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I maintain a small portfolio of several hundred images on 500px, which I uploaded couple of years back. Since then I largely forgot about it, because sales were zero. However, several days back, all of a sudden, I got two sales for whooping $12 and $2. What is happening? Have they finally found some clients? Why price is so low? I thought they were selling $49 minimum per image, was it right? Did I miss something? I tried to search forum, but have not found any recent news about 500px.

Adobe Stock / Weird sales on Fotolia
« on: September 01, 2016, 12:12 »
Hi guys,

Can you explain me some of the royalties I am getting from Fotolia sales? I am currently at Silver level with 25% royalty. When I look at the list of my sales, I see that one picture XL size was sold for 10 credits for which I got 2.5 credits (25%). That makes sense. However, just next to it I see another sale of the same size (XL) for which Fotolia only gave me 0.29 credits. That does not make sense and is contradicting their page with prices and royalties:

According to above page XL sale should cost 10 credits from which 2.5 are mine.

Well, the difference is that first sale was noted as subscription and the second sale does not show what type of sale it was, just report a total royalty I got (0.29). Do you know what are these 0.29 sales? Where are they coming from? Is there a way to only sell my images at subscription rate avoiding those ridiculous 0.29 sales?

Anyone used Pixsy (reverse image search company) to recover revenue from unauthorized image usage? I guess it would be hard to use it for microstock pictures, since it is impossible to say who actually bought the images.

Here is some more info:

I tried to upload some pictures to Eyeem from my computer and it seems like their web upload form does not import IPTC metadata from uploaded files. Am I doing something wrong? Am I really supposed to keyword all my files manually?

It also seems they do not have ftp upload, is it true?

General - Stock Video / Editorial on Videoblocks
« on: March 23, 2016, 17:05 »
Do Videoblock accept editorial video? I could not find any checkbox to click that the video is editorial during the submission process.

6 / W9 forms for Alamy
« on: March 19, 2016, 01:48 »
I am trying to find how to fill out W9 form for Alamy. Cannot find it anywhere in the Account Settings. Is it because they are British agency and do not need it? Do they send 1099-MISC to US contributors?

It is not really selling direct, but I thought you might find it interesting:

I was reading SS editorial guidelines and I wonder what they mean by saying that "Images that have been taken at private and/or ticketed events, such as the events listed below, require proof of credentials before they can be accepted into our editorial collection". Then they list number of different types of events, but I am still a bit confused about them:

What about museums, zoo, exhibitions or parks where you have to buy tickets? For example, I can buy a ticket for a museum or a zoo, go there, snap a picture of a dinosaur or some animal. Is it okay to submit it as editorial later? SS was accepting some of my shots like these before, but I am not sure if it was simply just an overlook by reviewers. After reading these guidelines, I am thinking maybe I should remove all images like that from my portfolio on SS. What do you think?   

I know, it might be different in other countries, but I am asking specifically about US.

9 / Easier way to upload editorials to iStock
« on: February 17, 2016, 19:09 »
Is there any easier way to upload editorials to Istock other than DeepMeta? I am using DM at the moment, but for each editorial it requires manually choose country, year, date and day, despite that I already have that information in title place and date stamp (in the format accepted by SS and other agencies: City, State/Country - Month Day Year: Title). Why is it so complicated at Istock? Other agencies pretty much only require to pick editorial Yes/No check box if title already has editorial information. I know you can copy the information between files in DM, but it is no help, because lots of my editorials have different locations/dates. How do you do it for bulks? I can hardly believe it is the only way.   

Newbie Discussion / About this forum
« on: February 17, 2016, 17:10 »

I have a question about this forum. Who owns it, is it associated with any stock agency? Can we openly discuss agencies here? Will critical remarks be penalized?

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