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What happens if you don't designate a photo for editorial despite having no model release for visible faces of people on the streets and  a buyer use it for a commercial and advertising?  Is the contributor liable if a person in the photo decide to sue?  Or since there is no model release, is it buyer's own responsibility for using the photo for commercial use?  I think Shutterstock and other agencies takes that liability when they approve photos for commercial use.

Pond5 / Hyperstock
« on: February 13, 2020, 09:02 »
Pond5 got caught listing our clips on their unlimited download site yesterday.


Very concerning.

General - Stock Video / Hyperstock debacle on Pond5
« on: February 13, 2020, 09:00 »
Did you see this yesterday?


Pond5 was listing our clips for unlimited download site Hyperstock. 

They are selling my 4k clips more than 20% lower than the price I set.  what are they doing?

They are selling our products too cheap. 

If so, how's the earnings?  I see a few people contributing several thousand clips.  I hope they take their clips down from any subscription/membership sites.  It's bad for all of us creators.

They label almost everything "similar content".  They reject their own model release form as "invalid".  what is going on there?

They are stupid AF. 

General - Stock Video / Vimeo Stock
« on: October 06, 2019, 22:59 »
Anybody uploading to Vimeo Stock?  How's the sales comparing to SS, AdobeStock and Pond5?

I don't know if Shutterstock sales will ever be more than Adobestock's again.  Shutterstock's video sales decline has been horrible.

I compared the clip item # of a clip from January 2018 and January 2019.  2018 clip has 8 digits starting with 3.  2019 clip is 10 digits starting with 10.  That means 30x increase in number of clips on Shutterstock in 1 year.  Wow.

General - Stock Video / Sales down last few months.
« on: July 30, 2019, 12:05 »
I don't know what happened to the industry.  Something changed.

It's half the Adobestock video sales this month now.  1/3 the Pond5's video sales probably.  Since they started promoting their own contents under the Eighth Wonder name, our contents got pushed back on searches and sales started to fall drastically.  I have no hope on Shutterstock at this point to be honest.  Pond5 and Adobestock are our future.  Shutterstock's business model now is to create own contents by imitating top selling contents and keep 100% of sales to themselves.  This week's sale at Shutterstock is like 1/5 of last year's peak.  Horrible.

Does it give photographers legal protection if a model sues?

A few years ago, my model complained  to me when he (allegedly) saw himself on a sperm bank ad and threatened to talk to a lawyer to take action.  I didn't want any trouble.  So, I asked him to pay back the money I paid him and then took his images off. 

He signed the Shutterstock model release of course.  Does he have any legal ground if he sued?  Does the Shutterstock model release cover sensitive use and give photographers legal right to opt in "Sensitive use"?

Do we have to tell models "You may end up on a sperm bank, Viagra and other sensitive Ads and may be portrayed as having sexually transmitted disease somewhere."?

I used to give them, but stopped doing it because it's an extra work and don't want the clips to be exposed everywhere somehow.  Am I being stingy?

Is it just me?  It's like Sat and Sun.

I'm in.  The model release covers it, right?

"The Premier License includes so-called "Sensitive Use" rights. Sensitive Uses are those uses that depict a person in a manner that a reasonable person might consider offensive, controversial or unflattering."

Anybody seeing it?

They are no show at NAB this year unlike previous years.  I'm a little concerned.  I hope it's just a technical glitch.

They are both publicly traded corporation.  Why can't Shutterstock pay us at least 35% like AdobeStock?  I hope AdobeStock's video sales will surpass Shutterstock's this year.  They are growing fast and are catching up.

Things are changing.  Anybody seeing the same trend?

Whatever the amount they offer you for your portfolio, they expect to make much much more money from it.  Ownership of asset is everything in creating wealth.  So, don't do it!!  If you get an offer for $50,000, give counter offer for $300,000.

in recent weeks.  If I delete all my files, I'll have a piece of mind that there's no foul play like some agencies in the past kept our earnings and disappeared.  I'll probably give another month or two before making the final decision to delete my files.  We had a good few years with VideoBlocks at least.

Pond5 / Pond5 20% off till December 14th.
« on: November 20, 2018, 07:06 »
Does it mean they take 20% off from our royalty as well?  If so, I don't like it at all!!

We should get at least 50% royalty from our creations' sales.  Don't you agree?  Some companies pay ridiculously low rate ripping off us creators.

Almost doubled compare to previous 12 months average.  However, Shutterstock sales dropped yoy.  At this pace, Fotolia/AdobeStock will surpass Shutterstock sales in a year or two.  Is this the new trend?  Finally Adobe figured out how to sell stock videos/photos?  Adobe is supposed to have a huge advantage because all the creators who buy use Adobe softwares too.

General - Stock Video / How's the sales on Dissolve these days?
« on: September 25, 2018, 21:03 »
VideoBlocks is raising their price.  Dissolve may take us back again at $79/HD video. 

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