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1 / selling images through alamy
« on: February 02, 2013, 23:18 »
hello, i want to ask everyone here, do u have any experience selling images through alamy?
i want to start selling my microstock images there, but im confused, is that alamy macrostock or microstock sites?
can i upload my microstock images there?

Thank you

Hello everybody, i am Robbi stock photographer from indonesia . i want to share my experience about one of my stock photo model.

i took photo of This model a year ago and i have sell it through 7 microstock agencies. this model has been used in many promotional ads everywhere, one of my image of her is in promotional ads of local Bank in Indonesia, i called it Bank A. Well after a few months the model was contracted directly as an advertising model by another Bank, i called it Bank B. which is the competitor of Bank A  (the letter of contract with Bank B, said that she cannot be in Bank B's competitor promotional ads) , after a while Bank B realized that the model has been used before by Bank A, The Bank B sue the model because the photo of her had been used by the competitor. Just this afternoon the model through her agency called me, and hope the photos of her that are in stock agencies to be deleted, to avoid the same problem in the future.

My questions are: i in the right position here? or do i have to delete all images of her?
2.anyone has the same problem?
3.what is your solution? that mean that the model can't work for other promotional ads independently, when the model already as stock photo model?  to avoid the same problem like i have explained above

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