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Hi all
Is there a best site for exclusive images (not for exclusive photographers), now, in 2019?
I have a couple hundreds of images which I`d like to sell exclusive. Not similar to other ones frome the same series, but really exclusive
Does it all worth it?
I am thinking about Alamy, is it right choice?
Or perhaps should I consider Fotolia? Or some RM agencies?

Newbie Discussion / STALKER series
« on: October 14, 2015, 15:10 »
Hi all!
I need an advice, please
I intend to upload a batch of shots dedicated to characters of computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
My models are the fans of the game and cosplaying characters - soldiers, monsters, survivalists, etc

Copyright on game and its designation belongs to GSC Game world company
Unfortunately, I do not know exactly whether patented images of characters or not

Here are the characters of the game

1) Guy in Seva suit (Dolg grouping)

on my photo , he looks like this:

2) Guy in Zarya suit


on my photo , he looks like this:

4) Scientist and guard in SSP suit


on my photo , they looks like this:

5) Mercenary

on my photo, he looks like this:

The case is very simple
How exactly should i retouch the photos to avoid rejection on microstock agencies and - equally important - avoid accusment on copyright infringement?? and whether is it worth to upload such pics?

Will there be enough if I remove ALL logos, patches, etc.
or should I change the color of the costumes, to distort them, do something else?


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