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Hello all,

I'm pretty new in this microstock world (joined the "Big 4" in November 2010), and have been an occasional lurker here in this forum. This site has helped me a lot by providing plenty of useful information about the microstock business, so thank you!  :D

I'm not a photographer, and I only sell my vector illustrations. I guess that makes me a 'vector contributor', right? Anyway, so far things have been going quite well for me, and I really enjoy the fact that I can now fun-doodling for some money. SS is my biggest earner at the moment, but I'm starting to think about aiming to be an exclusive contributor to IS. Now my question is... can you be an exclusive contributor to IS while still submitting totally different illustrations to the other sites? For example, I will create more complex and detailed illustrations just to submit to IS but at the same time I will still submit some different, more 'effortless' cartoons to the other sites. Is that allowed?

I also have this idea of selling my exclusive works on my website in the future. Of course I will be selling illustrations that have never been submitted to any of the microstock agencies, but I'm a bit concerned about the term 'exclusive contributor' in IS: are the images that really matter, or the contributor in person?

I would really appreciate any input or infos. Thank you in advance!

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