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well ... i see nothing good coming out of this ...

Facebook's instant articles arrive to speed up the News Feed
And publishers are bracing themselves for the impact

just another devalueing of journalism and photography too ... photos will be geotagged or coming with audio and blah blah blah ... publishers will split the advertising revenue with FB, leaving basically nothing for the content providers, just as they pay a pittance already for print and web content.

in the meantime Live Streaming apps linked to Twitter like Meerkat and Periscope are booming and considered 2015's next big thing .. no idea how they will be monetized, probably in the same fashion as youtube or Ustream i guess but they will open yet another can of worms regarding privacy, spam, scams, and there's already a huge debate about letting kids using this sh-it, business as usual as we've heard the same cr-ap since the 90s but anyway ...

i've the feeling we're living in a world heading to a full blown police state where many people will live a second life online in their own personal reality show, thanks god i was born in times where we still met at the local pub face to face and the only way to interact remotely was a wheel telephone or a coin-operated phone box in the street.

the other issue i see at the horizon is that while demand for good photography is booming, the money is just not there for the content producers and there's little money also for the middlemen and distributors.

we're now able to spread content to billions of readers in real time, but 99% of them are not willing to pay even a cent for it ... actually they will also complain about the low quality of the free content and eventually ruin your reputation too.

once again, Orwell had a crystal clear vision of what was coming decades later.

Work From Home Vector & Illustration Image Reviewer (Europe)

so, despite making billions of $ they can't even afford to provide you a cubicle in an office, you're also expected to use your own computer, work during weekend, and pay for your own fast 25Mb+ line ... no mention about salary but you can guess it's on par with grilling burgers at mcdonalds.

this is a new low for photography, skills like image reviewing or  photo editing are basically considered worthless even by the top tier photo agencies like SS.

NO ONE is making money from YouTube, even Google report

and that's what i'm saying since the day Youtube has been sold ... this kind of biz is not sustainable, not for the owners and not for the content providers !

and this despite google using any possible legal tricks to avoid paying taxes in the EU.

Off Topic / the NYT exposes Peter Lik's scams !
« on: February 24, 2015, 06:44 »
finally !

Peter Liks Recipe for Success: Sell Prints. Print Money.

"Arguably, the person best versed in Peter Lik comparables is David Hulme, a fine-art valuer based in Australia for a company called Auctionata. For years, he has been getting calls from Lik owners around the world, and he finds the calls depressing.

People tell me all the time, Ive been in touch with the gallery, and they say my photograph is now selling for $150,000 a copy, he says. So they want to know what they can sell theirs for.

A tiny fraction of that sum is the answer. A subscription service called Artnet which bills itself as the most comprehensive database of its kind captures the resale value of Lik photographs by cataloging auction results, and the most anyone has ever paid for one his photographs is $15,860, for a copy of an image called Ghost, in 2008. (Its a color version of Phantom.) After that, its a long slide down, to $3,000 for a copy of Eternal Beauty (Antelope County, Arizona) in 2014. Fifteen images have sold for between $1,000 and $2,500, and four have sold for between $400 and $1,000. Another handful failed to sell. And thats it."


Lik is soooo full of sh-it, must be seen (check his ridicolous videos) to be believed, he's fitting like a glove his customer base of illiterate rich jerks.

Indie labels publishing their MISERABLE payouts from the top streaming music services ... as low as 0.001$ per stream !!

and here another musician got barely 20-30 bucks from it :

in the meantime things aren't going to look better for a DJ/producer who's working with top brands like Skrillex, he's actually LOSING money even from live gigs !

Software - General / sRGB analyzer ?
« on: December 16, 2014, 23:08 »
is there any automated tool able to tell me for example how many shades of blue are used into a specific photo ?

like, if i shoot from my balcony in daylight with good weather, how many blues and cyans the sensor is actually using with the sRGB colorspace to display the sky, where, how, in which percentage and all  ?

New Sites - General / Anyone on ? Any sales ?
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:47 »
Nice stuff on but .. any sales there ? anyone there with stocky images ?

I'll try to join the Documentary section and see what sticks on the wall.

Software - General / automated Focus Analyzer ??
« on: December 01, 2014, 02:10 »
i wonder, is there any kind of software able to spot where is the focus in a given picture and to eventually assess if the area is big enough ?

i think it could be doable mapping the image and then checking for areas with higher color/contrast intensity but i have never ever heard of any tool doing something like this.

Nikon Capture only works for nikon cameras and it's using EXIF data to spot the focus, i need something totally different fromt this, ideally i could check a batch of hundreds of pics and the software will automatically sort out of the bad apples with bad or poor focus.

by the way, similar concept for automated softwares who can spot minimal camera shakes !

General Stock Discussion / Photo jobs on eLance ??
« on: March 08, 2014, 13:41 »
Well .. it seems that microstock is not yet the rock bottom ... take a look at the photo jobs on Elance/oDesk :

Apart a job for 5-10K anything else is slave labour and there's also a couple jobs for stockers (paid a pittance).
Very interesting, i checked it out of curiosity as a friend of mine talked to me about his negative experience on Elance about wordpress etc, not surprised at all i must say.

Jury Awards Daniel Morel $1.2 Million in Damages from AFP, Getty Images

finally some justice !

i remeber this case, he posted his images on Twitter and they were stolen by AFP with TOTAL disregard for his copyright and AFP even sued back (and won) claiming they were "public domain" ! to add insult to injury they were credited as "Stringer" so Morel gained zero exposure from that.

Google wins digital library legal battle

So google won a lawsuit against book publishers and authors and is now free to scan millions of books without giving nothing back with the usual excuse of "fair use" !

What about photos ? what about the book covers ?

As usual common sense and laws never apply to Google, they also allow full download of many books with the idea that they're too old and now public domain, wrong ! the book and the book authors maybe, but the photos are still protected by copyright law !

Microstock Services / Planning a desktop uploader : windows only ?
« on: November 08, 2013, 15:47 »
Hi guys

I'm planning to code a new desktop uploader and some other small tools for stock, but i only code in C# on windows at the moment.

So i wonder, how big is the demand on OSX for this sort of apps ?

I'm developing on VS 2012 but i could port the C# code on OSX using MonoDevelop or maybe also SharpDevelop, but they use a different GUI toolkit and that would take a long time to master.

Is it worth it ? how many stockers are on OSX actually ?

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