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I wanted to share this open letter from ASMP (American Society of Media Professionals) to Adobe responding to their latest advertising:

An Open Letter to Adobe

Adobe, you might imagine that asking your users to skip the photoshoot as you did in a recent set of ads would be a clever way to promote your new tools in Photoshop, but instead, this campaign indicated a shocking dismissal of photography and the photographers who have dedicated their lives to creating it.
As one of the largest professional associations representing photographers and all visual creators, and as our 6,500 members well know, creating a career in photography is harder than ever, with the average photographer having to navigate stolen images, copyright infringement, broken business promises, and now, the specter of wholesale replacement of their art and craft by AI platforms.

But while fighting these battles on these multiple fronts, photographers would not have expected to have to defend themselves from attack by the company whose products are inseparable from the current and past toolbox of the professional photographer. Put simply, why, Adobe, would you dismiss and discount all that your most fervent and loyal customers aspire to?
And this was an attack; an attack on the creativity of the photographer, on the skill and nuance they bring to the photoshoot, and the countless hours they spend preparing for, and working after the photoshoot you are so cavalier to simply throw away.

Great photography is born in the vision of the photographer first, and then brought to life by the artisans who have focused their creative energy for years and decades to make the final image. It is not mechanical; it is not replaceable by a button or an algorithm. Despite your intimation, great photography is more than pixels it is passion.

While you may change your campaign, soften your language, or otherwise blunt this anger you find currently pointed in your direction, we hope that this is not a stopgap measure. Adobe should take a hard look at how it describes photography and photographers and determine if you support this industry or wish to aid in its destruction.

For the legions of photographers who have used your products, both ASMP Members and non-members alike, we ask you to do better. To stand with us to strengthen all that photography is and can be. To engage in good faith to find technological solutions that professionals can be proud to use.

Do better Adobe.

Gabriella Marks
Chair, American Society of Media Photographers

I just completed a very short survey on shutterstock's home page about submitting pngs. If you make png files, you might want to complete it.

It looks like shutterstock is considering adding png files to what they accept.

They are actually asking for our feedback. It took under a minute - just three or four multiple choice questions. I am so disappointed in ss generally but took the time to fill it out, since it would be nice to have another outlet for pngs besides Adobe Stock.

General Stock Discussion / Tear Sheets New for 2023 and 2024
« on: December 12, 2023, 13:57 »
After posting this in a much older thread I saw that people were scolded for reviving something so old so thought I'd start a new thread for Tear Sheets for this year and next:

My model here is not a veteran - I know there was a NYTimes case that said it was okay to use an image of a person in this way even if they are not actually in the profession mentioned. Just glad it's his back. I submitted it as editorial only.

Actually, given today's prices I'm happy with this one - I made $30+ on ss for it, so I made payout LOL. I've hardly uploaded anything there in years, but it's generally my best bet for editorial images. They've licensed others from this set too.

I was driving from Ohio to New York and it was a beautiful autumn day. As we approached Harrisburg, PA, it seemed like a good place to stretch our legs. I took photos (of course) while wandering around. It's got a nice downtown area with pretty brick buildings. I enjoy architectural photography and managed to get in some of my steps despite a long day in the car. So I guess it was a win-win.

Software - General / Adobe Storage Plan
« on: September 13, 2023, 19:06 »
Wondering if Mat Hayward can answer this - I understand that you can only share what Adobe permits you to but I hope they are in a sharing mood...

I keep running out of the 20MB of space on Adobe Creative Cloud - partly due to Photoshop's bias for saving large layered PS images online as its default mode. With a 62MP camera, layered files are huge. It's quite slow and tricky to actually download and then permanently delete what's there when I get the "storage is full" warning. I can't even open files right now to see if they are worth keeping so I am slowly downloading them one by one to a hard drive.

I was ready to pony up for the extra space online but here's the message I got:

"How to upgrade your storage plan if you purchased it with a redemption code
If you purchased your plan from a retailer or an Adobe reseller, you would have received a redemption code.

Additional storage isn't currently available for plans purchased with a redemption code. However, this facility may become available soon. Meanwhile, to add storage, you can purchase a plan with higher storage capacity." [emphasis mine] 

Kinda makes that first sentence, "How to upgrade..." misleading.

So, basically I can't upgrade my storage. Instead, I need to pay for LR which I already have and don't even use (I use Lrc). I don't need a full TB of storage either but the way Creative Cloud is working these days, I have no choice since so much must be done in the Creative Cloud space and 20MB isn't enough. So, I'm happy to pay for 1TB of storage even if I just use a fraction of it, but I resent having to purchase a product I already have in order to get it.
Why does Adobe give us the bonus and then discourage us from paying the difference to get an upgraded product? We all worked hard to earn that bonus and it just seems like a slap in the face.

I'm already annoyed that my images have been used to train AI without my permission and rather than being compensated for such use, I was compensated based on the size of my portfolio and this past year's sales. Maybe the former would have earned me less, but I don't know and I feel Adobe isn't keeping track of how our images are used, so getting this message from Creative Cloud when I was already disillusioned was most unappreciated.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask about this, since "this facility may become available soon." It's to Adobe's financial advantage so what is the holdup?

So, Mat, can you try pestering the folks at Adobe for a date when it'll be available, please? Thanks.

I'll be even more disillusioned if I pay for LR and then Adobe does the right thing and just lets us upgrade from our redemption code purchase.

Adobe Stock / Fotolia Review Time?
« on: October 01, 2016, 09:22 »
I uploaded 8 photos in two batches on Thursday within a few minutes of each other. Three of them were reviewed right away (within an hour of uploading) - two from the first batch, one accepted, one rejected - one from the second batch was also accepted. At the same time I indexed a bunch that had been sitting there for a couple of months, and they were accepted.

What's odd is that I still have five images from Thursday sitting there. Is it normal for a batch of images  uploaded together to have some acted on almost immediately while others sit for days? These are straight-forward images, no need for releases and no logos or other issues that might hold them up.

Anyone else have the same experience?

I also noticed that the X size of some of the images - both those accepted and those still pending - is set at 30 instead of 60 like the rest of them. Not sure how this happened. Wondering if the move to the Adobe site is messing things up? (EDIT: I was able to change the one that was accepted to 60 on the Fotolia site, but I guess I'll have to wait until the pending images are accepted to change them. It seems that if you upload through Adobe it's set automatically to 60 (or whatever your maximum is, I guess), but you still need to change it if you upload via Fotolia).

Overall, I like Fotolia much better now that Adobe has taken over, but just curious about what's happening behind the scenes. Any thoughts?

Image Sleuth / Stolen Images on Emaze
« on: August 29, 2016, 08:24 »
Pixsy found one of my images (with the dreamstime watermarks still on it) for sale on  Thought others might want to check if their work has been stolen too.

I have a group show opening on Thursday, August 4, 2016. Please stop by if you live in or near Westchester County NY or the metro NY area:

Please PM me if you plan to attend. Would love to meet you. The show runs through August 28, Gallery hours Friday-Sunday. Thanks.

General Stock Discussion / Do you submit to Offset?
« on: July 12, 2016, 08:40 »
Do you submit to Offset?
If so, what has your experience been? Is it worth approaching them? What type of images do you shoot for them?
Thanks for sharing any info.

Adobe Stock / Fotolia Instant vs Stockimo
« on: August 27, 2015, 10:52 »
I've read about good sales and high prices for images licensed via Stockimo, Alamy's mobile phone app, but despite reinstalling it and dealing with support directly, I can't get the app to work on my iPhone 4S, so I decided to download the Fotolia Instant app and it's a breeze. Uploading a few pix to give it a try, see what they accept, but wondering if anyone here has photos in either (or both) collections and how sales are?

Would welcome any feedback on either of the two in terms of acceptance, sales volume and pricing, anything else you are willing to share. Thanks much.

Can you upload video that way too or is that separate?

(Am upgrading to an iPhone 6 soon so hoping I can get both apps to work then)

11 / Anyone going on the Shutterwalk in July?
« on: June 29, 2015, 10:18 »
Just wondering if anyone has signed up for the shutterstock shutterwalk:

I'm planning to go and thought it would be fun to meet some of you in person if you're there. I'm just an hour from the city - further from Red Hook - but don't shoot in NYC often and I figure this is a good way to get out there.

Anyone know about parking in the area? Better to take the subway & ferry? Suggestions welcome.

Print on Demand Forum / Got Curated - share your pix here too!
« on: November 07, 2014, 13:31 »
Just uploaded a couple of new pieces and got an email within minutes that one was "Curated" It's currently the first one on the Discover Curated Art page here

Also found out they only charge $14 for shipping within the US even on several framed prints. Just had a fine art gallery opening last night and wish I'd realized their wholesale prices and great shipping deal on framed prints!

Went from BMY to WMY on SS from Sept to Oct, so nice to be posting some good news! Seem to be selling more fine art these days so maybe that's where I should channel my energy for a while.

Thought that we could share links to our new Crated Galleries here and get some likes on the work.

I'm still experimenting with pricing options so they are consistent with other outlets which is going to take time to tweak so I'm not sharing on FB or twitter yet but thought we could share our links here in the forum and add those hearts to the work we like.

Here's my new featured gallery - missed the ITPC update so I only have 5 online so far but plan to add more as time allows once I get the pricing nailed down.

If you like my work, I'd appreciate a heart and am happy to return the favor.

Looking forward to seeing people's work

Very excited to have licensed this photo of Woods Hole Massachusetts on Cape Cod - a great small town - to Smithsonian Magazine for this month's cover article on America's best small towns. It was printed half page in the print edition (They sent me a couple of comps - the photo editor is a great guy). You can see it online here:

What I love about licensing my RM images directly - both via queries to publishers and, with this one and others, directly from my site, is not only getting far more than a small commission, but also dealing with people who really want my image. I saw this moody photo as more personal work than stock, so it's especially gratifying to see it in print in a top magazine.

I licensed 2 more images to a calendar company this month too - and found another of mine (via Alamy - it hasn't shown up yet) on the cover of a 2015 Calendar. The travel images I have on the micros sell well for me, but I'm glad I've kept my best as RM.

Anyway, I'm just really happy with how this image turned out and wanted to share it with you all.  Excellent article too.  I've added some more places to my bucket list. 8)

Re: Depositphotos

I joined depositphotos in December as it seemed like a worthwhile place to add my micro portfolio, since they said I could upload it all at once via FTP and I thought they said they'd take care of categories.
The FTP isn't working, so I have uploaded about 40 files so far the slow way. I looked today when I added another 5 images (the max I can add at once) and see that I have one photo with two views and one sale, one photo with no views and one sale, and one other photo with one view, all the rest have 0 views - worse even than what I see on iS ( I uploaded most of these in late December and was waiting for the FTP issue to be resolved so they've been online for nearly a month)

Wondering your thoughts on whether I should bother - just put up my photos and hope for some pocket change eventually - or not? The upload process seems pretty easy, but seeing no views on my photos and reading about things like $200 refunds isn't encouraging.

Re: 123rf

123RF invited me to join them years ago via twitter and I didn't bother at the time. Would that be a better choice if I want to expand to another micro now that I've dropped Fotolia?

Or should I just stick with SS, DT and iS?

My port is mostly travel, some concepts, and a lot of abstract backgrounds.

DepositPhotos / Upload all at once or over time?
« on: January 10, 2014, 13:12 »
I just applied to depositphotos in late December, was accepted and starting to get some sub sales on my initial images. I thought it made sense to give them a try since you can upload your portfolio at once via FTP and it sounds like they take care of categories for you. All my images have the ITPC data in them so I'm figuring it should be easy and was about to do that when I read a thread by someone new to dreamstime, who was cautioned not to upload all at once as it could make their portfolio sink all at once.

I have a small micro portfolio so would probably only be uploading 200 photos at once (the number some of you may upload in a week, I know).

Would appreciate your advice. Obviously a large upload via FTP will save me a lot of time and get me a decent size port there fast, but it'll be useless if it all sinks. I appreciate any thoughts/advice. Thanks!  8)

17 / Have You Seen iStock's New Years Lightbox?
« on: December 10, 2013, 22:47 »
I was just uploading some New Year's stuff to iStock (way too late but since it's for 2014 I figured why not try for some last minute sales?). Anyway, I checked out their New Year's lightbox. They are featuring many images with 2012, even one with 2008. Do you think this makes sense - that people will buy them and change the dates? It just seems bizarre to me.

Here's the link:

Look forward to hearing people's thoughts on this. I had some yearly New Year's stuff (i.e. photos with the year on it) going back to 2011 and have taken some of those off various sites, though not all, figuring they'd outlived their usefulness. Am I missing something here?

FAA and the other POD sites are not stock however most of us are using them to sell our stock photos and as a result most of us are interested in how others are doing there. Stocksy isn't microstock and Alamy is midstock but we are all interested in how they are doing and they have been added to the "microstock" poll results.

IMHO I think the best way not to muddy the waters here would be to add FAA, Zazzle, redbubble, and Cafepress to the poll results as separate entities so people don't throw in those earnings along with self-hosted and the like, which will skew results.  Since the point of the poll and the accompanying monthly threads is to get a sense of how the outlets which we all use or are considering using to sell our work are doing, what's the harm in adding those outlets? Some of us are already mentioning them in the monthly threads, so why not add them to the Poll results?

I know the final decision is up to Leaf but why not give him some input here? Look forward to hearing people's thoughts.

With the holidays coming it might be encouraging to see the results! 8)


Are you on FAA? On FB?

Writing to ask you all a big favor.  I'm in a contest on Fine Art America to get one of my photos into a TV commercial. I need to actively solicit 250 votes before the judges will even look at it. I've need about 100 by June 30, so still quite a way to go - and I need to get a cushion since apparently last year some contestants repealed their votes at the last minute to hurt the competition. Craziness! I've lost about 30 votes along the way so far :(  Anyway, it would be great to have my work in the commercial and featured prominently on the site. So, if you like my photo, please vote for it and share the link on FB and twitter too if you don't mind. I know some of you are viral marketing geniuses and I can certainly use the help. Thanks so much!

I really appreciate your support. And if you're on twitter (I'm @campyphotos) you can retweet. xxooxx Here's the voting link for my photo: Thanks again!

If you have a photo in the contest you can add the link here or PM me if you prefer to remain anonymous - I used up the 100 votes they give you but on occasion as people drop out I'll get a vote back. Can't promise it'll happen but meanwhile I'll happily vote and comment on your regular images to say thanks.

THANKS!  Hope you are enjoying the true start of summer! 8)


After voting for Phil's lovely Venetian portfolio, I'm hoping for a similar favor.

I'm in a contest on Fine Art America to get one of my photos into a TV commercial. I need to actively solicit 250 votes before the judges will even look at it. So it is social media followed by a jury. I've got 139 votes so far, so still quite a way to go - and I need to get a cushion since apparently last year some contestants repealed their votes at the last minute to hurt the competition. Craziness! I've lost about 30 votes along the way so far :(  Anyway, it would be great to have my work in the commercial and featured prominently on the site. So, if you like my photo, please vote for it and share the link on FB and twitter too if you don't mind. I know some of you are viral marketing geniuses and I can certainly use the help. Thanks so much!

I really appreciate your support. And if you're on twitter (I'm @campyphotos) please retweet.

You need to either be signed in to FAA or signed in to FB. Best to do that before you hit the link. (If you're not on either, you can also sign up as an art lover on FAA but that's a lot more work than I'd expect).

Here's the voting link for my photo:  Thanks again!

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine this week - yay summer!

(My FAA prices are more than micro, but certainly far less what they'd go for in a gallery - but no, they are not microstock.  In fact, selling those prints is different than selling "stock" since they aren't licensed, you actually provide the buyer with a tangible product. But I think that FAA and other POD sites like it are a good outlet for our work and certainly the type of site and sales many of us are interested in. Anyway, if you like my photo and don't mind my asking for your help, please vote for it. Thanks!  8)

I'm guessing google did some kind of deal with Nik filters because there's a couple of paragraphs in the Photoshelter blog that they've greatly reduced the price of the filters and if you bought any of them in the last five years you get the rest for free - it's in FRIDAY's blog - not today's - so not an April Fool's joke. In fact, I checked my email and in among the marketing messages I tend to ignore (from last week) was an email from "Nik by Google" giving me an opportunity to download them all. I'm waiting for LR to back up so I can install them.
I was considering buying the entire set of software in addition to the set of 30 filters I purchased a few years ago - I've been working on a black and white project was especially interested in silver effects pro and also wanted the new filters added to the original set, so I'm pretty happy . There's also a provision for a refund if you purchased certain software.

So, if you tend to skim those marketing emails all of us get too many of like I do, search for any from Nik if you've bought any filters from them over the last 5 years. It was a nice surprise.  8)  8)  8)

Here's the Photoshelter blog They also discuss Stocksy.

I recently received an email from the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) concerning a petition by the Copyright Alliance which I believe is of concern to all of us.

Here's a relevant excerpt:

"Many major brands are advertising on websites that are dedicated to distributing creative works illegally. The Copyright Alliance (of which ASMP is a member organization) has launched an online petition to tell these brands that they should stop advertising on these sites. Sign the petition here:

It takes less than a minute to sign the petition and let advertisers know that they should not be aiding these sites.

The Copyright Alliance Site  also has other great resources for photographers as does the ASMP site


General Stock Discussion / Best to worst stock month for 2012?
« on: February 03, 2013, 03:57 »
Just curious how your year went in terms of best to worst month for stock?

For 2012, my stock photo earnings by month from best to worst were as follows:

April/December (tied - almost literally - within a few cents of each other)
November/July/May (<$8 variance among them)

Microstock News / Pocketstock and Veer
« on: October 24, 2012, 16:05 »
I didn't see anything in the last month re: how either of these sites are doing - other than the polls and was wondering whether either of them was worth uploading to?

I got an invite from Pocketstock today and see the last discussion in September was that they'd started some bidding deal and that no one had made a cent yet. They piqued my interst with the earn 40% if you sign up in the next week deal, and I'm buried with other work right now, but could get some stuff up to lock it in. I've actually been concentrating on traditional stock lately and was considering dropping all micros except Shutterstock, Dreamstime and iStock and ramping up my uploads on those three. Do you think it's worthwhile to sign up with Pocketstock or is it dead in the water?

I've seen a lot of discussions about Veer and it looks like they are active on the boards here. I see they are way down in the low earners though - I'm guessing that's their micro site since their macro site is well established - for those of you on there do you think it's worth the trouble to upload - and do you have a chance to get into the regular collection if you start out in the micro?

Hope it's okay I combined these into one instead of jumping in to two old discussions.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks!  8)


Selling Stock Direct / Photoshelter
« on: May 14, 2011, 14:16 »
I have my site set up with Photoshelter mostly for my commercial and editorial clients, but I also keyworded some photos and made them available as stock under full-priced RM licenses. I haven't tried marketing my site, but have used Photoshelter's SEO guidelines and I just licensed a photo to a major magazine publisher who found a photo she needed on my site.
This sale out of the blue has made me start considering how I can really market my site once I have a larger collection of stock images. Any suggestions other than SEO?
Here's my site:
Many of my images also come up very high in a google search, so I think SEO is an important factor but I can't imagine that alone will generate enough traffic. I'd love to be able to license a lot from my site but for now I license most of my images through the various online agencies. I hope that as my stock library grows, I'll be able to generate more direct sales rather than paying 40-85% to an agency, but I'm not in a position to get my photos seen by thousands of viewers a month- yet.
Cooperatives seem like a good idea but I imagine it would be tough to vet everyone and make sure that they were all equally committed to the business.
Does anyone have work on a virtual agency at Photoshelter? I'd be curious to see how well that works out.  I'd also be curious to see how well others are doing selling direct from Photoshelter.
I haven't tried seeling microstock via Photoshelter. Has that worked well for anyone? My thought would be that you can't get the kind of volume you need on your own to make that worthwhile.
Glad to see this thread started. Direct sales have been touted as the way to go and it will be interesting to see where this all leads. 

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