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1 / IPTC data reading error
« on: May 05, 2015, 12:42 »
Files have been uploaded successfully through web uploaded but title, description and keywords are blank. Site is not reading / retrieving iptc data from images. 

I have to replace word "drawing" with word illustration which is embed/saved in my 500+ images. Doing manually in bridge is very time consuming and tedious job. I search net very hard to find any IPTC metadata edit tool which can do following task but fail to find any such tool.

1. find and replace text in title, description and keyword in IPTC data of image
2. Can search in multiple folders
3. batch process all files

Most of the metadata edit tool are working on one image at a time.  Also tried some hex editors which can find replace text in one file at a time.  Bridge can find images with specified text but there is not command or option for replacing such text.

Software namely far works great with text file. I tried it on some dummy jpg and it has successfully replaced string but also corrupt these image header, making these images useless


General Stock Discussion / Selling stock purchase images
« on: September 09, 2014, 22:32 »
My friend wants to purchase 3d rendered 26 alphabet images from shutterStock. He his freelance graphic designer and want to sell final composed image to their clients with text or message which their clients will provide. 

He wants to know what type of licence he should need for it. Can he purchase hi res images using monthly subscription plan or he should purchase extended licence or copyright licence for each file.  He will also contact shutterstock support. 

Is there any agency, where only vectors and hand drawings are available for sales.

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