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   As a newbie, i try to start my career as photographer, I know it takes long time to be a successful photographer.Due to my limited budget (about 2k dollar), would you please suggest me the camera and lens i should buy?I will mainly take photos for people indoor and outdoor.By the way i want be one of the contributor in microstock industry in later future.Thanks in advance.
wish you guys have good sales.

Shutterstock.com / Building Rejection
« on: September 10, 2014, 09:36 »
 Guys, as newbie in SS yesterday my new uploads about building and cityscape  were rejected, they said"We do not accept images of modern architecture or images where the architecture is the main focus." But i took the scenery with several buildings, not focus on just one building. Any opinion or same experience? please give me some suggestion.Does it mean SS no more accept modern building image?

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