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I've never thought that selling photos for tons of money is something possible, until today.

offered for $1M:

Obviously, none of us really knows how exactly is possible to sell an image for millions.
I can assume that it can be done with high traffic and / or by getting in touch with the right people (idk how). Or is it simply "the right place at the right time"...

Share the knowledge and share more examples like these if you know or find any... Because I think we have had it with earning peanuts per sale with agencies lol.

Symbiostock - General / Symbiostock custom payment gateway?
« on: April 26, 2013, 05:42 »
Hello everybody :)

First of all, congratulations to Leo for his great work. Leo, you do a wonderful job with this theme and independent network, so keep it up!

Now the question - there are countries which are not supported by Paypal, and there are also their unsatisfied customers. And ofc, there are better payment processors which support multiple payment methods, currencies etc...

So regarding Symbiostock's customization, I was wondering, can the Paypal integration be disabled?
And can the custom buttons be added on the page that opens when you click the image? I would need a custom "buy" buttons which would be linked to payment options - credit card, paypal etc, provided by the payment processor.

And one more question - does every buyer needs to register first before purchasing or is this optional? Forced registering is quite a turn-off, especially when something is new and unknown. People loves flexibility and it can only bring good, so if I would use this theme, I would like to be more liberal.


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