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Software - General / How to convert from Raw
« on: May 06, 2011, 13:02 »
Hi everybody hope somebody can help...

I just bought my first Canon DSLR camera and I am shooting in Raw mode. Now I would like to learn to convert my images the right way. Where do I find information about this? A guide explaining step by step the proces of going from raw, import to Mac, editing in lightroom and Photoshop an ending up with final high quality file.

I have been experimenting today first downloading with the software that came with the camera (Digital Photo professional). Then converting and saving from DPP to Exif-jpeg or Tiff 16 bit - output resolution 350 dpi in full size. Then I import the jpeg in Lightroom and edit the image and after export the image - export with preset - "burn full sized jpegs". When I open the image in the end in Photoshop the image has the right pixel size (3456 x 5120 px) but it is only 240 dpi and not 300 dpi - as I think it should be?

Can somebody help me with the right proces from Raw to final file? What am I doing right or wrong? I would like to learn this process right from the start to make photos that are up to Istocks quality standards.

I have Canon 7D, Digital Photo Professoinal (Canon software), Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS3

Would be very gratefull for some advise!  :)

Hello !

I hope somebody can give me some advise on my first camera choice. I am a vector contributor on Istock and I would like to also start going into photography. I dont have much technical knowledge so I need some advise to make the right choice.

I would like to get a camera that will be a good start up/intro camera to hopefully in a year or so upgrade to a Nikon D700 or D3X. Theese are my dream cameras but I think it is to much for me to begin with when my technical knowledge first have to be build up, but this is what I am aiming for in the future.

My main criteria is a good allround quality camera and a camera that is good for landscape and watersports photography. But it should also perform good for still photography and in studio.

I see this as my introduction to stock photography and second what I would like to specialize in: watersports (surfing) photography

I have been thinking on getting the Nikon D90 as a good beginner camera for this purpose and then advance later when I learn more.

Will this be a good choice? Or are there some of the other Nikon models more obvious, newer, better to start out with?

Can you recommend a good lens to start out surf photography?

I would really apreciate if you can give me some help and advice. Excuse my english, I am from scandinavia and not so used to write in english :-)

Thank you for helping!

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