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iStockPhoto.com / Re: Moving backwards with iStock
« on: July 16, 2011, 02:39 »
 - thanks for all the good advices. U flooded me with wisdom :-[

Special thanks to luissantos84 for a helpful prv msg!

I always sign separate release for each shot, as I want to be covered myself.

The point of this post is to get accepted to iStock and I think ur advieces might do the trick. We'll see soon :)

Thank u guys !

For me ShutterStock is 100% great. They accept within 3 - 6 hours and its all going really smooth :)

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Moving backwards with iStock
« on: July 15, 2011, 13:46 »
I had an istock release and it was fine, but some of other agencies rejected it (something about some teritorial laws). I know u got to change one or 2 things so every agency would accept iStock release.

I am 50% sure it was depositphotos. I can check that later.

Cobalt: I got it installed - I will check it. Now I use Stock Submitter

iStockPhoto.com / Moving backwards with iStock
« on: July 15, 2011, 13:25 »
I am pretty new to stock, and I wanna ask u couple of questions.

Its almost a month since I got accepted to istock, SS, alamy and all the smaller stock agencies. Everywhere it works more or less ok. SS are actually awesome. They sell a lot of my photos and they review everything within hours.

I got a problem with iStock and I start to think its gonna be a hard one. They keep rejecting my photos, but not for low commercial value, noise etc. They keep finding wrong keywords, problems with releases they previously accepted etc. I can understand all of that BUT:

1. they reject releases they accepted earlier
2. After they reject some keywords, I upload again without those and they find some more (14 - 15 keywords). For example - model in bedroom - they reject "interior" etc.
3. After they reject a photo for keywords, I upload it again corrected, they reject it for release etc.
4. I got a release with ID of the model and they reject it for "no date of birth" - COME ON, u got a  ID with a DOB in print letters - can u get it any better?
5. No date of shot (yuri's release). Date is written in 3 spots - photographer, witness and model - 3 x date of shot, still - no date of shot
6. Reject reason - the place of shot should be on the release - I might be wrong here but iStock release doesnt have "Place of Shot" field either...

I keep on updating my release form with all the new fields they want, but how long will it take... Also - sometimes it makes no sense at all

I start to think its gonna be really hard to overcome. I got 99% photos accepted into SS, Alamy, fotolia, dreamstime etc. iStock starts to be "unuploadable", and not cause of the photos but cause of some different things I cannot understand.

Lately situation got so frustrating that they rejected 1 of my photos that was previously accepted... I got "DEACTIVATION NOTICE" :D Of course - cause of a release (that is still attached to 1 or 2 of accepted photos).

And now - my question to u guys - do u have a way to get across all that problems? I mean - there is so many contributors, there must be a way to upload the photos to iStock :):):)

Also - I dont wanna start a new subject, but does anybody have a release that is not iStock release and is accepted by all the agencies ? (I use Yuri's release with some extra fields for iStock).


Ok, I must say that after all, its still going slow and that 8/29 minutes etc is just a trick to get more submitters.

I got photos uploaded 3 days ago with releases that were previously accepted (so cannot say that it takes more cause of releases).

I dont have anything aganinst CanStockPhoto but u shouldnt advertise like that if u cant pull it off later.


Before that I uploaded all the files manualy. Submit etc was working fine. After My account got accepted I uploaded all the files with Submitter. All went fine, but all I see now is

"0 Submittet. Authorizing..."

I manually submitted all the uploaded files now, but SS is still showing 0 sumitted, authorizing...

Thanks !

123rf. I know its supposed to be solved, but I got a fresh version and still - errors keep on comming :/

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to solve it.

Same here - uploading is ok, but cannot submit. Also uploading with filenames instead of subject. Did u find any solution guys? Im on W7 64 bit if that changes anything.

Adobe Stock / Re: fotolia is sinking
« on: July 11, 2011, 09:00 »
Somebody mentioned that high ranks seller go down, so new and "cheaper" submitters can go higher in search engines.

I just started month ago, with a tiny portfolio of just 50 pics.

SS - I sold more than 70 pics first week,
IS - just couple of photos sold, as they are rejecting my keywords and the queue takes forever to reupload, so only 7 - 8 pics accepted atm
DT - 5 sold, but quite a lot of views etc. Only 10 photos accepted as they got strict release policy (Before I had mostly IS releases and DT doesnt accept those).
Fotolia - almost all my photos accepted etc, but 0 sold and max 1 - 2 views per photo :O

Maybe I am not a perfect example as I dont have many photos, but with  1 - 2 views there are no chances to sell anything on FT :/ Will continue to upload and see how it goes, but atm SS and DT is really good for me !

Thanks guys.

I know its a good feature at Fotolia, so I presumed, that SS would have that too ;)


Got a problem with creating shutterstock lightboxes... Everytime I click Shutterstock/G/my-username in top right corner, I can see my portfolio/gallery but SS is loggin me out. I cannot do anything before logging in. After I log in, I come back to the point I started (submit.Shutt... etc.)

Anybody got a way of creating a Lightbox on SS?

Thanks !

Duncan - I am sending u a priv. msg right now to tell u my login etc.

No matter what the problem with the upload is, that is actually really nice of u to take interest.

Im uploading only photos but all of them got new releases (istock, SS and Yuri's).  After what ive read I guess u need to go through the paper work and then its gonna go faster... :)

Yep - they are in "Pending" for sure. What I think might be happening is release check or something. But to be honest I use Yuri's release and for older pics SS or IS. I checked and none of my releases is marked red so I guess those are ok (or not checked yet).

Anyways, the waiting is not such a problem, but if they advertise to be really quick - it would be nice to answer my support question :)

I had similar problem in other Stock agency (dont wanna advertise it in CanStock section), and they had "Live Support" thing and I solved all the problem with "Linda" within 2 - 3 minutes.


Its my first post, but I actually read this forum quite a lot lately.

Anyways - I see this add in a top right corner (CanStockPhoto). I sign up, then I upload some photos etc. Im after all the exams and I upload 1st batch of photos (about 25). After 8 minutes I thought - OK, maybe it is a timezone thing. But now it is something about 4 days and still "Pending"....

I wrote to support at canstockphoto if they can actually see that there is my batch pending, but no reply.. Anybody else got a similar problem or is it just me?


Newbie Discussion / Re: why can't I start a new thread?
« on: July 09, 2011, 01:15 »
OK, I wrote something and I can post now ;) Thanks

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