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Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: January 08, 2014, 06:16 »
Sales maybe ?

In progress :-) They grow every month.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:38 »
Hello everyone, we've (hopefully) fixed the IPTC reading for Photos and Ilustrations at Pond5 (Illustrations via the JPG in the ZIP).

Can you guys prove me wrong in case there's still something not working fine? And if there is, please send the file you've used to my email [email protected] and we'll play with that exact file.

(aah, the lowercase is still there - will take care of it asap)

Thank you in advance!

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: November 28, 2013, 01:39 »
You can mail your footage already to our New York office. Contact Byba: [email protected]

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: November 27, 2013, 02:13 »
Hi, sorry no ETA, but I'm pushing it whenever I can...

Pixmac / Re: Pixmac merges with Pond5
« on: November 22, 2013, 02:44 »
Hello everyone.

The merger is done from the legal point. We're now processing the technical part and yes it takes more time than we expected - sorry for that. On our list of top priorities is also other stuff such as curating speed and hiring staff to control fast growth.

The most important thing is that if you upload - primary is Pond5. We would use the Pond5 system and only pick the good features from Pixmac. You can upload to both sites, but long term it is more effective to keep P5 as the up to date port.

Thanks for the useful info guys..

I still won't upload anything until they implement IPTC extraction to vector upload process..

Happy to see that for some of you P5 sells more images than those other sites..

You may try CSV import/edit feature. If you have data in ExcelSheet it might be an easy solution how to send all files to curators in an hour. IPTC is in pipeline, I'll push it a bit for you...

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: October 11, 2013, 02:48 »
Hi Zager, the video review is still very slow. My uploads from Sept 24 are still pending. I have lots of seasonal footages, it looks like I will miss the fall sales.

Sorry for that. We're really getting as much quality people as possible to the curator crew, but the growth of content and sales is a bit faster than expected. We're definitely not just siting & watching. But we can't just bring in people with no training.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: October 10, 2013, 01:37 »
When I search among the illustrations I see 3 different type of results;

- Only EPS

- Only JPEGs


And all the images start with the word; "vector image of ..."

This may make the search complicated/long for the customers.

Just my 2 cents..

Yep, it's an issue we're gonna solve...

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: October 10, 2013, 01:14 »
Hi Microstock Man,

The requirements for vectors are close to what other agencies require:
- ZIP containing EPS v10 + hires JPG (min 2000x2000px)
- same filename of ZIP, JPG, EPS
- you can pack AI or SVG source files to the ZIP and we'd deliver them to customer
- I don't think we sell JPG versions of vectors as of now (except files from Pixmac or other agencies)

Sorry, there's no ETA for IPTC and EPS attached to JPEGs now.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: October 04, 2013, 03:00 »
I have problems in logging in from devices becouse of the pop-up window.
Anybodyelse faces this problem?

Yep, same problem for me and I think for everyone trying to log in with an Iphone, impossible to dezoom the login page to enter login informations.

In the works from yesterday, hopefully fixed soon. I'll let you guys know.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: October 02, 2013, 01:45 »
Thank you icefront for a nice summary. Some things are being fixed, others would hopefully be fixed soon. I'll comment each request below.

1. Show the original filename.
When editing the file, please show the original filename. In the old p5 design this was visible. Why is hidden now???
Please understand, it's more easy to identify a wav file or video after it's filename than listening to/looking at. In the case of similar files of course.

Actually it's shown in the list of files and under preview on the editing page. Until you add a title which replaces it. I agree that it should be there even after you add a title.

2. Discover and eliminate the missing title/description bug. Some uploads has no title or description, although I use the same software to embed IPTC metadata into files. In the latest times, around 90% of the files had no description after uploading. Manually adding is waste of time when this info is present in the file. A "reload IPTC data" button would be fine for the start...

I've added this to our bug tracker. Thank you for mentioning this.

3. Please stop lowercasing everything. From a coder's or database's point of view it looks the same. But it looks REALLY ugly and unprofessional.

This was fixed recently and will be published on live server soon.

4. Please put back the "show normal textarea" option for the keywords. The new keyword container it's really nice but the entered words cannot be edited (or at least I wasn't able to figure out how)

This is being fixed now. Nice suggestion to swich to a normal textarea. Thank you.

5. Refresh the list of files when releases has been attached. So the actual MR count will be visible

I've added this to our bug tracker. Thank you for mentioning this.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 30, 2013, 09:37 »
auto resize the videos. the videos should be available in three sizes from web to hd and at three different price points. refer to ss as an example.

Thx for suggestion. I'll have it mind and will consider it if we do changes in that part of Pond5.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 30, 2013, 09:35 »
Why, why, why does it still lowercase every title and description?

Sorry for this. I've discussed this with developers. It would be fixed soon (next update or so).

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 28, 2013, 06:02 »
Does this mean that if Pixmac contributors start using Pond5 as main account, the content will not come visible on Pixmac site at all because you are not mirroring Pond5 to Pixmac at the moment? During your launch early last spring you sent out newsletter promising Pond5 video content for sale on Pixmac, as well as you said all Pixmac's local offices will join Pond5, too - what is your current status and plan on these?

It's ready technically, we're working on paperwork part of that feature.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 24, 2013, 02:01 »
Any comment on IPTC for vector upload?

It is: b. In the pipeline

Thanks Zager, any idea on the timeframe here?

Nope. Sorry. My plan now (read in upcoming weeks) is to improve most of the CSV/Templates/MassUpload features of Pond5 so once I have a workflow strategy for all of those features making volume contributors happy, we'll re-work and improve that part of uploading system. That's my plan.

As for today (for example), I'm gonna collect resources and prepare the steps. So thank you for mentioning IPTC reading.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 23, 2013, 02:10 »
Quote from: Microstock Man
Thanks for looking into it. I noticed they still haven't synced yet, still at 598.

There might be a delay. I'll mention this to Lucy again to look at it. It's strange.

Quote from: Microstock Man
Can you please give us a bit of a rundown of what is happening with the merge? For example, I think we were told initially that our prices on Pond5 would effect the pricing on Pixmac at some point, yet now Pixmac is mirroring images to Pond5 at lower prices than what I have mine set at on Pond5. Also, what is the benefit of having 2 competing portfolio's on pond5 - why is it happening that way? And what should we expect to happen in the near future as the two companies continue merging into each other?

The merge is being mostly completed. We've done a lot of paperwork/billing/accounting stuff and a pile of legal stuff. Right now there's some legal stuff to be done so we can mirror your stuff on Pixmac (we want your approval to do so). As for near and long term future, use your Pond5 account as the main one and the Pixmac account as the one that might be secondary/linked/terminated at some point.

Quote from: Microstock Man
Just a little info would go a long way. Thanks Zager, appreciate your time in the forums.

Thank you. There's a lot going on under the hood and we want you to feel changes and improvements in all aspects of Pond5 so there's a lot of site improvements and fixes, also we grow our approval team in US and Europe to meet your expectations on the speed of approval and also we grow our support team to be in line with the overall growth of the customer base.

There's also a few awesome things that I can't tell you about now. But I can assure you, that we're definitely growing faster than we thought we would - even that there are still major User Experience bugs to fix/improve.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 23, 2013, 01:59 »
Any comment on IPTC for vector upload?

It is: b. In the pipeline

You said in your previous reply that the footage inspection queue is about 10 days.  Some of my footages have been waiting for more than 20 days. What should I do?

It varies as people are uploading more/less and as our crew approves the content. Please be patient, if your files are still there after 30+ days, contact our support directly at: http://help.pond5.com/anonymous_requests/new

I don't much care for the dark haze on the bottom half of the cover picture. I'd rather just have the picture, although I suppose if it was an exceedingly light picture the text wouldn't show. oh, and more sales please.

I've changed the design to a pattern recently and it should be replaced by the dev team soon. Would be similar to our Facebook cover image: https://www.facebook.com/pond5 (but way darker)

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 18, 2013, 00:38 »
Vectors are live! Please let me know if anything seems weird or buggy.

Good news Zager! Quick Q though - How should we handle vectors?

For instance, I have raster versions of all of my vectors already at Pond5 - can I attach an EPS to them?

Also, I have all my vectors at Pixmac.

So whats the best way to proceed?

At Pond5 only new sets of EPS+JPG in a ZIP are working now. You would be able to attach files together later on (attach EPS files to existing JPGs).

At Pixmac everything is working correctly and your content should already be mirorred at Pond5.

So my suggestion is to keep it this way and upload new vectors to Pond5 directly.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 17, 2013, 11:37 »
Hi Zager, does the footage inspection have a long queue again?

Hi, yes. Current wait time is about 10 business days due to high volume of uploads. That usually happens each September. And we're recruitung more curators to manage that soon.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 17, 2013, 10:46 »
Vectors are live! Please let me know if anything seems weird or buggy.

New Sites - General / Re: GraphicStock.com?
« on: September 11, 2013, 15:00 »
My impression is that this is not about selling cheap subs. Its about buying graphics/clips for $2 and selling them as a collection to big players later on for $10 a file. Imagine being replaced on sites with your own content...

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: September 10, 2013, 01:13 »
I'm pushing, screaming, kicking. Vectors are just around the corner... :)

One more question regarding partner sale: I have a smaller port on Depositphoto, what then happens to the duplicates? I definitely do not want my own pics from Deposit to compete with the ones i upload directly on Pond5.

Just let our support know your user ID's on those three sites and they'll deactivate the ports from external partners. On YayMicro you can deactivate it on their site as well. I'm not sure about Feature and Deposit.

To asmai: linking of files JPG+EPS will be added later as a feature, first launch will not have that feature yet.

As for reselling: Pond5 currently distributes microstock content from YayMicro, DepositPhotos and FeaturePics. 123RF content is not there anymore as the partnership was terminated in the past. We also distribute traditional RF agencies.

A small note: Vectors are completed, we've tested it and right now we're only making some database changes so we can accept vectors in large scale. Give us some days/weeks hopefully. This step redefines the DB structure a bit. And once that's done, we have a green flag for vectors.

Personally, I can't wait :)

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