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Interesting 'viewpoint' from Netflix!

123RF / Disappearing sales totals
« on: November 01, 2016, 13:01 »
Did anyone else have the same experience on 123RF today?

Yesterday my sales for October showed both as a figure and on the graph and counted towards the unpaid balance.  Today, the new month, the value for October and the graph show zero sales for October and November and the sales total is minus the October balance as shown yesterday. The recently sold slideshow has the pictures shown until yesterday as sold in October and the searchwords reflect these images also.

Shutterstock.com / Deleting thumbnails/counting images
« on: November 11, 2015, 17:16 »
As it looks like I wont be doing much with SS for the time being, I thought Id tidy up my contributions today.  Their official line is that rejected images are deleted within 7 days and a small thumbnail is left.

Why? What is the point of leaving that thumbnail and why is it so labour intensive to remove?  As far as I can see, rejected images can only be removed individually and each deletion, starting from the Rejected Photos tab requires five mouseclicks (including two confirmations) to delete and return to the Rejected tab again. Deleting all rejected images, or all in one batch, would be logical options and perhaps this is just, as we say in UX design, an anti-pattern, a poor design which happened by accident. SS would not be alone in this: the user experience in most microstock sites leaves much to be desired,

Then I just had a wee thought that it might be a black pattern: a design to force you down a route you may not want to go because it is just so * difficult. (The classic black pattern is getting you to miss that you are auto-renewing a recurring payment on a website.)  But what could the reason be to have you leave rejected images in place? 

The confirmation on removal of the thumbnail does specifically say deleted from our database.  Could it be in the claimed figure of 60 million images in the SS database, that among the 59 million which are not Mr Marijuanas pictures, they are counting rejected images?  I trust someone who has worked with SS over the years will know the answer to this.

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