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Happy to share that SOFT is alive.

SOFT (Stock On-the-Fly) is an engine to convert any text, blog, sections of articles to images from AYCS store.

This is a beta release, please leave feedback in case you have comments/suggestions. Thank you.

Done, the POD restriction is added to both basic and EL. Thank you.

Zsolt - know you take a look at this forum so hoping I can catch your attention...

I uploaded files via ftp days ago and they haven't shown up. Have emailed you to process them but no response.

Can you take a look please? User: THPStock.


It is done. Sorry for the delay.


Hi Zsolt,

Any update on the EL agreement? Purely on the Print on Demand part, not keen on that.


No, not yet, we will send a note once the additional restrictions will take place.

Thanks, Zsolt

New Sites - General / Re: AYCS - Now offering EL for images
« on: April 26, 2012, 05:39 »
Thank you all for your feedback. We agree and will reconsider adding limits as well as restricting POD sites.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

Congrats Zsolt! And the affiliate program works, already got 1 for you! :)

Thank you!

We just reached 100 000 images!!!

Thank you for all the supportive and constructive feedback. This is a major milestone.

Thank you all 100 000 times,


All You Can Stock team 


- why should we "undertake" to display a banner? can't we just agree and then you provide a link that we display when/if we like to?

- why should we use your banner? e.g., on my site ( I have a list of all sites, with small icons all of the same size; your favicon is perfect for my site; I am not going to put a larger banner for a minor site; please consider giving a simple text link

There is no constraint on the size or type of banner, icon etc. we have also posted our logo option on the "Referral" site as well but can be anything else as long as it has the proper link which is either pointing to the main site or directly to your portfolio. We can provide that. Hope it helps.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

Hello Everybody,

Based on the growing demand we are now rolling out our referral program for both buyers and artists.

If you would like to join please read the agreement ( and enable it in myAccount settings.
Once it is enabled you can go to the "Referral" tab and choose a banner in any size you like and publish it to your website.If you need a different size please contact us.
Buyers or artists who come through this link and register will be linked to you. The linkage will remain active for 365 consecutive days and you will earn 12% of all purchases or sales the referred member is making during this time.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

Hi Everybody,

addressing the sales front I would take one step back and look at our history so far. 2.5 months ago, back on 12/1 last year we only had 800 stocks there was close to nothing to sell and now thanks to the AYCS artist community we have 80 000+ high quality stock images. This is still considered a small store in the eyes of some large publishers and editor companies.

We do have already customers though graphic design, home, architectural design and creative studios who are working for big international clients and also we are in advanced contract negotiations with magazines and publishers. We also buy a few images for marketing and promotional materials.

Stock ordering also apparently started kicking off as we receive more and more briefs for specific needs from our clients.

We believe and working hard that the sales will pick up speed in parallel as we grow.

Another somewhat related announcement that we will roll out our referral program in the very near future.    

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

Hi all,
as promised, yesterday, Sunday, I started uploading. About 20 images, random, vectors and photos. 
I used the on-site, web form. 
It's easy. :)
No categories, no unecessary steps, no clutter, it's simple and it goes faster than you expect.
But you can only do it one by one.
FTP is a must for larger uploads.
One more good point - review times.
They're fast :)
On weekend, Sunday evening, it only took them a couple of hours to review all the images.
That's nice, good job All You Can Stock :)

The site feels somewhat 'unfinished' to me, but the thumbs preview is large and beautiful and everything seems to be working as expected.
The 75% commission is, of course, great.
I'll upload more and let's see sales.
All in all, not bad All You Can Stock :)
I like you guys, you're easy to work with and I wish you best of luck :)

thank you :)
I knew I could trust in your help, as usual :)
Missed you lots, but I'm still struggling, in and out of hospitals most of the time, difficult to be active on microstock.
Today is a good day though. I'm enjoying it :)
Alright girl, I'll follow your example.
10 dollars most of the vectors, with a few price differences on selective work. Up or down.
Deal, this sounds good to me.
I'll start uploading the rest of my vectors these days and I'll price them accordingly.
Thank you again, Anita, much appreciated :)
See you soon,

Hi Eireann,

Thank you for your comments :)

We will send you all details of how to use the AYCS FTP services in a separate mail.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

Good news!

And I love the new sale history page where thumbnails of sold items are displayed.
I wish you great success

Thank you Thomas!

Hello Everybody,

Based on various feedback we got from many of you we re-engineered our payment system focusing on addressing the issue with PayPal transaction fee as well as providing on-demand payment services.

As far as PayPal transaction fee is concerned please refer to:
Since it has a constant factor it has a major impact in case of small amounts. We needed to work out an optimal balance between providing the entire earnings (75%) as well as making it possible to continue running the business.

So we came up with the following rules:

Contributor can request payment anytime regardless of the balance:
      -  if the requested amount is less than $25.00 then the contributor pays the PayPal transaction fee.
      -  if the requested amount is greater or equal to $25.00 then AYCS pays the PayPal transaction fee.

Contributor can ask for immediate payment or payment on-demand in myAccount settings. The default is payment on-demand.

Future improvements: payment on regular basis either based on specific amount (e.g. $100) or calendar (e.g. monthly).

Hope this is going to work for all of us. Since this is a major release a soft copy will be sent to all registered members.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team 

Hi, I have again a few batches ftp uploaded last week but are still not in my portfolio. I have sent a mail to to inform you about this but nothing has happened yet. Should I do something else?

Hi hofhoek,

Some files are already reviewed and accepted and some are still in the queue. We try to keep balance between reviewing the manually uploaded images and the ones we receive via FTP from many many artist. Sorry for any delay that might arise.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

actually what I mean is the ftp procedures, like one has to sent a separate email. Possible just to release them without additional email to inform about the price?

one thing i would like is after ftp i can see them in my portfolio and batch edit on the price myself..

i find it is kind of troublesome to send another email after ftp..

Hi mtkang,

We started checking for inactivity/idle state as well so after a certain time we trigger the input process regardless whether we received any e-mail.

We continue streamlining the process.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

Was that in this thread?  Shows how much I pay attention.  Thanks Luis :)

No, it was not. Thank you Luis for sharing!

The whole release with all details will be announced soon to the entire AYCS community.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

Hello Everybody,

Option of selling in multiple sizes is available.

If you want to choose this option please enable it in my Account -> Settings. The prices for the different sizes will be derived from the original price set by you by fitting an optimized mathematical function built by AYCS. The curve starts slow, gets steeper in the middle and slows down at the end staying always above the linear and it does not go below $0.99. User agreement is updated accordingly.

If you choose not to sell your stocks in different sizes but the original, you do not need to take any action as this option is disabled by default. In this case you keep the single price and size option. 

As far as vector files (EPS) are concerned they will get only sold with the original size JPG. Future enhancement: EPS will be de-coupled and sold separately.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team

hey zsolt,

still getting some sales, so still loving your new site!  i just got a sale last night, and whenever I get a sale, the only way I can tell what sold is by going into "my stock" and sorting by downloads.

Today, the 'sort by downloads' isnt working, either for my stock or the whole library.  Just thought you should know!


Hi Matt,

In order to tell what is sold and when please go to your Sale History under My Account (tab #4). Also, there is a small silver bullet appearing at the lower right corner of the stock indicating the # of downloads.

As far as 'sort by downloads' and 'upload' functions are concerned it seems to be working at our end. In case it happens again please send it [email protected] with any further information like browser type, time, screenshot etc. you might have.

Thank you,

All You Can Stock team


1)  I'm in the  middle of uploading some of my illustrations and I've made an error on a file or two and now I'm wondering if I'll be able to edit the price and/or description/title/keywords after they are approved?

UPDATE: Okay, it seems I am able to - but am I editing the JPG or the ESP file info? 

2) When we upload both a JPG and an ESP does AYCS simply copy all the file info into the ESP file, because there is no option for keywording/etc. the ESP files?

2)  Also would be useful if during upload (and when buyers are looking at the file) it showed if I'm looking at the jpg or esp file - so that I am sure that, I am keywording and describing my files correctly - I've already messed up because I wasn't sure which one I was looking at once I used the Back key.

3) I tried to place another artist's illustration in a cart (to see what would happen) and it still didn't say if I'm getting a JPG or ESP file (or both), and didn't ask which one I wanted...what's up?..... which are the buyers getting if we upload both?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Lola,

Thank you for registering.

"editing image data after approval" - yes, all image data (price, title, keywords, description) can be edited anytime.

"JPG, ESP data" - currently the uploaded JPG file serves as the preview image for the ESP. They are linked in the background. Keywords are automatically derived from the JPG meta data during upload, and it can be edited in upload step #2 or anytime later on. So when you are keywording the data are going to be linked to the combination of a JPG and ESP files.

"JPG, ESP sale" - currently we only sell the originally uploaded size of JPG and the attached ESP together. So when you are looking at the cart if that particular file had an ESP attachment it gets sold as well.

Future enhancement - ESP will be decoupled from JPG and sold separately. JPGs will be sold in different sizes with a pricing model controlled by the user. 

Thank you,


All You Can Stock team

Just signed up, and successfully uploaded 5-6 files, then the site stopped responding.


Thank you for registering. We have experienced a network outage, the system is up and running again.

Please resume uploading your images.

Thank you,


All You Can Stock team

Hi, I just tried to register. I have to give my public name. What do you mean by that?

Hi Hofhoek,

Thank you for registering. Public name shows up as the name of the artist under the image, it is visible to all members and visitors of the site.

Thank you,


All You Can Stock team

Image preview popup is now available, just hover your mouse over any of the images in stock view.

Thank you,


All You Can Stock team

thanks for the login change, but there are several other important features that are needed:
** count of images accepted & images pending - right now everything, including rejected are shown in one pile

** no info about why image was rejected

** ability to bulk delete rejections

** ability to sort by most recent

I especially agree about the ability to sort by most recent.

Sorting by stock age starts with the most recently reviewed either accepted or rejected items. Pending items are in the order of the time-stamp of upload.

As far as handling of rejects are concerned it will depend on users settings. It is yet to be developed.

Thank you,


All You Can Stock team

A small fix is rolled out: no need to re-login anymore. Note: it only works when using the whole URL:


All You Can Stock team

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