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Adobe Stock / how to delete my adobestock contributer account ?
« on: September 29, 2017, 17:26 »
I had a very complicated issue with my Adobe ID account when I asked the customer service chat to change the country in my account ( because someone smart there thinks we can't do it ourselves ) so he initially said that even he can't do it, and then he came with an idea that he made a new account for me with the same email with the country changed ! so I said ok, I was a bit worried about my portfolio in adobe stock ( especially that I had all my photo data whipped from my laptop few days before that , very sad story ) but he said it will be ok, then after he did that I checked my adobestock account, the photos were still there, but strangely, the sales disappeared and returned back to that dash, well, it wasn't that much anyway so I thought it maybe was just a reset, after that day, zero sales there, I can still upload photos through FTP but stocksubmitter keeps giving me error messages abut adobe id authentication ( that didn't happen before that account modification move ). now the only thing I can think of if that my adobestock account has been corrupted and I need to make a new one, so I will try to find a way to retrieve my photos from the laptop but I can't even find a way to delete or unpublish my portfolio in my corrupted account in order to be able to upload the same photos on the new account! and ideas ?

Newbie Discussion / images progression follow up !
« on: September 23, 2017, 18:59 »
hi guys, i have started doing MS about one month ago, as per your advices here, I did pay attention to keywording ( as much as I can of course) and to assess how good my images are doing in the agencies search engines, I am randomly searching every few days for certain keywords ( which I know I have used) I mean specific keywords like Wales, certain type of flower macro, etc. so far, I came to a conclusion that some are climbing slowly through the search results ladder so I know they are keyworded more or less correctly and some are buried down the engine so I try to have another look into how I titled, described and keyworded them. the question here is, is this method theorically correct or are the agencies boost new stuff up the search? I am asking because I found out that some images for example have made it somewhere between the first and 5th pages of ( creative) in Alamy, and I am not sure if this is an indication that those images are doing well( even if there is no sale yet ) or is it just wrong to think this way ?!

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Newbie Discussion / i wish i had that model release, lol
« on: September 18, 2017, 15:52 »
got so many rejections from a site called CanStock, decided to look through the reasons of rejection, maybe i would learn something out of it, and i found this !

Newbie Discussion / what's with all the frustration !
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:51 »
I am new here and this is only my second post but I have read most of the recent topics and I can't help but notice the huge amount of frustration and disappointment and even discouragement sometimes ! I guess all newbies know that it's not a huge business, doesn't make u rich or even close but I think many of the friends who post and comment here are really discouraging. I know they are being realistic, I totally understand that, but you can be realistic and at the same time keep some optimistic views for those who are eager to try and go through this. I think one can be realistic but in the meantime supportive and optimistic.

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Hello everyone. I have joined this amazing forum about a week ago ( right when I decided to start selling my photos ). it's been kinda strange decision for me since I am in a more than full time job being in cardiac surgery based in UK and a father of two young boys but I have been doing photography for a while as a hobby and I used to post my photos on social media and i love how some of my photos made good impression to some people. that said, my main reason is really to feel that someone actually liked a photo I have taken to the extent that he wants to buy/use it. I know from the very rich discussions here that stock photography may not be the right place to make good money especially for someone who is taking photos as a hobby and doing mostly travel/landscape/amateur astrophotography, but I am really interested to do this interesting experiment to see if any of my photos can be appealing to other people. my work flow included LR, stocksubmitter software and I already started uploading to some agencies including Adobe stock, 123rf, fotolia, shutterstock and bigstock. just uploaded about 150 of my library so far, planning to reach about 500 soon, started making a small studio for indoors photography ( gonna use it maybe for an hour aweek). AS for sales, got 2 sales for AS and SS since I started uploading ( 3 days ). I am not very sure where this is going but at least I got to know a nice group like this one and hopefully make some new friends who share that same love for photography even at the " doing it for fun" level. I just wanted to say hi and I wish all of you the best luck .

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