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I have been contacted by a company wishing to buy an image directly from me for a logo and I am interested in the proposal, but they have asked for stats on how many different licences have been issued for the image. I'm struggling to find any way of accessing this other finding just how many times it has been downloaded. It is on multiple sites (shutterstock, iStock etc) and each site has a different way of giving the contributor that info, if at all. Has anybody come across this sort of issue before and any clues as how to get the statistics?

I've just recieved an email from a company called VecPHO wishing to manage my portfolios to multiple microstock sites, has anyone been contacted by VecPHO Consulting agency to manage your portfolios?
Seems a bit strange and i can't find much info on them or if they are even ligitimate. Their facebook page has pretty much nothing on it.

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