vectors just to keep feeding the beast as at the time shutterstock was way above the other libraries in terms of income. And I wasn't enjoying it.

Now I'm a bit further down the microstock road I have come to believe like some others here that quality does matter, so I've reduced my uploading to about 10/15 files a week, this has meant an immediate hit on shutterstock of down 30% this month (whether that is a time of year thing too i dont know) However my acceptance on istock has shot up and my sales there have doubled this month.... sales across all other sites are on course for a normal month, anyone else find this?

I often see mention here of 'the good old days', as a relative newbie (15 months in) I'd like to know when was that? What was it like? And what changed?!

Hi All

Im interested to know if anyone has applied to getty (or corbis) through the traditional channels. By that I mean creating a bespoke portfolio for getty and then applied through the traditional way, in that youve put your portfolio online and then posted the link in the form on there site (or sent 10 images) and then waited for a response.

I know that there are other avenues, but istock isnt open to me as a relative newbie it will take forever and a day for me to be exclusive even if I wanted to be and then I know the process is still not guaranteed. Im also aware of flickr and may try that but Im not sure if that is all in all the same as the traditional acceptance. In essence I would like the opportunity to regularly contribute as a I do in microstock. The portfolio I am developing for mid/macrostock is very different and far more time consuming from micro and so I feel will work better there, its also very conceptual/metaphorical and will be lost in micro.

Any advice guys?


Veer / Veer really weird rejection note...
« on: March 20, 2010, 14:11 »
Ive been with veer since they started the microstock side of things and sales have been improving well all things considered... last month I made over $100 for the first time which is a great for a relative new site and I was generally happy and thought the reviewers were very fair, now all of a sudden I have this rejection notice...

Based on these 10 images, we can't offer you contributor privileges at this time. You are welcome to submit 10 new images. Open paths/Images too similar: we see at least 5 open paths- please close as they can cause issues for the buyer...

They are right I did have open paths and the illustrations submitted were part of a floral series but not hugely similar, Ive tried to upload as usual and it works fine though nothing has been reviewed yet, do I need to reapply as a submitter? Has anyone had this as I cant find any other info of what I should do... my account isn't closed and i have over 1400 files on there...

Hi All

I am interested to know if there is a general consensus as to when a portfolio sales may start to flatten out, I understand there may be a few things at play here including sectors targeted and upload rate  and of course quality. I upload about 30 images a week many of better quality than months before, and have a portfolio of around 1400 images (1 year in). Month on month my sales have continually grown. Now if things continue with such growth over the next year or two I would be very happy and could do this fulltime if I chose to. However I feel it may not be so easy and wonder if anyone has hit a brickwall...?!



General Stock Discussion / Upload whole portfolio to flickr?
« on: March 08, 2010, 04:40 »
Hi Guys

Although Im new here Ive been reading this forums pretty much every day for a few months, so hi everyone, I definitely feel as if I know some of the characters in here, my first post is in regards to flickr. I have a small portfolio on flickr, mostly long exposure landscape shots separate from my microstock portfolio, I have about 1500 images across the stock sites half of which are illustrations. My question is has anyone uploaded their stock portfolio to flickr and found it useful, had any work from there?

On another note I wasnt sure whether to add my portfolio links to my profile I notice a lot of people dont and prefer anonymity, any advice much appreciated, Amended!: Have decided to be open cant bear the cloak and dagger stuff my links are in my profile!


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