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Hi everyone,
I've been a member here for a year or so. I upload regularly to Adobe, SS, IS, DT and BS and it's going pretty well. I also started a landscape photography adventures YouTube channel and recently started making a few videos on stock photography. I'm getting requests to do more and I'd love some feedback from you guys who actually work in it. Advice/likes/dislikes/ideas all welcome.

Stock photography shoot - Having fun while making money -

Top 10 stock photography subjects -

Stock photo of the week (and why) 1 -

Stock Photo of the Week (and why) 2 -

Thanks guys,

General Stock Discussion / Submit all button in Dreamstime?
« on: October 07, 2017, 18:05 »
Hi all,

So I noticed that Dreamstime has a "submit all completed" button and I used it. Great they are all submitted, HOWEVER, now I'm wondering which of the rights boxes have been selected. Does anyone know? I don't want to sell the rights to any. If I go in to edit, no boxes are checked off. Makes no sense. I know the categories are blank.



3 / Submit all button, what rights applied?
« on: October 07, 2017, 18:01 »
Hi all,

So I noticed that Dreamstime has a "submit all completed" button and I used it. Great they are all submitted, HOWEVER, now I'm wondering which of the rights boxes have been selected. Does anyone know? I don't want to sell the rights to any. If I go in to edit, no boxes are checked off. Makes no sense. I know the categories are blank.



Hey guys,

So I'm pumped, I've reached the threshold of $500 US lifetime earnings on Shutterstock. They sent me an email confirming that I get a raise... subscription images now $0.33 per DL instead of $0.25. Woot! EXCEPT, my very next sale came in at 25 cents. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a delay? Will they fix it? Do I really need to start the long process of contacting them??? (groan). (Still pretty pumped about reaching this milestone! In under a year of uploading... I know its peanuts but hey, I'm happy)


General Stock Discussion / My iStock payment shows as zero?
« on: July 20, 2017, 18:22 »
So I finally passed the payment threshold for iStock... in May I had approx $95 carried over, and June was $30 in sales.... but now the Royalties statement has been posted and the summary tab shows as me having $30 minimum payment not met and $0 under payment. Ugh. The stats still show the sales in the graphs and so on but what's going on? Anyone else have this?

General Stock Discussion / Is this allowed?? What do I do?
« on: April 30, 2017, 20:01 »
Someone downloaded one of my photos... it is of my husband in outdoor gear... and they used it on their website saying that it is them. Its an outdoor survival website and his bio has my husband's picture. Is that allowed? I can't imagine! I tried clicking on the contact links for Shutterstock but none of them work.

So I can still see sales on the portfolio page but the views have disappeared... even if you sort by views. Is this a glitch or are others seeing this too?

I'm just getting a little frustrated with Adobe... I will submit a batch of images (this is happening only recently) and half of them will be rejected due to "lack of aesthetic or commercial appeal", and there's no way... they are good solid microstock images. So I wait a day and resubmit them with no changes made... accepted! I understand there are probably many reviewers with different tastes etc, but honestly, this has happened a few times now and I resent the waste of my time. Also when the images do go on sale, there have been sales almost immediately... anyone else experience this? It's like they feel they have to reject some to do their job or to keep the agency high-end. And the other agencies are accepting all of them with no issues.

So I started this business in October... I'm up to a portfolio of 750 on Shutterstock, and similar at other sites. I really have only been uploading regularly to Shutterstock, Adobe and iStock... some Dreamstime and Bigstock. Everywhere else seems a waste of time. Anyway, today I sold an extended license for the first time. Woot! And a few days ago I discovered my image in Forbes. Very excited. Seems like business is getting a bit better with each hundred photos. I also started a YouTube channel which adds some more fun to the whole thing! Just wanted to share!    ;D

So the royalty statements are out... that's great, but I'm new to this and I can't find the answer to this... why do some sales result in a $0 commission? How come it shows the sale amount as negative? Ugh. If someone knows I'd love to know.  I feel ripped off. I worked hard to make those images!

11 / ESP Downloads YTD accurate?
« on: February 03, 2017, 10:20 »
So I've been looking through the messages here and if this question has been asked, I apologize. I know that more information on sales and stats will become available Feb 6 and 20th, according to the info given. I'm just wondering then, if the number that I see under Downloads Year to Date is accurate? If so, I'm relatively pleased. But not wanting to get my hopes up. Anyone see this too?

I'm finding it really hard to determine if I need to apply for a US ITIN number from Canada. All agencies have allowed me to submit tax forms without it but not iStock. What have others done? And do you have to submit a US tax return? I'm not making that much money yet. I'd like to avoid it.

Newbie Discussion / My newbie stats
« on: December 12, 2016, 18:52 »
Taking this down. Seemed like info not shared here. People are guarded about their ports? Anyhow.

Newbie Discussion / Suddenly sales stop? Is this normal?
« on: December 12, 2016, 06:11 »
So I'm chugging along pretty well with a good number of sales per day (imo, for a newbie) and suddenly the last three days, zero. Nothing. I'm guessing weekends are generally slower? But I've never had a Friday to Monday with zip. Those with more experience, tell me!

Hey guys,

Now that I'm more into the swing of this microstock thing, I'd like to get out and shoot more people and places. Does anyone use 1 generic release that is accepted by all the main sites? Or do you have to get people to sign and fill out multiple forms. Seems like no one will be willing if I ask them to do this.

Also wondering if everyone here uploads to all the lower tier sites or if its a waste of time?


I'm just curious if anyone has ever seen their work being used? If so, how did you come across it?


Newbie Discussion / How long until I make sales?
« on: October 18, 2016, 07:01 »
Hi everyone,

I joined the stock photography and illustrations market early this month (Oct/16)... I have 104 images on Shutterstock and similar numbers on GL, Adobe, and 123rf. I have absolutely no sales. The only excitement I've seen is 4 images featured in the GL collection and 2 image views on Adobe. Is this normal? When I read it seems that people are making sales. I'm wondering if its my images, keywording or maybe I just need to increase my portfolio? I'd love some advice. My shutterstock portfolio is here:

Thanks! Excited to join this community!

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