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General - Stock Video / Another One Bites The Dust...
« on: April 24, 2017, 19:55 »
So I just found out today Framepool, a primarily RM video agency based out of Germany, have just filed for bankruptcy. I'm not surprised it ended up this way since I've been chasing them for around $1000 US they owe me (and any subsequent unreported sales) since August last year.

The letter attached from the lawyer stated at least employee wages are guaranteed until next month (nice bit of salt to rub in the wounds of unpaid contributors there!)

If you see them soliciting for content stay well clear!

I was just browsing VideoBlocks and noticed they now have an option for non-members to purchase clips with the price being $79 for HD and $329 for 4K.

I've browsed the contributors FAQs on the site and there's no mention of this new pricing option. My question is do we get the full amount of this higher price or do Videoblocks now take a commission?

I've got quite a few Rights Ready clips on Getty which were migrated over when they took over Photo Library a few years back. Generally I'm pretty happy with them since decent high priced sales come along often enough to cancel out the annoying low priced Premium Access sales. Well this month my report came through and I started salivating when I saw it was 6 pages long, almost too good to be true - well it was. I had a large number or Rights Ready sales amounting to mere pennies - $0.04, $0.10 etc which came from an outfit called Wochit.

I went to their website and it seems to be some sort of online video creation / syndication portal. I'm not exactly sure how it works but needless to say I'm not enthralled by the idea of people having access to my footage and my compensation amounting to pennies. Anyone else familiar with Wochit or had their footage used on their portal? Would be interested to find out.

Cheers - James

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