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Hello everyone,
Which drone do you use for stock video? I am planning to buy my 1st drone for mainly stock footage shooting but thing is its not available in my country and need to get it from amazon USA I guess. So which drone would you suggest considering it should have 4k footage quality and compact light weight design so that it's easy to carry and also easy to drive with useful feature like anti collide system in it.
Thanks in advance

I got a problem in pond5. I have there an account which I opened in 2013. But then I became Getty exclusive and submitted my images and video there. But after a year or so I didn't like the sales I used to get there
 And their rule of exclusivity for even rejected similar files. So I asked my wife to create 2nd account in 2014 in different sites including to upload her own and also my images and footages.
We got payments from my wife's p5 account till 2016. Then we got busy in work and stopped uploading in all stock sites now this year due to lockdown and all we got some free time and planned to upload exclusively in p5. She became exclusive deleting her accounts in other all sites. I also deleted my files from my own p5 acc. We uploaded few of our files there. We got duplicate alert for 4 files. I don't know what that means. May be it was because of my own files which were once uploaded from my own account but now deleted and they are still in p5 record
 But when after 4 5 days the footage were not reviewed so we contacted p5 support then we came to know that due to inactivity and to reactivate she needs to-
1 upload I'd for verification again
2 to send any personal/professional website to match the name of my wife with I'd provided
3 any web presence of my wife to showcase the footage she wants to upload
4 screenshot of recent file opened in the editing software.
My wife before becoming exclusive to p5, had deleted all her accounts in other microstock sites so there was nothing to show.. So she requested that does she need to show her website also or just I'd and screenshot are enough. She also informed/asked that her husband (myself) also used to upload in p5 but doesn't now. And that she will upload some of his files too which was initially uploaded through his acc but now they have been deleted. And they will be available in p5 exclusively. She got a reply from someone else that that two will be suffice for quick Re-verification  and alerted that don't send ID in this email but gave a link of p5 ID verification page.
Still we uploaded files in Flickr and also made a website/blog with her name and uploaded files. She uploaded her passport for ID verification in the p5 site and also sent the screenshot of recent projects and also the link to Flickr and that wix website/blog.
But today her I'd verification failed and now no reply from support.
I just wonder if its illegal to make a different account and become exclusive in p5. Anyone who has 2nd p5 exclusive account.. Does he have to inform p5 anything prior to become exclusive? I liked pond5 and really wanted to sell my files through them as I support their model of equal distribution of commission. Any suggestion from msg people will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

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