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General Stock Discussion / Other FTP Programs?
« on: February 15, 2013, 11:53 »
Hey everyone,

I ahve been using FileZilla to upload images but I am finding that it is not successfully connecting to a couple sites and I was wondering if anyone had other programs they are using instead of FileZilla?  FileZilla seems to work most of the time, but not always.


Okay - so I recently decided that I would start trying to earn some money to support my hobby and allow me to upgrade my equipment and maybe pay for a couple of classes over at RMSP in the future.  I have been concentrating on building up my portfolio up at iStock and have recently been submitting images to Fotolia, Dreamstime because of all this stuff about iStock/Getty/Google/Microsoft/EndofWorld came to my attention in the forums honestly scared the ever loving bejesus out of me and I dont want to put all of my eggs in a single basket.

I was debating on applying to the middle tier stock agencies but am worried about the potential of cannibalizing my sales at the top tier sites.  Is this actually a valid concern if I am submitting largely the same images across all of the sites, or is it really more about just getting your stuff up on as many sites as humanly possible?  My current RPI at iStock is about 0.17 (only have 1 month of data though) which isn't quite what I was hoping for - but then again - I am still learning what stock photography actually is (I dont really have an eye for it yet). 

Thanks again for anyones help.

Okay - this is my first post here and I am hoping that you guys can help me out.

I have been accepted by IS, DT, and alamy but had recently applied to shutterstock when I realized the potential for a 2:1 earnings ratio when compared to IS (according to the poll results).

I uploaded 10 images that had been accepted elsewhere and was quite suprised to get a pretty bad rejection (of 10 images submitted, 4 were accepted, 4 rejected for focus, 1 for poor lighting, and 1 for trademark).  I guess I suspected different results given that all of the rejected files had been accepted and have sold on other sites.  I understand that SS is different and - as I am learning - maybe more selective than IS.  However, I am a bit lost and was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback if possible.

The rejected files are located here: and are organized by their rejection reason.

Really any help at all would be wonderful.  I am just more confused than anything else and as always - looking to be better at this side of the business.

Thanks in advance for any comments.  Reading through the forums has been quite helpful and I am thankful that there is a resource like this one.

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