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Adobe Stock / Sad story
« on: May 25, 2020, 05:03 »
Here is a sad story in one picture :)

Shutterstock.com / 7 vids for 14 usd
« on: May 11, 2020, 04:45 »
Yes, you heard it right. 7 videos for 14 usd.

Pond5 / What is your download/views ratio on Pond5?
« on: December 01, 2019, 01:27 »
Do this stats look ok?
I find it a bit hard to believe there are 18k views and only 34 downloads. I would believe there were 1k views, maybe 1.5k. But this stats look like it is a bug in search engine.

VideoBlocks / So this is what Storyblocks are going to do next
« on: September 02, 2019, 04:57 »
Well, yesterday I noticed a message from them informing me, that they choose some of my content which is going to automatically enter the subscription section once they remove the marketplace, and if I don't want that to happen, I should contact them etc.
Tried to contact them, to reject this "kind" offer, and insist on all my content being deleted. I will send them one mail a day until I get a confirmation on this, don't agree to get even one clip from my portfolio to appear in their pool for even one day, and find it outrageous what they are doing now.

I am sharing my experience for others to be aware. I am almost 5 years doing stock full time, with a portfolio of 15k videos and 5k photos.
3 days ago I found out my Adobe stock account is blocked. No further notice, nothing, just a message says it was blocked and email to contact.
If you ask me, treating this way someone who is working with you, someone who trusted you his work, someone who you share your income with is... Well, you fill the gap.
In my 5 years experience with all the different stock websites, there have never been anything like this.
So after I contacted them they let me know, the reason for blocking is "spamming with duplicated files". Duplicated files by their understanding is when you have the same file with different color grading, for example (that is the exact explanation they sent me).
So, I don't sure, who was checking my portfolio and how qualified he is... But my portfolio consists from dlog raw files + color graded version. This is how I work for a long time already (because both the dlog and the color graded selling to different auditory, not pond5, not SS, not all the other stocks I am working with, never had any problem with me uploading this way...) So... OK, I wrote them a request for someone who is qualified to check this out on their side, and of course, if this is their policy, and this isn't some reviewers mistake who don't know the difference between spamming dupes and uploading source+graded version... Ok, no problem, I'll accept this... 3 days, no answers, account blocked, my income (nearly 800$) blocked. What should I think about those people, who treat their contributors, who invest tons of time, like dogs, or even worse? I hope you read this, Adobe stock people, and ask yourself the same question I am asking: "Are we ok? How can we do better next time?"
Because there is a place for improvement.

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