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There is a new BETA release, version 0.9.1

This release has a new 'Edit' tab for keywording your images

Bugfixes / small enhancements
* Setup creates a shortcut in the startmenu
* Uninstall of the apllication, all files will be removed correctly
* No longer need to restart th application when a site setting has changed
* If less the 10 images showed, they weren shown double
* An error message were shown if the user refresh without images
* Uploading files, better error handling
* After uploading were files in use
* Settings, the form will be cleared if the user opens the form for the second time
* if an image not exists (deleted after the start of the application) a message is shown insted of a exception

There are a lot of things on my todo list :)

For downloading Stocktransmitter goto:

In th past months i have been busy with the development of stocktransmitter. And i am happy to anounce the first beta release. To download it, click on the download link below the screenshot:

* Upload only to Shutterstock and Abobe Stock, more sites will be added in future versions
* If you select a directory, the last saved imags will be the first
* The images are large, so the are recognizable
* Portrait photo's are displayed correctly
* There is no keywording functionality, it is on my TODO list

When you downloaded Stocktransmitter:
* Goto the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Stocktransmitter) to start the program. There aro no shortcuts made by the installer. It is on my TODO list.
* After starting the program, goto to settings and fill your user/name password (passwords will securly saved on your local harddrive)
* After saving settings, the progam must be restarted
* Then select a folder with the button in the upper right
* Images are selectable with one click
* Sites are on the right
* Click on the Upload button to upload!

I'm curious what you think of Stocktransmitter

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I would like also start a thread

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