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Can I add Stripe to my Symbistock site, to accept credit cards, or only PayPal?

Of the people that register on my shop, about half never make a purchase, and it occurred to me they not want to use Paypal for their credit cards. I have on my front page that I accept credit cards, so maybe they are unpleasantly surprised when they realize it has to go thru Paypal.

Also, it was pointed out to me that I don't have an SSL logo which may be a deterrent - how do I get one, is there an additional fee?

Any insight on this or how to retain registrants to make a purchase would be appreciated, thanks!

- KennyK

Hey guys, this may sound like a dumb question, but where in the Symbiostock Dashboard do I go to see reports of my sales stats and earnings? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks! - KennyK

Hey folks - I'm a vector cartoon character illustrator and I've just got my Symbiostock site set up and functioning (KennyKstock.com - please add me to your network if you're so inclined, I've added my max 10 network URLs). I'm having a couple of problems I was hoping you could solve:

1) When a new potential customer registers, they give an email and choose a password. Then, a second random password is automatically generated by Symbiostock and sent to them, even though the original password they used to set up the account still appears to work. Why this second unnecessary password? It's confusing and having that feature makes the site appear poorly designed, thereby likely to turn off customers. I'd like to get rid of this, and simply let the customer keep the password they chose in the first place, as they would expect - not send them some randomly generated number they would never remember. How do I fix this?

2) My Contact page was emailing me but excluding the customer's email address, so I had no way to communicate with someone who contacted me. So I deleted the Contact page and changed it to a mailto: link to email me - this works better and is simpler. But on the pulldown Info menu that appears on every image page, there is a Contact link that still links to the Contact page and gets an "Oops, we can't find that page" message. How do I change this link to be the same mailto: to my email?

Thanks in advance for your help!! - KennyK

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