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General - Stock Video / Re: is Picworkflow the new Isyndica
« on: January 14, 2011, 07:05 »
Thanks tbmpvideo

Great response .. and great interview on your site ...  you summed up everything perfectly, Ive been trying picWorkflow, for about a week now

agreed the Meta data not transferring over yet with the file yet .. is a bit of a pain especially as the file is renamed, so some sites that don't show a thumbnail preview when a file is uploaded can make it confusing and you have to download a metadate file to copy and paste over title, keywords etc (although this is being worked on as bobbigmac  has said)

and I can see it costing a little more than iSyndica as you say .. but the good thing at the moment is your not tied to a contract, especially as things are new and being sorted out (metadata, financial stats etc)

Understand that the storage and export of a for eg 450mb video file compared to a 5mb Photo file requires more work but I hope Video Footage isn't going to be treated secondary to work out whats needed to stills up-loaders as it will cost the footage up-loader more to store / export each file compared to the Stills up loader

I really hope this system lasts and improves as Isyndica was a huge time saver and I can see huge potential and need for it ...  I wish the best of luck bobbigmac and hope Picworkflow goes from strength to strength and all your hard work pays of

General - Stock Video / is Picworkflow the new Isyndica
« on: January 05, 2011, 07:35 »
Has anybody tried Picworkflow Since Isyndica disappeared I have been trying to find something similar to upload Video to multiple Stock Sites  and just wondered if anybody has tried this

Thank you MicrostockExp and sharpshot  for your replies

Im only posting this as im starting to buy more than I sell on these stock sites and have been selling for a few years now and can see why the choice is so limited on a lot of sections because of non existing rules in the real world outside of the stock site bubble

Its not because of a bad rejection that got me on the rant in the first place but because I just couldn't find a decent shot for a piece I was doing and Knowing a lot of the shots on here would be instantly rejected by quality control at TV stations and laughed out of the production room eg if I put a shot of times square in that was so defocused nothing could be recognized anymore within the blurred out fog .. or a location shot that looks like a ghost town because couldn't have a person in view for a rule that I have never seen imposed anywhere at any station I have worked for ...

I can see why they thought these rules apply as the sites selling stills probably sell a lot to advertising agencies ..  and aplied the same rules to video footage but its not just advertising agencies buying footage .. but real Production companies / producers / editors who don't have these set of rules in place and other sites setting up base there business model on established sites and follow the same rules as if they are real

Then to see Free clips in the clip of the week on some stock sites with people in that when downloaded never come with a model release .. Yet I have had shots rejected .. for a figure so far in the distance because of no model release .. even if it came with a model release I wouldn't know who to hand it to the producer would say the same as me .. what do you want me to do with this ... its never been needed before outside the Stock Site World and its only them who seem to find this a necessity

And is restricting them selling a lot more and buyers from having more choice ... if they are so worried add an editorial section then everybody's happy the buyer and the seller .. as Pond 5 Have  

The people who are buying footage have editing facilities on whatever level otherwise they wouldn't buy the shot and if the legal department of the company decides a shot shouldn't have a logo or a face in it .. then they can blur it out themselves ... rather than restricting the seller selling some good shots and the buyer from buying a better variety of footage  

I agree MicrostockExp I think the Quality should be a bit tighter on Pond 5 .. thats what the Footage Stock Sites should be concentrating on .... real shots for real TV Companies to use .. all the sites have some quality shots .. so don't want to offend anybody .. Ive bought some quality 3D footage that must have took days to do for only $50 bargain .. couldn't have made it for that and saved my Promo etc but could have a lot more ... without silly restrictions and Reviewers who have probably never set foot in a TV station

And also agree Isyndica is very good .. should drop the price a bit .. credits can be used up very quickly when uploading a series of shots to various sites .. and should also offer more storage Space with there Credit plans as again Video files are big and its not the old days when Storage Space is expensive but good Idea

General - Stock Video / Frustration on some video Stock Sites
« on: April 22, 2010, 17:36 »
I buy as well as sell Videos on some of the video Stock sites so speaking from both sides of the coin

and find as a buyer a nightmare sometimes to find the correct shot for whatever project im working on

eg say im looking for a shot of Piccadilly Circus or Times Square .. most of the sites have blurred out the logos and picture so much its un-usable (Pond 5 at least has Editorial so thank you for someone with some sense .. who knows TV not Photography and applied the same rules)

And as a seller its increasing frustrating uploading to all these sites it takes a lot longer than a still to upload a HD shot to have it rejected for rules that don't apply in the Broadcast TV world

You should only be rejecting shots for bad Quality nothing else


Over Saturated Category

You are a reviewer not a buyer and believe me you don't have enough shots yet to be so picky .. it should be me as a buyer who has to much to choose from rather than not enough.

Again the Stills Stock sites have a lot more choice than the Videos Sections

Model Releases..

A Face 2 miles in the distance 10 pixels high does not need a model release ... Ive also worked for most of the big broadcasters for more years than i care to mention and can probably count on one hand the amount of time a model release was ever asked for ... forget a building model release .. please get real .. speak to some people who actually work in TV before you apply non existing rules that other stock sites then think are real and also apply .. making the choice as a buyer even smaller

Again Hats of to Pond5 at least there I can search for eg Cambodian slum get some shots .... (Editorial)

Stock Sites turn the telly on and see what is used on News, Documentaries everything stop being ridiculous Ive filmed many News events /  large commercial Concerts  and do you think we had to stand outside and ask for a model release from all the audience members from the crowd .. NO

I want to buy more Video and have more choice but stupid rules that are not real in the TV world stops this for buyers and seller alike

End of rant .. hope some of the Stock Sites take note .... Have a look at Pond 5 (I don't work for them .. but end up buying more from them because I can find a shot of a person / crowd or building without being blurred out beyond recognition

End of Rant

New Sites - General / Re: Stockfuel
« on: December 20, 2009, 14:34 »
They probably are not sharpshot ... im just saying good luck to them and doing the same as you are in your signature and adding a referral link incase they do have any sales I can get a few cents more .... 

New Sites - General / Stockfuel
« on: December 20, 2009, 10:56 »
New Site ..  just thought I would put my referel link to a new site if anybody is interested ... as I thought it was a well laid out site .. and good luck to them

My Referral Link

7 / Re: What do you disagree about SS??
« on: October 09, 2009, 17:28 »
Speaking from the footage Side on SS ... I liked being there until the Tax came and Sales Plumeted .. I was lucky to make a payout each month before  .. but the last couple of months have been touch and go ..

This isnt a have a go at SS .. I hope they get it together again as I do this full time and its like taking a pay cut every month now from a reliable seller.. they must be seeing the Huge drop as well

I really hope things pick up there for Footage ... other than that I liked the place ... even though it is the lowest royalty rate site on the internet and now with Tax

But Review time for Footage is Fair and Pretty Quick Compared to another top 6 site .. where footage is still waiting to be checked from nearly 2 months ago then it comes back asking for a model release for a graphic and another months wait ..

So Good Luck SS I really cross my fingers Footage sales will improve

8 / Re: Uploading issue????
« on: August 16, 2009, 07:10 »
Thanks KB .. if Karma is related to sales ... Hopefully you will clean up this weekend

thank you that worked just great ... your a star ... thank you KB

9 / Re: Uploading issue????
« on: August 15, 2009, 22:09 »
Thanks KB for your Advice .. Ive tried .. and just get
Resolving address of
Status:   Connection attempt failed with "EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known".
Error:   Could not connect to server

Ive checked the details and Username is also correct in the

Video FTP account
Manage your FTP Account

thanks .. think I will email them again and ask why it never works

thanks for your help though ..

10 / Re: Uploading issue????
« on: August 15, 2009, 16:26 »
I'm having problems uploading to Istock as well ...

Video / Footage uploads there is a nightmare ... Exclusives only use the FTP method ... Non Exclusives the Nightmare Webpage method

I just painfully watched it upload a shot .. with this method for hours .. got bored went out .. came back ..  tried to move to the next step to put in the details and it asked me to log in again as I have been away and it lost the upload ... Start again ...  then to jump through the hoops regarding a jpg picture as well showing you did the work .. that nobody else asks for .. its like they are making uploading as difficult as possible so people give up and go elsewhere ...

I tried yesterday to upload the same stuff and kept getting an error ... something about header error .. so uploaded elsewhere instead

They must be losing loads of potential footage sales because of the problems they are causing people

Nightmare .. I hope they get it together for footage

I know its not SS fault or any other US based Stock Site that the Tax has imposed ... it will only make Non US Based Sites Stronger ... Its a real loss for SS ... with Declining Sales .. the Lowest Royalty Payment Percentage Site on the internet .... just got Lower ... I'm not going to Scream & Cry ... but being one of the Non-Country Treaty Submitters ... 30% Tax even if I jump through the hoops required is just not worth continuing to upload to ....  I wish SS good Luck ... and hope it can make a comeback .. but will lose a huge amount of submitters who are also buyers .. in an already dodgy World Financial climate its not whats needed

Good luck pixelwizard using that Software I tried ages ago and vowed never again ... full of promises before purchasing then a total nightmare

New Sites - General / Re: New Site
« on: February 21, 2009, 23:01 »
Interseting Points ichiro17 agreed I havent got millions of dollars for Advertising if I did I would have retired to some paradise Island by now not try and sell a few photos for very little return on time and money invested

like I said in the original post

I dont pretend to be one of the big sites or fill this message with loads of fake promises

I want a supermarket with it all in one place for all Media Profesionals not just photography

The big agencies Have to much not just in photography and has made all the proffession cheap .. I buy from them as well and get bored looking after the first 3 -4 pages so as time goes by your photos / GFX  are getting lost for the pittance they pay out .. so the last thing I would want to do is 'figure out how to shoot stock for the established agencies' so I could get paid less than a third world Sweat shop worker

Its not just the stock Photo Market its all the media markets .. Why hire a full TV Crew like it used to be lets hire the kid who bought his HDV Camera from the local Electrical store for next to nothing and downloaded the software for free to make our next Advert / Promo ...

Which is why like stormchaser says .. A bit of everything rather than dedicating the site to just one business .. try and be a supermarket than a corner shop ... sell kit .. teach people how to shoot then let them sell in the same place ..

Also tell them where else to sell .. show them all the Stock Sites .. Help People earn some money

I also have a section where you set the price rather than being dictated to ... but if you want to knock them out cheap the stock bit is there also as long with all other aspects of the Media .. Video and Audio the contacts the advertising the directory, Events theres also a showreel section for video Producers to sell Programs coming or Film Scripts

All in One PLace

Thanx stormchaser thats what I was aiming for with the site a community of proffessionals .. who also build the site .. add there own reviews .. teach and learn ... and build a niche type community for Media professionals as it says throughout the site

The stock part is just a small part of building the community ...  put your companies in the directory (basic submission is FREE) so the work comes back to professionals and companies

Appreciate you looking and sharing your opinions ..
its been helpfull and made me more want to build everything in one place and build it for the needs of the members ... and there opinions

I hope to see you advertising your Companies / Services and bringing in some real cash Jobs and adding your own Reviews and opinions to help people learn the Trade .. which is still a great Fun Trade to learn

Thanx Again.

New Sites - General / Re: New Site
« on: February 21, 2009, 19:45 »
hhhmmm Z phobia interesting    sjlocke     thanx for that ..  Have a Look anyway .. its more than just stock Photography .. and you have some nice photos in your Portfolio ... Nice

New Sites - General / New Site
« on: February 21, 2009, 18:54 »
After trying a few new sites and seeing poor % sales and Commisions I am going to start my own if anybody would like to help .. uploading a few photos to build the collection I would be most gratefull

I dont pretend to be one of the big sites or fill this message with loads of fake promises

but know as soon as I put an image on the big sites it vanishes so .. So would like to build my own.

Any Help to build would be a great help ..

Also want to make the site more than just Stock Shots .. with a Directory of Photographers etc thats FREE

Site is
Photography bit is

Thanx Again


Cheers again


Off Topic / Re: Share your weather
« on: December 20, 2008, 18:27 »
Lovely and Warm here in Brazil

High: 31 C / 86 F

Spent all day in the Swimming Pool .. I don't miss the Cold

Happy Christmas

Newbie Discussion / Re: Multiple model releases
« on: December 20, 2008, 13:38 »
OK madelaide will do thank you for replying


Newbie Discussion / Re: Multiple model releases
« on: December 19, 2008, 18:47 »
Thank you very much for replying Karimala and melastmohican I wil do the same download IS template and customize ... thank you for your help


Newbie Discussion / Re: Multiple model releases
« on: December 19, 2008, 10:45 »
Newbie Question .. do you need different releases for different sites or is it normal to do one with a  blank header for all Stock Sites .. whats the norm

Thanx Paul

I sell on most of the above Video Sites and got to say sell 3 times as much on Pond5 pretty much every month compared to other places and the commission is better than the other sites and you set your own prices ...

Referral Link

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