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How does having photos on instagram help a stock shooter make more sales/money? 

Hello all,  I'd like to know what you guys would recommend to create your own site to sell your own OR direct buyers to agencies to buy stock images, footage, etc...  I don't want to spend much so I'd like to keep it limited to zenfolio, smugmug, sqaurespace,... type of web design.  Thanks very much.

Does anyone know if the DJI Spark 1080P HD video is good enough to submit stock footage or do I have to wait until I have a drone with 4K video (which is a long way off at this point)?  Will 1080P be accepted by Pond5, Shutterstock, etc...?  I realize that 4K makes a better selling point but does that mean that 1080P is useless for stock?  Does anyone here submit footage from a Spark?  Thanks.

...or is it better to spread them around and let the agency decide on price?  I've shot stills for a while but pretty new to videos.  I've read that some places are selling videos for $1.50 or thereabouts, even 4K vids.  It seems to me that it may be better if you stick with places like Pond5 since you can raise (or lower) the price to what you want.  There may be others that let you pick your price but Pond5 is the only one I'm aware of - like I said, I'm new to videos.  What do you guys think?  Thanks.

The "Photographer's Market" is still out there but I never hear anyone talk about it.  I know there's a lot of info on the internet, and it's not always up to date, etc...  but the Photographer's Market seems like a good source for searching across various categories without all the scattered info online.  So is it still useful today?

Seems like stock has always been low paying but the next year is always lower than the previous.  I'm still pretty new at this game but it seems, based on the more experienced contributors, that pattern will continue.  Yet we all keep "feeding the beast."  A lot of people quit the biz or are on the verge of quitting.  In the future, are we going to talk about today's stock market as the good old days?  So why do we keep at it?

Newbie Discussion / Anyone Use Blackbox?
« on: June 22, 2018, 02:21 »
I see several people on youtube pushing blackbox and was wondering if anyone here has any positive/negative experiences with them for videos?  Thanks.

Hi guys,

I got an email from 500px basically telling me how excited they are to join Getty Images.  Is this good, bad, or makes no difference for 500px contributors?  Thanks

Just started submitting videos.  When I send stills I send to multiple stock agencies, just wondering if you guys send to just as many agencies when it comes to video?  I know Pond5 is a biggie but do you send videos to others or just Pond5?  Thanks.

Howdy gang,

I sent in a video clip for the first time on Shutterstock and it was rejected.  The following was stated:
There was a problem with some of your content. Click here for details.
Upload errors
1 error


The clip's metadata could not be read, or the clip was only partially uploaded. Width: (unknown) Height: (unknown) Aspect: (unknown) Codec: (unknown)


I'm not sure how to include all that metadata.  When I open the video up in video editor I can see all that information but I don't know how to let Shutterstock see it.  I sent video to another agency (Pond5) and they had no problem with it, although I don't know if they were looking for the same metadata.  I've sent still photos before with no problem but I'm totally new to video.  Thanks for any help.

General Stock Discussion / Instagram Still Usefull?
« on: March 17, 2018, 22:26 »
Hello All,

I was reading an older topic posted under: "   Topic: Instagram good or not for your photography ?  (Read 2417 times) " from March of 2016.  It was interesting but that was two years ago which is centuries ago in the digital world.  I was wondering how useful Instagram, Facebook, etc... are today for stock shooters?  I think they're still very useful for most non-stock shooters, such as wedding photographers, who are using their photos (from previous assignments) on social media to promote future clients/work, but how helpful are they for selling photos that are with stock agencies?  I know some people still knock Instagram because they say that photos can be downloaded without your permission but that can happen from your website and maybe even stock agencies themselves, especially if they just want low res images for their smartphone, so I'm not really worried about that.  What I would like to know is how does it help sales on the stock agencies I'm with?  How do I benefit?  Thanks.

Hello Everyone,
On their site they let you sell "digital downloads" as Royalty Free or Rights Managed.  I don't think they're as big as Shutterstock but since your putting up images on their site for sale on their various products - i.e. t-shirts, cell phone cases, bath towels, etc...  wouldn't it make sense to sell your RF/RM images while your at it?  Does anyone here do it this way?  Thanks. 
BTW, still not clear on differences between FineArtAmerica.com and Pixels.com.

Maybe I'm a little mixed up with definitions here...  For example, If I were to submit an image of someone on street corner taking a selfie from behind the subject (their face not showing in photo) and submitted image to Alamy without model release they would categorize it as rights managed editorial, correct?  If I submitted same photo to Fotolia/Adobe, for example, they would categorize it royalty free as long as person's face is not identifiable.  And maybe other microstocks would let image be used royalty free as long as person's face is not identifiable.  Alamy would make them RM but other agencies would not.  So my question is:  Would this cause problems for me since Alamy and some microstocks categorize same image differently?  I don't think Alamy wants to tell buyers that there are certain restrictions on an image when competing agencies are saying otherwise with same image.  I would like to submit to several agencies but I don't want any problems with Alamy or any other agency.  Thanks in advance.

If anyone's interested I saw a youtube vid on Fotolia/Adobe stock  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY4y_J5D8K0 ) and they show ( at 18:42 into video) an image of people standing around a desk without showing faces, just their hands, business meeting type of shot.  This image would be rights managed at Alamy but royalty free at Fotolia/Adobe.

Newbie Discussion / Difference between 500px and 500px prime
« on: April 14, 2017, 16:04 »
Hi all,
I'd like to submit photos to 500px/500px Prime but I'm not sure what the difference is between the two.  Can someone explain?  Thanks.

Newbie Discussion / Shutterstock and passport I.D.
« on: April 09, 2017, 23:14 »
Another Newbie question...
I would like to sign up with Shutterstock but I've heard that they require a passport as I.D.  Problem is I don't have a current passport and I think it costs about $120 to get one.  Can I use a driver's license?  I live in the United States.  Thanks.

Newbie Discussion / Microstock and editorial
« on: April 09, 2017, 21:28 »
I'm very new to the microstock scene but I've been with Alamy since last year.  I'm a bit confused about editorial images when it comes to microstock.  With Alamy editorials become RM images, but since microstocks sell RF images does that mean they don't use editorial images?  Or if microstocks sell them as RF wouldn't that require a model release from the person/property in the editorial image?   Thanks.

Hi all, 
Total newbie here, my first day/topic.  I know most agencies (maybe all of them) let you submit same images to any other agency, but are there any that DO NOT permit submitting  to other agencies?  If there are I'd like to stay away from them.  Thanks!

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