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I am surprised I have not seen any post relating to the MotionElements announcement that they are going to an annual subscription model.

I only recently (a few months ago) started doing video clips, and thus only was approved for ME about 2 months ago.  I went ahead and uploaded pretty much my entire portfolio there, and now have over 2000 clips and 5000 images.  No sales so far, but nothing has been up more than a month.

And now they are pulling this... :(  As I read it though, this subscription only applies to Photos / Vectors / Lotte (no idea what that last one is?)  I THINK that video is not being included in this subscription, and will continue as is.

They are giving me the option to:

1) stay with them and be overjoyed with their subscription model
2) unpublished all my images
3) delete all my images

OK, #1 is out.  I am not sure why someone would choose #2 rather than #3.  Does anyone know the reason to unpublished, but not delete the photos?

I do give them credit that they are allowing a pretty simple process of opting out (unpublished or delete) all images in one click of the button.

New Sites - General / ColorBox?
« on: December 09, 2018, 20:58 »
I saw a reference to ColorBox yesterday.  I had not heard of them before, nor do I see a forum here for that agency.

Anyone know anything about them, pro or con?

Apparently, to get approved as a contributor, you submit 14 photos for them to decide.  I don't know anything beyond that though...

General Stock Discussion / New FREE Stock Selling Course
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:28 »
First off, I have zero skin in this post. I do not know the instructor and have zero financial or other gain here. OK, that is out of the way.

I just got notification of a new free 3 hour online course on "Becoming a Stock Contributor".  Thought some here would be interested in watching it:


Note that I have not watched it myself yet.  I am in the middle of some nasty stuff (tried to move my website to a new ISP, and the transfer was botched, so I am trying to get all that fixed this weekend).  I do plan on watching it at some point, but figured I would forget to mention it here by then, so am doing it now.

If someone does watch the whole 3 hours, I'd love to hear opinions on it (to see if it is worth 3 hours of my time).  There is a index of topics, from which I gather I can skip the first third of it (talks about what stock is and who buys it and those kinds of things)

Dreamstime.com / My stuff free on DT -- I did NOT approve!
« on: August 21, 2018, 21:35 »
When I submit to DT, there is a checkbox I can use if I agree to have my images given away for free.  I NEVER have that box checked.  If they can't sell it, I'm not going to just let them use it free for their own promotional purposes...

Yet yesterday I discovered two of my recent images from Namibia are "free for 24 hours -- download here" on the DT site.

Anyone else have that happen?  How did you handle it, if so?

And what topics...?

I have been shooting still images for the last decade, and have around 2500 images in my stock portfolio.  Doing reasonably well, though it falls short of paying for my equipment (but then I am a gadget freak, so that would be a LOT of money... :) )

I am getting intrigued with TimeLapse and some video.  I am wondering, for those (particularly those who do both), which sells "best" and what types of subjects are best sellers?  (Preferably do not include model released video, since that is not much of an option for me).

Any other insights you can share as I play with this new format (for me) and consider which, if any, to upload for stock sales?

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