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Adobe Stock / Strange Fotolia sub sale with 5 credits commission
« on: October 02, 2014, 15:29 »
Hello folks,

got a strange Fotolia sub sale today on one of my images... Netted me 5 credits commission (which is not bad of course). But do you know what kind of sale it might be?

I am opted out of DPC, so it shouldn't (hopefully) be some kind of DPC extended sale.

Thanks for your help!

Hello folks,

I have found an image of mine being shared on Facebook in high resolution (2048px) by a travel agency

They have lots of high-quality high-resolution travel images being shared by hundreds of Facebook users. The images seem to have been bought legitimately by them, but they seem to not know or neglect the fact that they are not allowed to post images in this resolution on the web.

You might want to check if your images are affected too (if you bother at all)..

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