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Dear Illustrators,

I am a photographer/videographer but I recently started to buy images for other projects.

I bought a few vector backgrounds. I know I can open them directly in Photoshop and rasterize them quickly. But when I did so, they did not look right. Some jagged lines, they simply didn't look right. One file even didn't not upsize properly, it was pixelated. The preview in Bridge showed width of 87 pixels, and the "upsized" version in PS looked exactly like 87 pixels blown up to 1500 pixels.

Then I downloaded a demo version of Affinity Designer, but the result was the same. I thought something was not right, it is unlikely that these illustrators with great portfolios produce faulty vector files.

So, I have just downloaded a trial version of Adobe Illustrator, and bang, suddenly these files look great. I suppose not all EPS files are fully compatible with all vector programs.

I don't need to edit vector files too much, just occasionally exporting/rasterizing bought stock vectors to large sizes. An Adobe Illustrator subscription is too expensive for that.

Are there any good alternatives for Windows which can properly handle stock vectors that I will buy?

The alternatives that I can find in Google seem to focus on the needs of illustrators and their purpose does not seem to be proper rasterizing of bought stock vectors.


For now, it doesn't affect all contributors but only' test rabbits' (who were not informed or asked for permission before).
They claim it will improve the sales, because some buyers have allegedly complained that they can't see the real names and locations of the copyright holders.

For crying out loud, no other major microstock site does it, so how can it improve sales?
I think some lawyers must teach these guys the hard way why the right to privacy matters, because they apparently don't get it.

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