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Hi there,
I stopped uploading to Motion elements months ago and I've seen recently that they are selling via subscriptions program with Global Content+ Program Payouts, but there is no numbers or $ balance displayed, totally blind...
Does anyone know how many micro-$ or nano-$ earnings this means just to have an idea ?

General - Top Sites / Frustrated with Shutterstock reviewers
« on: November 16, 2019, 05:51 »
Just look at this https://www.shutterstock.com/video/search/countdown?sort=newest

At the same time I still got many rejections for dumb reasons of cool video backgrounds accepted anywhere else than on SS

admin edit: edited subject for wording.

Once again,
I get this message when uploading my vector. With every other agencies no problem.
The SS upload system is pathetic since their last changes  >:(

I made a DMCA notice and they have answered by deleting the videos I listed from the thief portfolio but they let the portfolio still online !!!!
 >:( >:( >:(
How can they let a blatant copyright infringer online after deleting dozens of copies of my work!!!

General - Stock Video / Anyone selling on Vjloops?
« on: June 21, 2019, 03:35 »
Hi there, anyone here uploading their videos to Vjloops.com ?
just saw some artists links and wonder if it's worth

Hello, I found this account where lots of my videos are stolen and put for sale by this user: https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/video/search?contributor=didinalucadid
Maybe will you find one of yours.
I have contacted Shutterstock about it.
Thanks for helping and catch this thief

I have a question : I would like to create a video with camera flying over world maps.
Do I have the right to buy a stock image of a world map and then use it in my stock videos and put it for sale in stock agencies ?
Or do I have to sell a specific licence ?

Sorry for this long thread.
I own an independent stock agency where I sell my own vectors and motion graphics, and this is a message to help you avoid the mistake I made by trying to use OVH society as my hosting company. My website uses symbiostock software and Symbiostock at this time were about to stop managing hosting websites, so I needed to find a new hosting agency with few specific options for my hosting plan.
I decided to try OVH and tried several times patiently to call OVH society by phone but no way to join them.
I was -sadly- confident so I decided, on last nov 23th, to buy a hosting plan for around $500, which seemed solid enough for my website and opened a ticket asking them if they offer the options I needed (specifically the Imagick module and cPanel dashboard for advanced task allowing me to migrate my website effortless).
I noticed they have a 14 day guarantee... And guess: they only answered to my ticket 19 days later, saying they have imagick but not the cPanel module, without which it was impossible to migrate my website. In the meantime I was urged by symbiostock to find a hosting agency before they shut everything down so I bought a hosting plan at Inmotion hosting agency for the same amount approximately.
When I asked OVH society for a refund they refused because of the 14 days guarantee and they simply didn't want to acknowledge their responsibility with their 19 day answer to my ticket.
I had to insist and finally some support member told me that he will manage this case and check for a way to send me a refund.
I had to be very patient and the guy sent me many messages asking me to be patient.
And now... on march 4th this year they tell me that they offer me a credit on the invoice !!!
But I don't need anything from them! They don't have the services I need and anyway I have another hosting plan elsewhere because of their lazyness and carelessness!
For information I tried Bluehost also as a hosting agency and they refund me immediately in 3 mns since we agreed they don't have the Cpanel option I needed.
So believe me, forget OVH society for a serious, professional and reactive hosting plan.
Hope my story will help microstock friends not to buy anything from them.

PS: I contacted a consumers agency to claim my 500$

General - Stock Video / Anyone Who Sells Video Work On Pixta ?
« on: February 13, 2019, 06:17 »
Hi, I was wondering if some of you do upload videos port on Pixta ?
I have vectors there and they make around 100$ every 3-4 months...
So i was guessing whta about vids ?

General - Stock Video / Anyone Selling Videos On Videezy?
« on: February 07, 2019, 13:33 »
I'm currently uploading a portfolio of around 1000 videos on Videezy. I thhought it could be worth the effort since I have vectors on their Vecteezy channel, and it sells pretty good...
Anyone here who have an experience there as a video/motion graphics maker ?

Adobe Stock / Video rejected for "lack of relevance"
« on: August 20, 2018, 06:58 »

on Fotolia/AS they have rejected this file for "lack of relevance".
I would like to have your (kind) opinion...



As a stock vector artist, I'm launching today www.vectorsforall.com my own shop made with Symbiostock and Woocommerce
Any opinion welcome (not too severe if possible), i'm no webdesigner and did my best

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