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General Stock Discussion / September earnings
« on: October 01, 2019, 10:15 »
Decided to share my experience on earning changes. Please share yours! Mostly interested in video sales.
This September is best month on 2019 but my income averages dropping down since 2017.
Graph of changes since start in 2011 and comparison table for this September (top3 agencies (170$+)) in attachments.
It is sad that my income going down because few years ago i almost started it as full time work.
Im shooting only video now.

Almost two years passed after membership program launch.
Yesterday i received letter from Pond5 that ~2000 of my files was chosen for this program.

Selected files:
- Is over 3 years old
- Has never sold in the Marketplace
- Is priced under $100

How you sales and income changed after you joined this membership program?
I got ~10% income grow on P5 last year compared with 2016 without participating in this program.
Please share your experience.

DepositPhotos / depositphotos sold my 4K video for 0.3$
« on: April 15, 2016, 11:18 »
depositphotos sold my 4K video for 0.3$. You can see it in attachment.
After i contacted them record gone from sales history but still no explanation on this.
Last year i had ~15 returned video sales.

Share your experience about depositphotos


i bought Canon camcorder for microstock footage and i'm little lost between frame rates, video formats
which is best for microstock. I can't find any concreteness in any forum.

1. What video format to choose AVCHD or MP4?
AVCHD record video in 28 Mbps (50p progressive) or 24 Mbps (50i or PF25, both interlaced). MP4 record video in 35 Mbps (50p) and 24 Mbps (25p).
2. What frame rate is better 50p 25p 50i PF25?
I checked 50i video and PF25 with Media info both are interlaced. So if i want to record 25p video i need to use MP4 format?
3. Maybe i can record 50p or 50i video and then in Premiere or Vegas i can compress ir to 25p. Then my
original archive files will be better quality(50p).
4. progressive or interlaced is better for stock footage? If i am right interlaced is better for panorama

Please share your knowledge and help with these questions. I think many people would be thankful for it.

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