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I just started with this a few months ago. Bad timing I know. Im with AS, SS, IS, and Alamy.

I've had a number of sales. I get about $25/ month from everyone but Alamy. Alamy zero. (What's the deal with getting a sale on there?)

I'm thinking I need to upload all this content to another site since after high hopes starting out with Alamy not even ONE sale.

I know everyone has issues with SS now and rightfully so. So I'm just kinda keeping what I had there for now despite the slap in the face of a $.10 sale.

If you were to pick one more site, which would it be? I'm only wanting to upload stills. I don't want to manage more than 4 sites.

General Stock Discussion / Flickr
« on: July 07, 2020, 20:39 »
Since I've been doing stock photography this year I'm noticing the credits more on newsfeed or general internet images. I just saw a picture that gave credit to someone on the Flickr platform.

From some quick research it seems that an organization can just use images posted to Flickr for free? Is that what we're up against?

I'm just curious how everyone finds out where their images are being used. Are people just doing reverse image searches or is there something I don't know?

General Stock Discussion / Send a message to Shutterstock
« on: June 10, 2020, 20:05 »
I've found that these days some companies are more responsive to complaints on Twitter and other social media than anything else, they certainly aren't concerned about your email.

They don't want their clients, or in the case of SSTK... investors, seeing a parade of negative social media. Twitter is especially good for this. I just used it to get the attention of a business that had done me wrong and got a phone call with resolution.

You might for example on a newsweek story of clients taking advantage of the pandemic make a reply saying how photography has been effected too and how @shutterstock is a major perpetrator. Things like that. I did that for about two days with the company I mentioned before they gave me a phone call saying let's talk about this.

5 / Getty/ Istock views vs sales?
« on: May 18, 2020, 20:48 »
I've been with istock for about 6 weeks now. I'm noticing on the app that I have a number of views but the app (iphone) shows zero sales. I've also seen on here that they are behind on sales numbers/ take a month or more to display.

I've dowloaded the deepmeta software for my laptop recently out of curiosity and I see that it also shows no sales.

My question is, might I have sales that haven't posted yet? Just seems weird I have like 50 "views" on the app but no sales. What is a "view"? Someone clicks on your image for further scrutiny? Also what is a board? it shows a few images have been on "boards" but again no sales registered.

I've been only at stock photography for a month or so although I've been a photographer for 20 years. Recently submitted some family images to istock of a mother, father and two kids in their back yard. I used Shutterstock model releases. Submitted the images and now finally they've been reviewed and all rejected.  Reason stated: No model release.

I clearly uploaded releases for all four individuals. What's the deal? Do they only accept getty releases or do I just need to resubmitted the releases for these because they were overlooked?


Newbie Discussion / New to stock, made my first sale
« on: April 24, 2020, 19:59 »
AS for .99

Two weeks in. Seems the time for review is taking a while now. I've been a professional photographer since 2000 so a lot of this is going through old hard drives. I've got about 200 images up on 5 sites. I'm going to try shooting original content just for stock from here out and consider it another wing of my business ( I shoot advertising and corporate events ). I know financial prospects aren't high but the plan is when I have free days ( which are endless currently ) I'm going to go out and shoot specifically for stock based on some of the concepts or timely images that are in demand. If in a year or so it can be like $500/ month I'd be happy. Is that unrealistic?

Stock photo pros, if you could tell a newbie one lesson what would it be? And please don't say don't bother lol

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