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Adobe Stock / Ordering Keywords New Bug In Site!
« on: June 20, 2018, 20:11 »
So about 5 days ago something changed in the Adobe Stock site and the Ordering keywords dialogue box in our portfolios is now behaving badly.   The area for selecting and writing triggers the move and drag on the mouse instead of the text select cursor.

This should only be after the text box not within.  This makes it extremely frustrating to order and fix the relevance on keywords.  The image attached shows the area that is not working properly in Red.  Note I tried all sorts of browsers from Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Explorer/edge and all have the problems.

Please Fix this as it was before just 5 days ago, it seems to be a problem with the cursor area script being broken in some update.

Thank you!

Artbeats used to be the real first royalty-free video company in the 90s which seemed to thrive when the net made clip downloads accessible. They used to offer the best quality anywhere with film scanned pyrotechnics and other effects which cost a lot to produce. 

They were also very expensive at $499 each in some cases. Now they are closing their doors in 7 days and you can get the entire clip collection for $2,599 on two 8TB drives dang!!!   Wonder if they tried to sell to other sites for pennies on the dollar and had no takers.

I remember how hard it was to get a clip on their site as an independent producer and was turned down when I tried which seemed counter-intuitive since they had clips of much lesser quality than what I was offering.  Maybe this barrier of entry is the one that did them in by being unable to grow the collection and adapt to microstock offerings which offered all sorts of quality and price points.  For any TV, production house or Movie studio, the bargain bundle may be worth a look for 14k clips.  For me, I will pass and rather invest in a new camera.  Adapt or perish!  :-\

The email I got from Artbeats below:

Artbeats Will Close With a Bang
IN 7 DAYS Artbeats shuts down their website.

We are offering the Artbeats- Owned library of 14,000 clips on hard drives for your use long after we are gone.

Price? Only $2,599.

Your project deserves the best footage.

For a small investment, you can have the entire Artbeats-owned library at your fingertips. BUT only until February 28th. Once Artbeats closes, this offer will be gone.

Buy Now: Call Julie Hill at 1-541-863-4429 or email

Includes all of our premium footage
Relevant for years to come
Shot on the best cameras available
Includes highest resolutions up to 5K
Includes our popular Aerials, Driving
Plates and and many more categories

Frequently Asked Questions
How many hard drives and how much
space does the library take up?
We will deliver two 8TB hard drives. Total space used is around 14TB.

What is the breakdown between SD, HD, 4K, etc?
2,775 SD
5,914 HD
198 2K
865 3K
3612 4K
645 5K and 6K

What kind of interface is included for searching the clips?
No visual interface is present. However, an Excel spreadsheet is included that contains all the metadata. Keyword searching within Excel will yield filenames of clips matching your search.

Does the price include shipping?
Yes, for USA. International shipping rates are calculated on a case by case basis.

Can we use the clips for any project?
For the most part, yes. But to see the License Agreement,

Had two rejections for some coin videos due to intellectual property. These are not British pounds but other common currencies available wide spread on the Fotolia site and other sites. 

I contacted support and got this answer:

Our acceptance criteria is changing regarding currency.  I'm sorry but we cannot accept that content at this time.

Kind regards,

Seems that they want no issues with any type of money woes.  Much like Photoshop rejects scanning money, Fotolia will become a currency-less stock site.  Seems that it is a blanket statement for all of these files. 

I can understand high resolution bills seen complete but in a video with motion and of coins?   Other sites have no problem with these videos.  Also of note is that Fotolia lists currency and money as a category in the pull-down menu when keywording.

Would love to know your opinion on this.

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