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Off Topic / Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:20 »
Hey guys!

i've put an executable Linux script on my sd card. now, i would like to download that file when the camera is connected to the pc. Problem is that my camera does not show files that are not standard.. (jpg, cr2, foldrs named 100Canon, etc..) Through the ptp protocol I only see what the camera wants to show.. also tried renaming the executable to .jpg but no luck.

any idea on how i can make that file show up so i can download it from my camera without having to take the sd card out?



made a new instructable! much easier and works way better!


Hey guys!

in the last days i worked on a litle project to shoot tethered but wirelessly.. it works and is very fast and all the material costs about 50 . Its still a work in progress as I am adding more features to it, but it already works like a charm.

I have written up an instructable for those of you who want to build it themselves...

Here it is: http://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-tethered-shooting-with-any-DSLR-camera/

please let me know what you think!

Best regards


Hi guys!

 as you might know stockuploader 2.0 for MAC will have a keywording tool like the PC version has. i finished coding it a few minutes ago and here is a screenshot! as soon as the beta testing team is done with the testing it will be released! :)

 What do you think?



Yep! Thats right! Its coded and beeing currently tested by my great beta testers! The new version of stockuploader for mac will have a keywording tool! So stockuploader 4 mac v.2.0 will have ssl support, keywording tool and a more reliable upload process! ;) stay tuned!

Hello guys!

I started coding stockuploader v2 for mac and would need some more beta testers. Is somebody willing to invest his time to do this?

you will have access to the latest betas with a list of things to test and will have to report your findings in the special hidden forum section over at stockuploader.com.

It will take away roughly 15 minutes / day.

if you are interested please post here or get in touch.



Hello guys!

Stockuploader for mac is at version 1.6.2.

Several bugs fixed, supports active and passive upload mode to prevent many firewall problems, has a new button to update the main table when you make changes to your agencies.

you can get it here: http://www.stockuploader.com


Hello everybody!

Version 2.2 has been released for PC.

The future for the mac version is still undefined, and your opinion can influence this! more Infos about this can be found here: www.stockuploader.com

Best regards


StockUploader / Stockuploader 2.1.1 Released, and reviewed!
« on: October 09, 2013, 14:36 »
Stockuploader 2.1.1 has been released today!
Fixed some bugs, added Brazilian Portuguese support, and the possibility to save different logs for each upload.

Michal Bednarek (niserin) has reviewed the keywording tool in stockuploader. you can find his review here: http://www.photocreo.com/114/

Read more on the stockuploader homepage!

for now english, german and italian are supported. to add your Language follow the instructions posted in the "Announcements" section of the stockuploader forum.

Best regards


StockUploader / Review by Steve Heap [updated]
« on: September 04, 2013, 23:55 »
Hi guys!

Steve Heap has updated his review of stockuploader for PC to reflect the changes made in version 2.0!

you can find it here: http://www.backyardsilver.com/2013/07/uploading-to-multiple-stock-agencies-stockuploader/


StockUploader / Thanks to leaf! :)
« on: September 03, 2013, 09:30 »
Thanks for setting this section up for stockuploader!



Hello everybody!

Stockuploader is a versatile Ftp file upload tool for stock photographers and aims to streamline your workflow, to enable you to spend  more time creating and less time uploading. Whether you upload photos, vectors, movies or audio, Stockuploader can do the job with  just a few clicks and can be customized to include Model Releases and Property Releases alongside your main files. Stockuploader stores all of your sensitive data locally on your Mac/PC, and does not send or share any information either with  Stockuploader or any Third Parties. Not only is it safe and secure but it is also completely free.  It is easy to set-up and customize to your exact needs.

I'm excited to announce that after 9 months Stockuploader for PC has reached version 2.0! (The MAC version is in the works!) This version had a Whole load of new features and upgrades and wouldn't have been possible without the help of a lot of people! Before I go into the details of this version let me thank a few people: Everybody who donated and especially those who donated way more then i expected, everybody who took theyr time to join the beta testing team and tested the program in theyr spear time and trying on live sites with theyr real images, everybody who gave feedbacks, everybody who trusted me and supported this project, everybody who wrote (and will write) reviews about Stockuploader, and finally all the sites and agencies that have let me post about Stockuploader freely for all this time. (Some other sites were not so positive about it and banned me so i understand and appreciate your help)



This said, lets talk about V2! :)

The feature list is long. Very long so get yourself comfortable:

Lets divide it into two main groups! The first one being the UPLOADER itself:
- SFTP support: some sites require it, and yes we support it now.. :D
- Parallel uploads: Stockuploader can upload to up to 8 agencies simulataneously. Immagine that one of your agencies is slow, or has a high peak of uploaders, you would just sit there and wait. With stockuploader its not a problem anymore! Stockuploader will use the remaining bandwith to upload the fiel to other sites while you're waiting Optimizing the speed and reducing the upload time.
- Selectable upload slots: You can choose if you want 1, 2, 3... up to 8 Upload slots!
- Bandwith capping per upload slot: You can set a speed limit on a per slot basis. if you set for example 80 kb/s then each slot will be capped at this speed. This avoids that one slot takes up all the banwith leaving the others dry. Is you kid complaining that he cant play online because youre using up all the speed? simply cap the upload speed or reduce the number of slots!
- Precise speed indication: The speed indication is much more accurate now, and keeps all slots into account
- Progress for each upload slot: Every single upload slot will tell you the progress of the file and the agency it is uploading to.
- The first folumn in the main Upload tab will remain allways visible even if you have 20 agencies and need to scroll to the right.
- Editorial filter: You can specify which agencies accept editorial images. The program will then look for the word "editorial" in the image file and if it finds it it will automatically remove it from the upload queue for agencies that dont accept editorial files.
- "this batch is editorial" - Button: there is a button now that if pressed will handle all images currently loaded in the program as EDITORIAL images regardless of its name. You simply load all your editorial images into the program, hit the "this batch is editorial" button and the program will automatically set the images to be uploaded only to agencies that support editorial images.
- Confirmation message at the end: at the end of the upload you will get a message telling you that the upload is finished.
- Better error mesages on failure: If the upload fails for any reason th eprogram will tell you whats wrong.
- Crash recovery: If the program crashes during upload, when you reopen it it will allow you to restore to the exact same situation before it crashed. simply hit the upload button and it will continue as if nothing happened.

Now lets go to the second Group: KEYWORDING TOOL. (Yep, keywording tool)
- Single image keywording
- Batch image keywording
- copy and paste keywords (and or titile and description) from a single image to another
- copy and paste keywords (and or titile and description) from a single image to many Others
- very quick in saving files
- keyword counter
- decide if you want to save title AND OR description AND OR keywords to multiple files
- decide if you want to add thekywords to existing ones or replace them
- Keywords can be reordered based on priority
- image preview
- Quick and intuitive
- Manually import images from the upload tab or automatically on import of the files

This is it! Told you it was long!
Please try it and let me and the testers know what you think! :) If you are having any problems just ask for help! I'm glad to be helpful and so are other users who are quite expert with this software by now! :)
If you wish to write a review youre welcome to do so! I am always searching for reviewers that write a honest and genuine article. It will be linked on the news section of the webpage!

Thank you all for your help and support!


Off Topic / reviewer?
« on: August 20, 2013, 02:21 »
hey guys!

is there somebody here who has a blog or a site that would like to write a review about the soon-to-be-released stockuploader V2? in Exchange i offer a backlink to the review.

please let me know!


Hi guys!

to whom is interested, beta 5 of stockuploader V2 has been released for all those who donated 5$ or above.

the new beta has:

parallel uploads with selectable number of uploadslots
speed limitation for each slot
single image keywording tool
batch keywording tool
crash log (saves the situation and restores in case of a crash)
SFTP support (veer)

there are still some features to code, and the release date will be in about 2/3 weeks if all goes to plan!

StockUploader / News about stockuploader V2.0
« on: August 03, 2013, 07:51 »
Hi guys! i keep coding for V2.0 and here is a list of the features that will be included in V2.0

A big part is already coded and a beta version is available in the forums for those who donated at least 5$. Speaking of donaions, thanks for all those who donated. we reached 91$ and need 58 more to reach our goal. without the goal the new version of stockuploader cannot be releaased because we need to buy the license of a FTP library i am using to code it.

Another news is that stockuploader now has a Newsletter system. if you subscribe you will be informed about new versions beeing released and opportunities running like the possibility to put your banner in the program or things like that!

so here is the list of improvements coming:

Parallel uplaods: lets you have 8 upload slots, increasing the upload speed! it will load in parallel to 8 different sites so if a site is slow it will automatically use the remaining speed for other sites.

SFTP support: makes the program work with veer and sites that use SFTP.

speed limitation: there will be the possibility to set a speed limit for each slot. so if the speed limit is 80, the maximum overall upload speed can me 8 x 80. it would be better to define a overall speed but it is not possible for the time beeing.

situation log: when you hit the upload button the program will make a "table log" in the agencies file. this log contains a copy of your main table, and will be updated after each upload. at the end of the upload this table is deleted again. if your program crashes when you restart it it will detect the table that has not been deleted due to the crash and restore it with all the proper checks set so you can recover your uplaods.

hystory log: when you upload a file to an agency the program will save it in the agencies file and remember it. this way if in future you join a new agency and want to upload to those sites it will know what files have already been uploaded to older agencies and not set the checks to those agencies.

keywording tool: you will be able to change name, descritpion and keywords on jpgs. the keywords can also be reordered by priority. MAYBE there will be also a batch keywording tool that allows to apply the same keywords to multiple images. but for now i am not sure about this.

Please give a feedback and let me know what you think of this! thank you!


StockUploader / Stockuploader 4 PC V1.9 released
« on: July 14, 2013, 14:35 »
just released the new stockuploader version. (V1.9)

whats new?

 - Added an Autoupdater
 - Fixed visualization errors
 - Improved the upload process
 - Agency priority is now default
 - Added a clear table button to the main table
 - Updated the About tab
 - Cleared the agency fields when adding new agencies

try it out and let me know!

StockUploader / 20000+ Files!!
« on: June 28, 2013, 06:01 »

thanks to everybody who used stockuploader ! yesterday we reached 20000 uploaded files!


Microstock Services / advertising exchange
« on: May 14, 2013, 05:40 »

the last release of stockuploader has a banner in it (see picture below).

the purpose of this banner is to bring new users to the program and/or cover the costs that the program has for me.

anything that could bring some benefit to the program basically. i am open to new banners as long as they are related in any way to photography. what do i want in exchange? well anything that can bring benefit to the program. a few examples are:

a UNBIASED review of stockuploader on a well known site
a blogpost about stockuploader
basically anything that helps it spread.


what banner you could put in there? that is up to you! any banner you want as long as it is related to photography. could be a referral link, a banner for your site, a banner for your preferred forum, a banner for your blog, whatever you want.

i dont want to gain personally from this, i only want stockuploader to grow. if youre interested in having your banner there just post here or get in touch!

StockUploader / Stockuploader 4 MAC is Back!
« on: May 13, 2013, 14:48 »
Hi everybody!

Thanks to SLP_London i was able to find the cause of the bug that made files disappear on most agencies.
This version has been tested for a week with a few hundred files and not a single file got lost.

At the time Stockuploader has uploaded over 13.000 files all over the world. This makes me happy because i know that all the time i invested is appreciated by quite a few uploaders...

Enjoy and remember that feedbacks are always welcome and help making the program get better on each release.

Again a big THANKS goes to SLP_London and Rixie for theyr tremendous pacience and help!

Stockuploader for mac

StockUploader / Bad news Stockuploader 4 MAC
« on: May 05, 2013, 05:19 »
Edit: Stockuploader will be back on monday 13th!  :)


Hi guys!

unfortunately i had to take down Stockuploader 4 Mac. The way stockuploader is designed doesnt allow it to work in a reliable way on MACs. (PC version is not affected by this problem and is totally safe to use)



yep.. here we go.. stockuploader has a new webpage! :)

check it out! the application's logo will be updated with the new release whenever it will be.. :)

comments are welcome!

edit: for the testimonial thing check the next post right below...

Microstock Services / Stockuploader 4 MAC!!! V1.2 Released!
« on: February 28, 2013, 13:21 »
THE TOPIC FOR THE PC VERSION IS HERE: http://www.microstockgroup.com/microstock-services/free-stockuploader/


Its very exciting for me to tell that stockuploader 4 Mac has been released! a special thanks goes to rixie, without her helping me out it wouldnt have been possible!

Stockuploader - The one-stop uploader for all your sites.

Stockuploader is a versatile Ftp file uploader for stock photographers and aims to streamline your workflow, to enable you to spend more time creating and less time uploading. Whether you upload photos, vectors, movies or audio, Stockuploader can do the job with just a few clicks and can be customized to include Model Releases and Property Releases alongside your main files.

Stockuploader stores all of your sensitive data locally on your Mac, and does not send or share any information either with Stockuploader or any Third Parties. Not only is it safe and secure but it is also completely free. It is easy to set-up and customize to your exact needs - just follow the instructions and you will be ready to upload in no time.

Getting started:

Once you have downloaded the program, go to file > new and open the Agency Configuration tab. Click on the Add New Agency button.

Starting from the left, under the Agency Name, double click to insert the agency name or initials as required.

On the right, input the Agency Ftp address, along with your username and password, in the appropriate boxes.

In the Filter box, you can decide on the file types you wish to attach to the agency you are creating, and delete any that are inappropriate - that way, you wont upload the wrong file type in error. Please note that the filter is case sensitive.

The Order box determines the order in which your agencies will be shown on the upload page and must be numeric. You dont have to worry about creating the Agencies in the right order and can rearrange to suit changing needs.

If your agencies require you to add model/property releases via a separate folder, create a second agency with the path to the release folder. To make things easier, you could even rename your model releases to .JPG (capitals), and instruct that agency to only accept .JPG files - its useful that the Filter is case sensitive!

Once you have input all of your agencies and customized to your specific needs, go to file > save and save your agencies file wherever you wish then close the program. When you restart the program, all your sites will automatically load and you can start uploading.


This is the easy part! Open the Upload tab and you will see all your agencies listed across the top in the order you specified.

Click on Add Images, locate and select the file or files you wish to upload and click on Open. The table will populate, depending on the file type selected and the preferences you selected in the Agency Configuration but you can further customize here if you wish.

You have the choice to select File priority, (file 1 will upload to all selected agencies before moving on to file 2), or Agency priority, (where all files will upload to Agency 1 before moving on to Agency 2).

Push the Upload button and Stockuploader will do the rest. The progress bar will let you know when the job is done.

get it at http://www.stockuploader.com

StockUploader / Stockuploader for MAC, beta testers needed
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:53 »
Hi guys!

i am working on the MAC version of www.stockuploader.com

if you have a mac and are interested in testing the program in its beta versions please subscribe to the stockuploader forum and contact me to get access to the hidden beta testing category.

Beta testers will be listed in the "about" tab of the program when it is released.

thank you!

best regards


Shutterstock.com / iphone app
« on: December 16, 2012, 09:33 »
hi guys!

are you using the iphone app? are you able to log in? i Always get the "invalid password" message.

Newbie Discussion / Hi everybody!
« on: December 11, 2012, 05:15 »
hi all!

igor from italy here.. :)

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