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General Stock Discussion / Posted up North . Backup problem.
« on: August 30, 2010, 10:12 »
Summer trainee posting position is over. For dayjob I got new permanet post up North big pay but expensive moving. My biggest load is backup dvds because I make copy of all shoots . This and my movie and music. Problem now I cannot pay to move everything. Unrealistic broker quotation to transport. I don't use this stuff only archival .
Is it important to keep this stuff? I do not see uploading to new stock agency in future. Where I go, no high speed luxury .
Would you do in your own situation, trash all and say bye bye to dvd archival.
I can upload to remote site but again cost time, I have no time to do much but prepare relocation.
In your experience of many years in stock, do you find critical to keep arquival?
Thank you in advance for best idea.

Newbie Discussion / Alamy editorial or micro RF ?
« on: August 27, 2010, 18:22 »
I have some photos that can be both royalty free microstock or editorial.
For rf I only make it generic with cloning off logos etc and by historical past
I sell some for 25 cents with micro stock.
But I read here that Alamy is good potential for editorials.
I am asking you, if you have option to present image as is for editorial restriction
usage with Alamy 26 MB size  with no time wasted for cloning off logo, brand on boxes,etc..
and you can also submit smaller size 6MP , 4MP for micro stock rf.
Which one will you choose.
micro stock you know you can make 25 cents and sure to at least make say $5, $10
total. Alamy, you know it is one time in a blue moon chance, but one download will bring a lot of money, esp since editorial sell best for Alamy.

Do you choose Alamy or the more sure thing of microstock?
My approval with Alamy is 100% .But of course, not many of my work was 48 MB,
so I do not have many. But now 24MB it is possible I can increase upload.

This is interesting to me . I am new and both IStock and Shutterstock give me same earning . But Shutterstock more downloads . IStock more money.
Is this normal and good sign to keep upload. IStock restriction so I am slower
to build portfolio. Shutterstock no limit I can give all.
Only my question. Do you experts old experience earner give to two agencies
the same? Or is better you divide .
I ask because pay per download is bigger on Istock. Do I lose download when
I give Shutterstock first? Or no problem. Buyer is different?

Thank you in advance, your input.

General Photography Discussion / big fish big photo op . wow
« on: August 08, 2010, 08:28 »

Imagine he makes big money just on newsprint . wow. lucky photographer

My friend is hobbyist for stunt sport, sky dive, parasail,etc. She and huby want to do colaboration with me I shoot for stock. But they don't like 25 cents low commission I make . Is it chance I get Rights Managed with Alamy , Feature Pics, Deviant Arts,etc
And how I choose for best practical price to sell.
Is it bad to give to Rights Managed, because I know many of you are Royalty Free
contributor. Is any one here experience for Rights Managed with Alamy,
do you think better or Editorial, for picture like this ?
Thank in advance .

Computer Hardware / you use this for on location backup?
« on: July 23, 2010, 13:38 »

I am thinking to buy this so I can backup my Memory Card if full during a shoot
and then format and shoot some more.
Is this safe and good idea to do with this?
Can you do it from Camera out USB to this gadget?

Would you do it , or is it safer to wait ,come back to studio backup on HD?

I also think maybe can be useful during travel.

My first topic.

You see the ad here on top for iSyndica?
It is Swiss Knife.
It is allowed to use that picture for stock and ad? I thought Swiss Knife is like Eiffel Tower, etc. Very recognizable Intellectual Property. There is only one Swiss Knife.
Can someone correct me? Thank you.

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