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Android version of Easy Release has introduced a new feature to store all fields you've filled in the release files. Now you can simply drag such files to the releases list in StockSubmitter and they will get imported along with all fields. It's just that easy!

Please note that you will need to purchase the feature in Easy Release in settings to use it.
It is not yet supported in the iOS version of the app and in Microstock.Plus

MicrostockSubmitter / Christmas promotion for StockSubmitter
« on: December 22, 2018, 22:14 »
Christmas is coming and our sleigh full of presents is already here!
We're cutting the subscription prices by 50% for the two-year and 38% for the one-year Unlimited plans; 45% for the two-year and 33% for the one-year other plans.
Bonus: all subscribers will get a free access to Microstock+ for the whole subscription duration!

There are more gifts though! Every day our elves will put presents on our Facebook page, our Telegram group, our VK group and the microstock forums. Inside each of the presents there will be a promo code with a random amount from 5 to 10 EUR that can be used to purchase any package. All codes can be activated only once so don't hesitate to do it :) Happy hunting!

We're happy to announce the public Beta of our new web-based service of management, uploading and submission of any microstock content!

More information in our new blog:

Frequently Asked Questions

MicrostockSubmitter / New Year discounts for StockSubmitter
« on: December 26, 2017, 17:08 »
We've launched our traditional New Year discounts for StockSubmitter subscription - save up to 50%!
All 12 and 24 month packages are cheaper now.
The promotion is active for at least 2 weeks (no specific expiration date set yet).

MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter Christmas discounts
« on: December 14, 2016, 05:54 »
+ We've launched Christmas discounts for StockSubmitter 1-year and 2-year subscription packages.

Total discount for 1-year packages is up to 33% and for 2-year packages is up to 50% now.
We value our loyal customers and we are happy to let them save more :)

Discounts are effective until 1st January.

MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter Tutorials
« on: April 25, 2016, 03:16 »
One of our users started YT channel with StockSubmitter tutorials:

MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter for Mac [ALPHA]
« on: December 31, 2015, 00:53 »
After more than a year of active development I'm happy to announce that the first public alpha release of StockSubmitter for Mac is ready!

Please note that at this point the program is totally not ready to replace virtualized win-version because it has very narrow feature list and it supports a few agencies only.
However, the most important thing is that the core of the program is done and it will be way easier and faster to extend it.
This release is being published for public testing, finding and fixing bugs and issues.
Everyone who will participate in testing will have nice bonuses after public beta release (there will be way more agencies supported in beta) proportionally to their participation.
Mac version is not limited in submissions and does not require any subscription or registration at the moment.

What the Mac version is yet lacking:
- all the other agencies besides Dreamstime, DepositPhotos, Lori, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Pond5, 123rf, VectorStock;
- individual agencies metadata (besides common fields);
- QuickMeta;
- group metadata editing;
- buffer/template;
- other nice small features.

What extra features the program has compared to win-version:
- showing all images in the folder and subfolders recursively together;
- resizing/moving all the panels;
- automatic currency exchange rate fetching.

What will be implemented in the next alpha builds and in which order:
- CanStockPhoto;
- Bigstock;
- individual agencies metadata;
- group metadata editing;
- buffer/templates;
- other agencies.


The program is being automatically updated with every launch. If you will install it in the home directory it won't ask for password when the main program binary is updated.
Interface is quite different from win-version in some parts.


Please specify explicitly when asking questions about Mac version since it's a completely different program from the win-version.


Installer download link: click

MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter v1.4 is Released!
« on: December 20, 2014, 13:47 »
New StockSubmitter version (v1.4) is launched for beta-testing.

What's new:
+ The program now can run in x64 mode if the OS is 64-bit. In this mode program will be able to use all available memory instead of 2Gb only it could use in x86 mode.
+ New updater is updating only changed files.
+ New register/login window should make login process more transparent (it is now performing exactly the action you asked it to perform, not registering a new account if you made a typo in e-mail).
+ The program is no longer being run as Administrator. This change should resolve the problem with displaying network drives.
+ The program should now start faster.

You need to remove current version and install the new one from the official website if you want to use it!

We were receiving many requests to add a cheaper subscription for microstock contributors who are only beginning to contribute and don't have a stable earnings flow to pay for our common subscription plans yet.
We decided to make a Christmas gift for those contributors and give them possibility to use the program cheaper than ever before!

We're launching the Starter subscription in test mode with the following parameters:
Cost: just 10 for 3 months
Submissions/month: 100 to every agency

This offer will be available at least for a month. After that we will decide if we will keep it available.

Timeout for HTTP uploads on Veer (via workspace on the website) is set to 2 minutes at the moment.
This timeout seems to be too low because anyone who has bad internet connection won't be able to upload any large image.

Since developers seem to ignore e-mails (probably because of some spam filter), I'm asking them there: please increase the HTTP upload timeout to something more decent like 5-10 minutes or so.

MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter for Mac
« on: September 22, 2014, 14:03 »
I am happy to announce that we started the development of Mac OS X version of the StockSubmitter.

Hard to give any ETA, but we expect basic version to be completed in roughly 2 months.

We'll be very happy to see our Mac users finally using the program natively without having to install VirtualBox or other VM software :)

It is also good moment to tell us about any features you really need from the program. Since we're only starting the development from scratch we can implement or plan some of the features relatively easy compared to doing it later. So don't hesitate to contact me if you have something to say or suggest :)

We are starting to translate StockSubmitter to languages other than English and Russian. We would also gladly accept volunteers wishing to proofread/fix English translation.
If you are native speaker in any language besides Russian, you are welcome to join the project here:
Translations will be included into latest StockSubmitter build as soon as they're ready (at least 90%).

All active translators and proofreaders will get offers of free subscription (subscription type and term depend on amount of help).
Thanks those who will help us in advance :)

You can ask any questions about this project in this topic.

MicrostockSubmitter / Interview with StockSubmitter
« on: March 10, 2014, 09:16 »
StockPhotoSecrets published the interview with our main developer regarding our team, our plans for the future and current situation with the program development:

MicrostockSubmitter / Christmas discounts
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:48 »
I'm happy to announce Christmas discounts for StockSubmitter subscriptions:
- 10% for all 6 month subscription packets
- 20% for all year subscription packets

All discounts are active till 20.12.2013

1 point of account balance will be = 1 euro from 01.01.2014

We promise there won't be any other increase modifications of subscription prices until 2015 at least.

We have introduced many new features this year and we hope to keep making your life easier and reducing your time spent on sending your works to the agencies.
I am working on additional improvement in processing of keywords of multiple images. For example, it will become possible to add/remove/rearrange keywords of multiple files at once. Similar functionality will be added for IStockPhoto term editor.
I'll analyse few commercial solutions for FTP uploading and choose few best ones to stabilize and improve speed of FTP upload for those users who are experiencing problems with it at the moment.

MicrostockSubmitter / Full description of StockSubmitter interface
« on: September 09, 2013, 15:00 »
I wrote detailed description of StockSubmitter. I think it can be useful both for new and existing users, because the program became complex and even simple list all of its features will take many rows. Hope this will help.

Feel free to PM me if you'll find any grammar or style errors in the post, english ain't my native language ;)

MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter v2.0
« on: November 23, 2011, 10:49 »
I'm glad to publish first public alpha version of StockSubmitter 2.0

What is it?

It is completely re-written from scratch version of StockSubmitter software. All architecture flaws in first version were taken into account in the development.
It is very very early alpha release. It is not finished product and is not supposed to be used in actual workflow.

Why do I publish it then?

I want to test stability of installation, launch and running of program on different systems by different users, to find any critical bugs and technical problems. I want to fix 'em now, while program is not too complex and big.
So if you have some time, it would be good if you will download it, try to install and run and report any problems you notice to me.
Any ideas on functionality or interface are appreciated aswell.
Please note, what most of the functionality is not in the program yet, but it is planned.

What is working atm?

1. Navigating folders/files on your disks, reading metadata in EXIF/IPTC/XMP formats, filling the database with resulting information.
2. Editing metadata for files in database.
3. Auto-generation of previews for video files.
4. Submitting videos to Pond5, both pre-filled and with metadata filled on the fly during submit.

Key features of planned release version of StockSubmitter v2.0

1. SS v2.0 is cross-platform and has way better performance than SS v1.0
2. Using database to store all custom stocks metadata instead of using hidden fields in image files.
3. You can fill every custom field of every stock if you wish.
4. You don't need to upload files using program. You can upload using your favorite FTP software (FileZilla, etc.). StockSubmitter v2.0 will recognize such files and find matching files on the disk if you did explore folder containing them at least once.
5. You can submit even images without corresponding files on your disk, filling their data on the fly during submission process.
6. SS v2.0 is oriented on more advanced users overall, letting you have full control of submission process.

How do you get it?


You will need installed Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 and GTK# for .NET v2.12.9
Download mss2setup.exe, run it and follow instructions.

Mac OS X

You will need installed Mono v2.10.6 and ExifTool.
Download StockSubmitter2.dmg, open it and drag application to wherever you like.


Download StockSubmitter2.tgz, extract it and read README.

StockSubmitter's server is currently down for maintenance.

During this time submitting images will be unavailable in StockSubmitter.

We expect it to be back online in few hours.

Thank you for patience and understanding.


CanStockPhoto shows great popularity and sales increase these days. For example, this is my sales graph (and I'm not uploading lots of images atm):

But there is one little problem with the CanStockPhoto - categories.
You can fill them only after your image will be approved and get into portfolio. Many people just ignore it and leave it as is.
That's why I developed an app to automatize that work.

CanstockCategorizer - Download

Fast and easy

It is very easy to start using the app: just enter your authorization data for CanStockPhoto and press "Start" button. App will scan portfolio for the uncategorized images and fill the categories automatically.

Category selection
Algorythm of category selection is based on the keywords and achieves very good quality of category matching. There are required keywords for each category, without them image will never get such category.
For example, "Architecture > Blueprints" category won't be chosen if there is no "blueprint" or "drawing" keyword in the image keyword list.
Even if the other images related to architecture have such keywords, it won't prevent app from selecting right categories, because on the second step app will count rating of keywords matching this category.
I did analysis and selected most seen keywords for each category, it allows app to select right categories.

You are entering authorization data into the app on your computer. After that the app will work directly with and will not send that information to any other sites.

I am developer of StockSubmitter program, which is being used by many stockers for more than year. Also I'm stocker myself and that is my main job.
I hope you can trust me because of that.

Demo version
Just run the app and you will be able to see the result of processing first 10 files for free.

Processing more files is not free, it is required to provide support, bugfixes and improvement.
The price depends on the count of files you need to process.
1000 files - 10$
3000 files - 20$
unlimited version - 50$

Just download the archive and unpack to any folder you like. Run the CanStockCategorizer.exe file, enter authorization data for CanStockPhoto and press Start button.

Payment methods
WebMoney, MoneyBookers, VISA/MasterCard, PayPal.
Contact me by PM or by skype (landofrain) if you want to purchase the app.

MicrostockSubmitter / Updates
« on: January 15, 2011, 06:05 »
New feature - context menu to files by mouse right click:
1. Rename
2. Refresh
3. Create raster copy of file
4. Remove
Fixed some bugs and interface collisions.

Greetings! I made a program for microstocks for PC.

The main difference between it and another microstock software is submission of images.
This program not only uploads images, but also submits them for checkup. You don't even have to visit sites.

It has standard set of features:
1. Autokeywording utility.
2. IPTC, XMP and EXIF metadata support.
3. FTP upload.
4. Collecting information about sellings and balance stats.
5. Saving files status for different microstocks.

And unique submit features:
1. Quick categorizing images for all sites.
2. Model and property release handling
3. For vector files, automatic creation of ZIP archives from EPS + JPG files, and sending individually depending on requirements of a certain microstock
4. HTTP upload and submission to 10+ microstocks at one time using selected categories, attached releases and so. You will get images in sites' pending and will only need to wait for result.
5. The program automatically checks for its updates. All changes in microstocks' rules and news will get reflected in program very quickly.

Simple video tutorial:

MicrostockSubmitter is shareware: one can submit up to 50 images to each microstock per month for free. Keywording and upload without submission is free without any limits.
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype "niak_ris"

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