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Please bear with me. If I search for 'apples trees blowing in the wind' I may get a result of 100 items. I can sort these by popular ranking. Are there any sites which sort by 'sold'? I.e. Of the 100, maybe only the top 5 have sold but the rest are ranked by number of views, having never sold, alternatively 99 may have been sold, or indeed zero have sold. How is popular calculated?
Hope that makes sense.

Had a batch rejected based on the above reason. Happy to accept my camera wasn't a DSLR (Lumix DMC TZ100/ZS100 which I'd bought for the 4k video function) but am curious what 'or equivalent' covers.  I'm wondering if I were to use a thermal imaging camera to do shoot some very specialised material this wouldn't be accepted either - it also wouldn't be 'equivalent'. Any ideas?

3 / Footage rejected due to model release
« on: February 26, 2017, 04:29 »
I've had my first 'test' footage rejected due to no model release being attached - it was taken from a moving train. I'm unsure why images can be accepted with no model release when the model is clearly identifiable however the footage was not accepted when the 'model' is barely identifiable. Any ideas?

4 / Keywords and Photos for Mac
« on: February 26, 2017, 03:17 »
When uploading photos direct from photos for Mac I've noticed that sometimes it populates the description and keywords but sometimes its blank once the photos are uploaded. There appears to be no logic of why this does or doesn't happen.
Any ideas?

General - Stock Video / Confused about file size
« on: October 01, 2016, 10:17 »
New here so first if all, hi!

I have what is probably a somewhat embarrassing question but needless to say after having spent an age trying to find an answer I'm going to ask direct.

At present I have a Powershot G15 and have shot some footage in hd. The file size is typically 50mb for 10 seconds, .mov file. If I do nothing in Filmora and export as a .mov file, the size reduce to about 15mb. This is best quality, 30fps. If then say I look at hd files on P5, 10 second clips come in at a substantially higher file size. I'm 99% certain I'm doing something wrong as I'm assuming this isn't typical. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as its now driving me round the bend.

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