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I've seen this discussed elsewhere on the board, but the solution always invlved some kind of security plugin, which I don't have.

A customer bought an image, Paypal took his money and sent me the payment email. The "Customer License Area" just shows the shopping cart, with no link to download the image.

Plugins that I have not deactivated:
Jetpack by WordPress.com
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SYMBIOSTOCK - Emails and Notifications

The Customer Sees:

Thank you for your purchase!

Items still in your cart, and not in your download area?
Wait a few seconds and refresh the page. Sometimes paypal takes a few minutes to notify us. If you still have problems, please contact us.

Which never goes away.

Hi all. I tried searching for previous posts, but I'm not having any luck. Here goes.

I set up a site, http://bandkmedia.com which seems to be working OK finally, except for one issue. I have a partner who will be submitting images as well.  That's the "B" and "K" in the name :)

The problem is, that on the image pages, all photos have my name on them.

For example, http://bandkmedia.com/image/eyelove9/?r=http://bandkmedia.com down below the photo it says "Brian Schell" and links to an author page for me. But I didn't take the photo, I didn't upload it, my partner did.

This is not really a big deal, as we can figure out sales manually.

On the other hand, something more serious has presented itself:

He uploaded and processed a batch of files yesterday, and they are in the system as they should be. They appear in the search and are purchasable. They don't however, show up on the homepage under "Latest Posts." I posted an image hours after he did, and it shows right up on the homepage as it should.

Symbiostock just doesn't like him?

We could just share an account, but I was really hoping it would work with two contributors.

I do have both of us set up as Administrative accounts.


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