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Adobe Stock / Strange Search Results
« on: July 25, 2019, 05:27 »
After a rather quite week at AS, long periods of nothing which wasn't the norm I decided to do a check of the usual search phrases for which I know where my images would appear... just to see how they're ranking. I do this behind a masked VPN network to avoid any influencing of image position.

Anyway, where I'd normally see quite a few of my images on the 1st and second pages there were only 1-2. However, when I got to the bottom of page 3 all my images started to appear... like all of them and this continued through to page 6. Between the bottom of page 3 to the end of page 4 I had some 74 images in one go. It continued on afterwards easing after page 5/6. It sort of looked like my own website  :D

So, has anyone else seem this happening to them. I've let support know as it is likely the result of a tweak to the algorithm that hasn't worked out as intended. Can't imagine they'd intentionally do that but how knows.

Adobe Stock / Inaccurate Data showing at FT
« on: October 03, 2018, 04:25 »
I've been reviewing the raw data from FT as there has been a strange drop in sales volume / earnings that seemed to happen overnight. When I looked at the data at the time this seems to have happened, I noticed a massive spike in views. As in, from 80-100 a day to 600-800 a day. This started on the 24th Sept, the same day there was an increase to the minimum payment.

Now, on it's own this may seem nothing but, if ranking uses this variable.... i.e. the % of views that turn into sales. Lower % = Content must be poor = lower rank type of scenario, this would account for the sudden drop in rank a few people have mention on another thread. I've sent this query through to FT but it would be interesting to see if others have also seen a large spike in views at this time and whether their sales have dropped / increased or done nothing.

When I see this type of thing at a time we know they have been tinkering with the system gives concern as to whether an error has occurred.

Matt, if you could take a look into this if you see it. The daily views seem be going crazy. Over 800 a day now for me after being steady at 80-100

Adobe Stock / US Sales - Declining
« on: April 20, 2016, 00:21 »
Anyone not based in the US noticed a large drop in US sales? Normally avg about 25-50% but for the last 4 days it's been around 5%.

Shutterstock.com / Shutterstock, Rex & DACS Fraud Scandal!
« on: December 19, 2015, 13:47 »
Anyone who submits to Rex, owned by Shutterstock, may want to read this article from the EPUK. Basically, an emoployee/s of Rex have been filling in and Fraudulently signing forms claiming the DACS money without the Contributors permission http://www.epuk.org/news/rex-a-gross-betrayal-of-trust And we're supposed to trust Image Libraries! I just hope the Police are involved and a proper investigation is carried out!

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