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iStockPhoto.com / Account is under investigation
« on: April 27, 2010, 18:33 »
Hello everybody,

I've been iStockPhoto customer for few years and contributor for about a year. I only submit vectors.
About 2 weeks ago my account was placed "under investigation" and locked because of possible copyright issues.
I sent a detailed explanation which included some images. About a week later I sent another email. And few days ago I placed a support ticket.
I didn't receive any response at all (except automatic Thanks for contacting us for the support ticket).

At the beginning my illustrations still showed up in searches but were not available for purchase. Now they all gone.

Is it death sentence? Or are they just very busy?

I was accused of using another artist artwork (photo) to create my illustration. I submitted my own source photos with my reply.
I believe it will be very unfair to ban me over one illustration without even responding to me...

Did anything similar happen to somebody here? How fast do they reply? Should I do anything else?

I'm submitting to other sites but iStock is over 50% of my stock income so it would be a bummer to loose them.

Please, help?


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