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General Stock Discussion / China - fraud... etc
« on: November 08, 2020, 02:41 »
Okay... usually I don't care, but since I've heard a lot of people having their videos and photos bought by some (unlimited download subscriptions) and then used on fake profile for resale I've check on few of my accounts and I've seen one month with 50% of the revenue coming from China which is NEVER in the country listed in my revenue usually !
I was wondering what would be the best way to track if my footage or images are used by a fake account...

I don't trust China in general after few bad experiences (this happened in the past) and also because they (it's always from there... what can I said) are using my girlfriend's art work without her permission on MANY Alibaba store.
Drives me crazy !

Hello !
I don't get it. A big Airline company is sending me an e-mail about images sold and used by whoever with their staff and logos. I DID and have those images in my folio marked as editorial and accepted by Shutterstock. I did 35$ out of it so I'm not planning on keeping thoses images Online BUT I was wondering... Does all companies can simply working with the fear and thretning contributors with big amount of money to be paid if they don't remove the images from all agencies, etc ?

Seriously ?
I feel bad removing them cuz that mean all the editorial content is just a matter of the company asking the images to be removed or not.

Images a a mix of airplanes. Inside, outside, the wing with the logo and the Sun... porthole, etc. >:(

I'm I alone... are they really buying images and so they can rule the stock world without us ?
Story block asked me the same last year.
I never said yes, but they are talking about a decent amount of money now... 1500$ is a lot seriously !

Here is the message:

Dear (my name)

I am happy to notify you that we are interested in buying all rights to image "123456whatever" in your portfolio on behalf of our client.

For this offer to proceed, I would like to know the following from you:

1. Are you interested in a full copyright transfer of this image to Shutterstock for (a minimum) of $1500.00 commission? (Client is looking at 1yr, 2yr, and indefinite exclusivity.  $1500 would be the least amount of the payout for 1 year)

2. Where else is the image available and for how long has it been available at those agencies? (If terms are finalized, the image and similars will need to be removed from all other agencies, including Shutterstock)

3. Are there similar images in addition to and that we need to be aware of? If yes, please explain where the similars are and how many exist total. This offer is time sensitive so please confirm whether or not you are interested in this offer as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

As the title said... I am doing 40% of what I was doing 4 months ago. That also mean that I'm now doing the same revenu as what I was doing in 2014 ! with half of the footage and images uploaded. Is it really possible that just by not uploading Shutterstock algorithm drom the value of the entire folio ?
I don't understand...
I have about 7000 files which include 2000 videos.
Major major drop. and it's droping every months.
I've just uploaded 100 new images since I'm worried and will find the time to upload videos soon but hey - if I'm not uploading it's because I'm on an other project that needs that cash flow !
What . !
By chance other agencies are crushing well during this rough moment.
So - anyone experiencing a major drop like that ?

What I mean is... since I withdraw from Paypal to my Canadian money bank, I have to paid for a conversion fee. If I was able to withdraw in the same canadian bank, but in US money I would paid the BANK fee that are smaller than Paypal fees for converting US to Canadian currency.

Or any better idea for any Canadian people to avoid fees !
At the end of the year, I find I'm giving away LOTS of freaking cash to Paypal... seriously... that's a professional lens every year :(
any suggestion ?

editing: I've tried to create a US currency account at my bank, but Paypal was not able to make the link to that account... somehow, they love making money.

Hey guys - don't know what is the link of the add or if this is still going on, but I've uploaded 500+ images on and they sent me a hard drive by mail with a super duper letter thanking me.
They rocks !

If someone could find the link of the "promo"... you could all upload there and get the drive too. Probably limited offer, but many of you have way more than 500 mages so why not !?

Found it:

The question is the title.
Thanks !

Hello guys !
As contributor and buyer I'm questioning "unlimited download" plateform.
I think Photospin works that way, but they paid contributors a % of the subscription plan which is allright in one sens.
Videoblock just buy clips to contributors and never give anymore money after.
I've just subscribes to "Art-List" for music and I can download music... no limit. - I've asked how the contributors are paid and got no precise answer.

I'm thinking that imagine if Videoblock have a huge list of videos of all kinds and are just selling it with subscription plan... then contributors won't have anything for the future. That beeing said, I have to said that I've refused to sell clips to them the price they wanted to buy it which was 1/10 the price it would have to be because I was thinking about WHAT IF !??

What if everyone said yes... what is they really have all the necessary videos on the unlimited download subscription.

That would mean that they could just lower their subscription after few years... take the control of stock footage and no giving any more royalties to contributors !!!

I was also thinking about price. Dreamstime have a 250$ price (I think) if someone is buying an image to use for sale. some extended rights, etc. I would not let a video for less than this amount to an agency. Selling a video 5 times on videoblocks give me almost this amount... why would I be selling my clip for not anymore money for 1/10 (not even) that price ?

If they ask, it's because some people said yes... we are in trouble.

Finally, contributors should ALWAYS have a % of ANY sales. if it's subscription, well like shutterstock, they have a download limit. If it't unlimited, well make maths at the end of the month and divide subscription plan per download with contributors like Photospin.
out of that, my clips are under my control. If an agency is getting weird and does stupid moves, I can always remove my clips there and save stock footage world (at least, what I can save).

My two cents, but I would be curious of reading your opinions too !

Hello !
Does anyone has been contacted to sell their footage to the unlimited download library ?
I was curious to know how much they give to people per clip and how it works.

Hello pros !
It's easy to create a Catalog on Shutterstock ... with photos. - - - > Same with video possible ?  :o
Is there any way to share to clients a Video Album / Catalog... call it like you wish... a list of video.

When I send one video, there is all similar videos in the bottom + competition and other useless stuff that something I just wish my client understand that this is not my work. I wish I could track the revenue of a collection like we can do with photos, but I guess that's a dream I'm doing since 2 years now.  :-\

Any suggestions ?

target: Sometimes Shutterstock send e-mail with video collection. If they can do it, we can probably too ?!  :P

Thanks !!

Hello troupers !
Many times I need to give fewer amount of important keywords (like on Alamy). Is there any quick way of doing it. DeepMeta can remove a few duplicated, Shutterstock suggestion tool do it also, but only 5 or 6 in a batch of 50.

Is there any brighter program or tool that can do "human'ish" job to help ?

12 / Creddential number answer time ?
« on: December 08, 2015, 15:40 »
Credential number answer time ?
that is the question...
I sent it  a while ago and was wondering how long should I wait before thinking it got lost.

Shot an event and submit editorial ... rejected... got the credential information that I sent to shutterstock then I wait.
The content might get old before I get the confirmation... that is odd :(

How long are you waiting for it ?

13 / iStock Video Vs
« on: November 25, 2015, 04:20 »
hello !
I'm soooo confused with that uploading process.
I have created my account but as I understand it's an uploading tool only.
I have uploaded a few video files... about 400 and I can't track the revenue of them, can't see it on my iStock account too. I've stop to upload since I taught that the uploaded file would land somewhere on the site but the money... not in my pocket.
The end of the year is near and I did some accounting and guess what... sometimes I receive a few amount here and there from getty image... and from getty image (with an amount that fit iStock revenu).
So I receive money from it BUT... how can you track you sales ! Did I just duplicated my folio... what is happening.
How is it working for you guys !?
Thanks !

Hello !
I'm from Quebec and I'm asking if the revenue of Stock photography will be part of my earning just like any other contracts I did of if because it comes from outside the country it's different ?
Any ideas ?

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