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Image Sleuth / Stolen videos on Shutterstock
« on: February 16, 2024, 07:44 »
This contributor stole almost half of my video portfolio:

Check your files too.

Image Sleuth / Stolen vectors from multiple accounts
« on: November 03, 2020, 06:33 »
I accidentally discovered a thief. I recognized some of popular vectors in his portfolio. I read somewhere on the forum that you must be the copyright owner if you want to make complain (maybe I'm wrong). Anyway, I will post links here, I hope that copyright owners will see this.







And many more...

I found some of my vectors on this site ( for sale. They are on shirts, mugs, bags, phone cases... In description is my name as designer and this: "Shutterstock Artist Partner".

I cannot find anything on SS about this site.

Do you know anything about this? Is it legit?

Btw, vectors are distorted, blends and shadow are blended in one. It looks very ugly. 

I don't know what to think anymore, I thought that this is just a phase, but no, this a reality. My figures on Istock are even better than 2 year ago.

2 years ago my RPD on Istock was 0.6$ with 50% of my total income in $. Now, 2 years later, my RPD on Istock is 0.74$ with 64% of my total income, and I am non-exclusive. I have vector port on all sites from right column (big 4, middle tier, and few low earners), and on Istock I even have 150 files less than on Shutterstock (I have portfolio of around 1200 vectors)

These numbers make me seriously thinking to going exclusive on Istok, one of the most hated agency. (I dont have a great opinion about them too, but these number are so frustrating :) )

What do you think guys?

Also, is there any exclusive who wants to share their RPD?


I ran into this site and found that you can send image for free, or just to download (right click and save, small resolution). I recognize many images and vectors from Shutter and other microstock sites. There is a small logo in bottom right corner. No information about artist. For example, check this section:   Plenty of recognizable vectors and images (I found plenty of mine).

Is this site partner to other microstock sites?

I found this site ( with many of similar (or exact copies) vectors from stock sites, free download. Please check this one, very popular vector on shutter, I recognized it immediately:


From this site:

Can someone know anything more about this site? Should we report this? It is obvious that this site give all files for free, and many of files are exact copies (or original files) from original authors.

DepositPhotos / Payout request - In mail asking for ID
« on: May 19, 2017, 08:46 »
I made a payout request at Deposithphotos via Payoneer (first time, before that I have used skrill), and today I received this mail:

Hello, XXXX!

I am writing regarding the payout requests made on your account on May, 16, 2017 on the amount of $XX to Payoneer account XXXXXXXXXXX.

For security measures we need to check this information. Please, confirm whether this request was made by you and send me the photo of your ID card/ driver's license.

Regards, Tory.

Sender was: [email protected]

Is this usual practice for payout request via Payoneer, or this is a spam? Someone clearly know that I have made a payout request.

Thanks for the help!

Which codec you sell more often? Is there any correlation between codec and sales? I usualy send PhotoJpeg to agencies, but h.264 is more practical because of size (the endless batlle between them :) ).

VideoBlocks / Videoblocks codec
« on: April 27, 2017, 14:34 »
Which codec you send to Videoblocks? I see plenty of mjpeg.

10 / Vectors on Alamy - experience
« on: January 13, 2017, 11:12 »
What you think about selling vectors on Alamy? Is it worth it? As I understand, Alamy sells vectors under RF license, same vectors from other microstock sites can be uploaded on Alamy. But, that can be the problem, because same vectors can be found cheaper on microstock site. Please share you experience. Thanks!

Image Sleuth /
« on: December 06, 2016, 08:12 »
I found this site, and I do not know is that a partner site of some stock agency. But, I found some vectors from other artists. Here is link of the profile, who has some vectors form other artists:

Scroll down and you will find some popular Halloween vectors, and I think that I found one vector from Shelma1 (Fathers Day-green striped tie).

And I found this site who sells wallpapers, also from other artists:
And one more site that I am not sure is that partner site:

I apologize in advance if I am wrong about some sites.

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