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That's a lot. Is that together with videos?

About 200 videos and about 300 vectors. The rest are images (both AI and non-AI)

Adobe Stock / Re: What's your weekly ranking and how many images?
« on: February 29, 2024, 15:33 »

May I ask how many files you got?

Just shy of 19,900

Adobe Stock / Re: What's your weekly ranking and how many images?
« on: February 29, 2024, 14:59 »
197 downloads = position 1,250 (blvdone)
112 downloads = position 2,560 (me)

So 85 downloads less puts me 1,310 positions lower

Adobe Stock / Re: What's your weekly ranking and how many images?
« on: February 26, 2024, 10:18 »
It's true, it updates once a day. I think it reflects your position in the respective week (Mon-Sun), not in the last 7 calendar days. And I base this assumption on the fact that on Monday morning, until you get your first download, the weekly ranking will not be displayed at all. After your first download occurs, it just resumes Sunday's ranking, and then updates during the day.
LE: And this behaviour only occurs on Monday, no other day. Though it's strange and confusing that they chose to take last week's ranking as the starting point in the new week, instead of reseting it in the first day.

Adobe Stock / Re: What's your weekly ranking and how many images?
« on: February 26, 2024, 09:48 »
It would be nice if we managed to compile our rankings and try to make a sense out of it. I have attached my current ranking. But I also agree that it is more relevant towards the end of the week. Thet is why I am also giving last week's stats

At the end of last week, these were my numbers:
Weekly Rank 3,010
Weekly Downloads/Revenue 154/$119
Portfolio Size 19.500 assets (mostly images, AI and non-AI; only ~200 videos and ~300 vectors)

Mine is also frustratingly low, at 3,720 currently (way lower than my ATH of 977). Weekly ranking does not take revenue into account, but the number of sold assets in the respective time frame. I don't think it accounts for the number of assets in your portfolio, just the number of sales.

Adobe Stock / Re: 2023 Adobe Stock contributor bonus plan details
« on: February 19, 2024, 12:20 »
Just redeemed the All Apps code, it extended my current plan with a year, no overlapping here. Thanks a lot Mat and Adobe!


can you at least make 50%? (i got only 2 of 10 correct)

6 / 10. It's pretty scary, given that I know what clues to look for in a face to distinguish Ai from real photos. I guess that someone who has no experience with generating images with AI is much more likely to be fooled.

Yes, also Stable Diffusion and Photoshop can do the same thing (inpainting and generative fill). But in DALL-E you don't need to paint / mark the area you need to change, you just tell it "make his hat red" or "make him look to the camera" :)

In my experience:
- Stable Diffusion can be the same level of realism as Midjourney, but you need to use a good model, you can't rely on the standard ones. There are tons of free models available that give perfect results. It's free, it's private (since you generate on your own computer), and as long as you have a decent GPU, it's really fast.
- DALL-E beats Midjourney in almost every aspect (except realism). For everything other than photorealistic images, it's my first choice. And it has the huge advantage that you can ask it to adjust the generated images (no need for inpainting or using generative fill, just prompt in ChatGPT what needs to be changed). But it's painfully slow, it fails quite often, and it's limited to 50 generations per 3 hours (but given the frequent fails you get way less than this)
- I tried Firefly, but wasn't satisfied with the results so I gave up. I'm waiting for the next update to give it another go

Adobe Stock / Re: Late payment
« on: December 10, 2023, 13:28 »
I'm still waiting for answers despite getting a PP email that I received payment that never arrived....Still showing $0.

Does it appear as On Hold? If so, the PP app has instructions to follow to release the money

Adobe Stock / Re: Late payment
« on: December 07, 2023, 05:07 »
Every Saturday I request a payment, and the money appear in my PayPal account the next Saturday. So in my case it takes exactly 7 days. The only exception was about 2 weeks ago, when the payment arrived after 14 days, instead of 7. So don't worry, you will have them in your PayPal account soon.

I think what MadMax meant to say was that doubling your portfolio doesn't necessarily mean doubling your income. Which is true there's no direct correlation between the size of your port and your income. You could double your income with just a couple of AI-gen images, just as well as you could 10x your portfolio and never see a significant improvement in sales.

On the other hand the more images you have, the more chances of making money, of course. But on the condition that you offer content that is varied and sellable. Adding 2000 images of exactly the same subject, probably won't do you any good in terms of sales. Also, adding 2000 images on a topic that the buyers are not interested in, will probably produce the same effect. On the other hand, adding 2000 images of varied content, that are beautifully done and free of errors (like missing or extra limbs) and appeal to buyers' needs, you could see your sales grow nicely and steadily.

But all of the above also apply to non-AI generated images. So there's nothing new here.

Indeed, it's way more efficient to produce AI-generated images than real photos or illustrations. So by generating with AI, you will see your income grow faster than by going the old fashioned way. Except you are not alone in this. There are a legion of other contributors that are doing exactly same thing: generate images with AI and submit at the same pace as you. So probably the competition stays the same. And this brings us back to the topic of quality and desirability of the images we produce. I think this should be our main focus even if nowadays all of us are able to produce 1000 images a week (with AI) versus 1000 images a year (which was the case before AI).

Thanks!!  Just got my 2nd higher price AI photo sale at $3.30 just now!!

You will see double digits, for sure. Maybe not very often, but they are so nice to see. I'm still waiting for a triple digits single gen-AI sale...

I still haven't tested uploading my own images to have them modified with ai.

That will be important going forward, to create content with camera that can be modified later.

Yes, but you should first check to see if the images you upload are going to be used for further training. Because if so, you are giving them away for free (or, rather, in exchange for the transformations you get from the software) for training further AI algorithms and services. If this happens or not, depends entirely on the service you are going to use. From what I know about the softwares/services I currently use:

- If you use Stable Diffusion on your local machine, and do inpainting, obviously no one else has acces to your images. I believe this is the safest choice you have right now.
- ChatGPT aka DALL-E aka OpenAI states that user-uploaded content is not utilized to train or refine its models, so this could be a safe choice too.
- Adobe clearly states that they use all user-generated input to train their algorithms, as long as you upload the images on their serves. That is if you use Adobe Firefly, or even if you use Photoshop and save the images in the cloud, and not on your own computer, they will use them for further training. You can opt out of this if you disable Content Analysis from your Adobe Account (which is opted in by default), but in their own words "This setting does not apply in certain limited circumstances". I would stay away from this.
- I'm not sure about Midjourney and how they use the images you provide, but with them you can only upload an image to have it described, not modified. So it's not a valid option for transforming your own images. At least for now.

I'm sure there are a ton of other softwares and services that you could use, but my experience is limitted to the ones above. In any case, read the Terms and Conditions before even considering uploading an image.

Go to Insights > My statistics. You have several types of reports (Activity, Best Sellers etc) and you can choose the period for which to see the stats.

And I was also wondering why you need the Mega Plan? I am really happy with the $30 Standard Plan. The 15 hours of fast GPU time are enough for me. (But if they're not, it only takes ~10 minutes/day to rate some images and you get 1 extra hour of fast GPU time daily.)

It's satisfying, yes. But mixed with other feelings, also. At least in my case.
I, myself, started using Midjourney back in april, when I noticed that the "Recent Top Sellers" section at AS was flooded with AI generated content. I thought I could give it a try to see how it goes. Yes, the generated images are beautiful - as long as you watch them as a thumbnail. When you look at them in full size, especially after being upscaled, they look awful. A photo shot with the camera, or an illustration would never get approved if they looked like this. They are grainy, choppy, the details are off. If I were a buyer, I would be quite unhappy to get this level of quality in exchange for my money. So it took me a while to get the courage to submit the first batch. But I found out soon enough that these images get accepted and sell like crazy. And I thought - hey, who am I to judge? If AS asks for them and the buyers like them and keep buying them, then clearly someone should provide these images. And so I kept generating and uploading.
Yes, it's nice to see the $$ coming in. And it's very profitable - since you spend way less time and money generating an image with MJ than with your camera. And it's very satisfying, since you are only limited by your imagination. But even if you take the time and effort to carefully choose only the ~30% of the generated images that are correct (no extra limbs etc), you still feel (a little) guilty about putting some content on sell that looks like garbage when viewed at 100%.
I'm sure that somewhere in the near future (maybe one or two years from now), the AI based image generators will be able to produce clean and crisp high resolution images. But it's not the case right now.

This is madness! Forget about stock for a second, what if we take regular photos for our commercial clients, that we touch up using Photoshop (for instance by using the Generative Fill or Generative Expand tools). What if at some point our clients decide to use those images to train their own AI/ML. How on earth are we to prevent this? Or even know about it? We definitely need an answer from Mat regarding this topic

Adobe Stock / Re: Is the review process getting back to normal?
« on: October 10, 2023, 11:51 »
Ouch, that's not fair! I wonder how they decide the order in which they review our files

Adobe Stock / Re: Is the review process getting back to normal?
« on: October 10, 2023, 10:28 »
In my case the review process seems to be pretty consistent so far. Since my first post (which was 6 days ago), I had another ~1.300 images accepted, and my queue is almost empty now. The oldest file in queue was submitted 2 months ago, but most of what's there was submitted more recently (less than a month). I also had some illustrations (3d renders) and some videos accepted in just 3 or 4 days after being submitted. I still hope they are catching up and review times will get back to what we were used to in the old days.

Adobe Stock / Re: Is the review process getting back to normal?
« on: October 05, 2023, 05:38 »
A couple of days is more towards "normal" than a couple of months, imho

+1 It's super annoying on the phone

Adobe Stock / Re: Is the review process getting back to normal?
« on: October 04, 2023, 09:15 »
Oh, so it's just random. Thanks for the feedback!

Adobe Stock / Re: Account blocked - another story
« on: October 04, 2023, 08:54 »
Three weeks now and waiting . Direct damage well beyond 800$

This is definitely not acceptable!

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